The next pop-up shop – in Fortnum & Mason!

Monday, July 2nd 2018
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I'm proud to say that our next pop-up shop will be in Fortnum & Mason department store, over 10 days from July 20th-29th.

Having been on Savile Row the past two occasions, it's great to be moving into a big department store, and we couldn't ask for a better one than Fortnums.

The third floor, where the menswear is, is beautiful - and we will be on the side overlooking Piccadilly, next to the bar!

There will be an opening party on Thursday July 19th, with the shop open just before for anyone that wants to come and browse the products.

In terms of brands, we have some old favourites and some new faces. They include:

  • Simpson London
  • The Merchant Fox
  • Edward Sexton
  • Kirk Originals
  • Luca Faloni
  • Shibumi Firenze (first half only)
  • Vitale Barberis Canonico & Drapers (second half only)
  • J. Girdwood
  • Permanent Style

Plus some bespoke artisans visiting the space both weekends.

As always, the concept is to give a physical home to some of our favourite brands that you can't otherwise see in London - because they're abroad, or because they're online only. This is your chance to come in and see them, to feel the product and to try your size.

Put the dates in your diary. I'll be there the whole time as well this time, so I look forward to seeing you all!


[Previous coverage of the pop-up stores available here and here]

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Will be interesting to see how it goes with the inevitably different audience.

Can’t remember Simpson London being at previous shows and I note that their website states they are “stocked in the capital’s most prestigious stores” so wonder about their inclusion given your stated concept of showcasing brands you cannot otherwise find in London? Similarly Kirk Originals.


Ok, Simpsons are trying to oversell themselves in their About Us then

Kirk Originals

Kirk Originals Made in England Sunglasses are currently available in London, by appointment at our showroom in Blackfriars, near St. Pauls Cathedral.
They can also be purchased online at and
We look forward to presenting them exclusively in person at The Permanent Style showcase in Fortnum and Mason, where there will be some exclusive Made to Order options.


Great news. Well done, Simon. Looking forward to it.

Nicholas M

Hi Simon – Any info on what you’ll have from the Permanent Style range?


Does that mean there will more denim cloth available online as well?


Wonderful. Thank you.

Adam Jones

Do you expect to have stock of the oxford still by then available to view/ buy?


Hi Simon

Any details on the bespoke artisans you’ll be featuring?


Dear Simon,
congratulation! Amazing location!
I have seen that there are backpacks in the background….While I am resident in Germany it’s not possibly to pass by (which I could 😉 Would you tell me the brand?
Best regards

Felix Sylvester Eggert

Not an expert, as I don’t own any of them, nor am planning on getting one, but given the styling and the placement of the logo, the backpacks seem to be from Herschel.


Very close or during the holiday season. Sep would be better


personally, I feel this time around is not as ‘exciting’ as previous iterations.

I missed last time when The Armoury and Drop93 were here and it is a real shame they cannot come back- any reason for this? just scheduling?

Richard T

Hi Simon,

Great to see this happening. I have two questions, one related, the other rather more tangential.
Firstly, what time will the event be opening on Thursday (probably the only day I can make)?

Secondly, and more tangentially, are there any plans to reintroduce the PS cashmere scarf on which you collaborated with Begg & Co?


Well done Simon, events such as these take a lot of work. Placing it at F & M will bring good footfall (yes it is busy this time of year) but more importantly an interesting location for your more focussed clientele. Good luck!


Great news! I managed to swing by last year but it was quite early and I was the only one there, which was slightly intimidating. Still, I’ll be sure to pop along this year too.

Richard T

Thanks, Simon. See you on the 19th, I hope.

Alf Billingham

Hello Simon,

I’m relatively new to PS. Mightily impressed with your personal flag waving for quality menswear. Your attention to detail is second to none, so many thanks for helping me familiarise myself with brands I might otherwise remain ignorant of.

I’m currently disabled (too long a story for now, but it prevents me from shopping which in mind-numbingly depressing) so your take on all things menswear is like a breath of fresh air.

Great work Simon,

Alf Billingham

Neil D Kirby

It’s fair to say that Fortnum’s have been dabbling with menswear on the third floor so often, over the years, that one never knows whether it’s going to be there from one year to the next; I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been there, when they’ve turfed-out the suits, jackets, shirts and trousers, and replaced it with odd knick-knacks of some description.
I think with some firm commitment, it could be an excellent ‘destination’ menswear department for gentlemen of style, rather than fashion.


IS Baudoin and Lange going to be there Simon?