Why I quit my job

Friday, October 5th 2018
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A few months ago I quit my job as a financial journalist to run Permanent Style full time.

It was a big moment personally, but not one that I thought to talk about publicly - as I had no intention of it affecting what Permanent Style is, or what it does.

The site, the shop and the events had been growing so much that doing both jobs had simply become untenable.

I was sad to leave my job, as there were many things I enjoyed about it.

But Permanent Style is a passion, and you’re incredibly fortunate if you can make a living doing something you’re passionate about.

So the move was inevitable; it didn’t really feel like a decision.

However, a reader made me aware that the switch could suggest that Permanent Style would change in some way. Such a move can often mean that someone has taken investment, is going to launch a brand, or is otherwise changing their business model.

So I’d like to take the opportunity to say that Permanent Style will not be changing, and there are no plans for it to change.

On Permanent Style, the writing will continue to be independent.

No one can pay for coverage, or buy better coverage, or take an advert and say with a wink how great it would be to have some ‘support’ this season. Or they can, but it won’t get them anywhere.

On Permanent Style, there will continue to be criticism.

The reviews will be balanced, considered and based on both personal experiences and knowledge of the industry. They will continue to be, as one commentator put it, more like reviews of headphones than of fashion.

(I rather wish he’d said they were like film criticism, but you can’t have everything.)

The revenue on Permanent Style will continue to come from advertising and from sales of products.

The ads are all fixed-fee, display adverts with no payments for links or affiliate programmes – in order to be direct and transparent.

And the products are regular collaborations with manufacturers to make things that I love and perhaps are missing in the market. That are niche, unique and in some way special. There will be no suit range, or set of ‘basics’.

Oh, and we stock everything we sell. We buy it all and keep it and sell it, because we believe in it.

To be honest, I have been incredibly fortunate that Permanent Style has grown to the point where it can support myself and my family. So none of this has to change.

It’s taken 11 years to get here. Eleven years of slow and organic growth. You couldn't make much of a business case out of it, but it’s worked for me.

So here’s to another 11 years of bucking the trends for fast fashion, for compromised coverage, and for image-driven update-hungry shallow content.

Thank you everyone for making Permanent Style what it is.

Now go buy some knitwear.

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Barry Pullen

All the best, Simon.

Nick Inkster

Well done Simon and many congratulations on your decision. Ive read and occasionally contributed to your articles and you’ve done really well to get such a following on PS. Long may it flourish.

I was at a big retail awards dinner in Cannes this week. All of the global fashion/luxury brands were present and their reps filed on and off stage with their various awards wearing the most bizarre range of “fashion”, from the most traditionally elegant to the most weird.

Top prize for turnout went to a young gentleman wearing a midnight blue DJ with wonderful shawl collar, no shirt, trousers that finished just below his knees, no socks, and velvet slippers.

Permanent Not Style, perhaps.


Quand un site en français ? Ce serait formidable !

A site in French would be great !


David Garcia Bragado

All my best wishes to you dear Simon.

Kind regards,

PD. I am living similar time 🙂


Congratulations Simon. I suspect you’re being unduly modest in saying that leaving a secure, permanent job to pursue PM full time was an easy decision, but I’m sure it was the right one!

Nick Hand

Simon, let me offer my congratulations. As a reader since day one I’ve read every post, and (given the news, you’ll be pleased to hear) bought many of the offerings in the shop.
I’m sure there’ll be sceptics of your assertion that nothing will change, but more time to devote to it also means there’s more time to be properly true to the vision. Again, congratulations, and here’s to the next eleven years of Permanent Style.


Congratulations, Simon!



“and you’re incredibly fortunate if you can make a living doing something you’re passionate about.” Indeed. and how fortunate we all are for PS is out there. In case you might not know, people like me, a non-native speaker of English and an English language broadcast journalist, enjoy PS in other ways , too and I am personally thankful for that.

I love the angle through which you look at menswear; the kind of heart you put into it .

And last but not least, I truly hope that one day you’ll be willing to ship your valuable products in the shop to my country, too.

Good luck.



Probably a good decision. I have for long wondered how you could keep up with a day job, PS and a relatively young family. Keep ut the good PS work!


Many congratulations Simon and the result of an awful lot of dedication and hard work. My wife and I are working towards a similar goal (different industry!) and juggling this with full time work and children is far from easy!!


Crikey, never realised you were still juggling both!

All the best.

Reuven Lax

You’ve said before that your personal style was affected by your status as an office worker. Do you think not working in a traditional office will change your style?


Congratulations are in order. I’m sure the site will continue on and prosper as it has for the last 11 years.
Would be interesting to read a post a bit down the road how this has affected your daily dress, given there’s no dress code to stick to.


Hi Simon, congratulations! It’s great that ‘Permanent Style is a passion’ for you and I agree, ‘you’re incredibly fortunate if you can make a living doing something you’re passionate about’. I continue to prostitute myself in a boring (but reasonably rewarding) job. I hope one day to do something I really love, but until that day comes I will live vicariously through PS and your posts – at least I regularly get the opportunity to patronise some of the tailors and artisans you recommend!

Paul Fournier

You have simply grown in to the best and most reliable menswear source on the internet when it comes to classic menswear. I think you have demonstrated resilience over the years, battling some nasty comments with poise and composure.
I truly appreciate your views and articles although I do not always see eye-to-eye with you on everything but the contrary would be terribly boring, wouldn’t it.
Thank you for the continuously good work!

All the best to you,

Juan Huertas

Many congratulations, Simon, and all the very best with this new stage of PS. You are doing tremendous work here.

Andy S

It was very sad to see your account become inactive, but I’m extremely happy you can pursue your passion full time now!
Best of luck!

Mxolisi Ngonelo

Congratulations Simon! The growth of your blog has shown how good things take time but, more importantly, to never despise small beginnings.

Love what do you, do what you love!


Hi Simon,

Well done and we all hope PS continues to flourish. This ‘true’ form of journalism is much more relevant than most magazines I find, nowadays.

And to be working with something you are so passionate about, well that’s the Holy Grail isn’t it? I am have made tentative steps in that direction and I shall be encouraging my kids to aim for that, if the opportunity arises. My eldest started at University this week, so she has it all ahead of her – exciting times.

As they are for you and PS.



Congratulations Simon. It must be extremely rewarding to be able to turn a project into your job, and get it to a stage where it can support you and your family.

I’ve been reading for a long time and it is great to see how far this has come. Wish you many more successful years.


Hello Simon
I only came across Permanent Style recently and have found it to be both well informed and extremely interesting. I think the organic growth of your approach has generated the richness, independence and objectivity of your posts. I congratulate you on your decision and hope it goes well for you.
Yours Sincerely
Ps where did you buy the brown jacket in the Halloween picture in your lasted?


Congratulations Simon. Well earned and may it go from strength to strength.


Congratulations Simon! Wishing you great success in this exciting new chapter of PS.


Good for you! It’s very impressive that the blog revenue is sufficient to not only sustain a family in London, but also the continued purchasing of bespoke items.

David Hack

Congratulations Simon

Good luck for the future. You have done an amazing job over the last eleven years flying the flag for bespoke and luxury menswear and I for one will always be eternally grateful for your wise words and friendly advice. Good luck for the future – onwards and upwards!

Many thanks


Duncan McPhie

Congrats and good luck.


Congratulations, Simon. I’m continually impressed with your commitment to transparency when it comes to how the site is run and commercially structured. It’s a rare thing today, and enhances the value of PS for myself and all readers. Best wishes on this transition!


V good stuff , this post is great


It is a very bold decision, especially in the current uncertain financial climate. Do you plan to continue in financial journalism as a freelance writer? It might help to relieve the pressure on the family income and budget.

I hope that you will be able to generate sufficient revenue to avoid intrusive advertising and sponsored (i.e. advertorial) posts. Transparency is vital to maintaining the independence and integrity of the PS brand.

JJ Katz

Far an away, the most frequently updated and well-written bespoke clothing website. I wish you continued success.

Congratulations! Glad to hear you took the plunge.
How did you like being self-employed for the first few months?

Andy Poupart

Congratulations on the life change, Simon. As a reader of the blog and an occasional customer (I have two shirts made up from the blue oxford cloth, for example, by different houses), I’m glad that the site won’t change.

Echoing another comment, I will be interested to see if your notions of style do alter somewhat now that you are not working in an office. I think one of the overarching themes of your articles over the years has been how to strike a balance between dressing well and “fitting in” to a work culture, whatever that may be. I have no such constraint, and I’m guessing that neither do you, any longer. I shall follow your journey with interest.

I wish I could attend your symposium in NYC next week. Alas, it’s on the wrong coast. Although the opportunity to spend a day or two in New York is tempting!

Good luck for the future!


Congrats and best wishes, Simon!

Fabrizio Gatti

Auguri all’impeccabile Signor Crompton!


Congratulations are definitely in order sir! It’s also very impressive that you’re staying with your principals of independence and not allowing people to pay for coverage or better coverage. That’s called integrity and deserves respect, well done!

Nizam D

Your statement is very transparent and much appreciated and should be taken as a set of guidance by others. Permanent Style is truly a reference point for menswear and I trust that it will continue to be that way. With My Best Wishes


All the best Simon !


Dear Simon –

You are the Matthew Ruiz of the UK. Matthew goes by SpooPoker on StyleForum – and he’s answered every single fashion question I’ve ever posed to him…even though StyleForum is not his blog, and he’s just a poster and affiliate.

At the same time, I don’t want to minimize what you’ve accomplished. You have an international blog – a cult following – yet you continue to be generous with your time. I almost bought a tablecloth sport coat before I wrote to you for advice.

You’re incredibly humble, thoughtful, and measured.

We are all lucky to have you.

Exciting times indeed. Hurrah and best wishes.

Best Regards,


Bravo Simon. I’m extremely happy for you.
I’ve been a follower from the early days and have learned so much. It’s funny how PS has slowly but surely become a regular and welcome interlude to my days. Long may this continue.
Thank you, Michael


I like your blog, but I suspect it’s been a while since anyone took you seriously as a financial journalist. Can you point us to anything important you’d written in that capacity?



You are transparent and polite, even with jerks. Thank you for all the work you do.



Totally agree. In my view maybe too polite – i’s just screen them out. but your blog is an inspiration. I’ve been reading since 2011, and have certainly read every post. I’ve had the pleasure to meet you and can certainly
Say you are the reason I’m currently in a cab on the way back from dinner wearing, inter skis. A pair of bespoke light Grey flannel trousers with side adjusters and 2’’ turn ups. You are a true gent and, with your willingness to cheerfully reply to all questions on all posts, a person style guru to us all. Well done, congratulation and, above all, thank you!

Jamie Berry

Congratulations – as Warren Buffet famously said: ‘Find a job you like and you’ll never do a day’s work in your life.’

Best of luck – you won’t regret the move!

Juan Manuel

Fantastic step forward, big congrats! It is indeed reassuring PS/you have managed to keep on without ‘support’. All the best and thanks for being around!

Mark Walker

Excellent news Simon.

As a long term reader of Permanent Style, I have taken many points of inspiration and advice from you into my own, small, wardrobe.

Best wishes for the future

Clifford Hall

Simon, congratulations and thank you helping me and others learn and try harder, really looking forward to reading how your own style will evolve in the new ish….role.

My very best.



Congratulations Simon and all the best from Spain, I do not know how you managed to reconcile your job with the blog, hard work and passion I guess. Indeed I will continue reading you, it is so difficult to be truly independent and unbiased nowadays, please continue this way, thank you


Good on you. Hope it works out.


A good decision, I’m sure. I never miss a post. Keep up the good work,Simon.


Hi Simon
The straightforward, honest approach you take with your reviews, combined with the passion not only for menswear but also your readers shines through in every post. Your blog is not only a joy to read but also gives confidence that no amount of money could compromise your integrity, which is a rare thing in such commercialised times.
Keep up the great work!

Davide Baroncini



I’m curious as to how other menswear blogs, which seem provide a full time income for their writers can possibly do so. No blog I’m aware of generates nearly as many comments as PS per article; most only get 2 or 3; and few update as regularly, making me wonder what these full time bloggers do all day, as well as how they make enough money to live on. I suppose it must be through sponsored content, but one would think that would be ineffective, given the apparently disinterested readership, and that advertisers would realise that.

Thank you.

Thanks to you, I love to dress elegantly.
Glad this news.


Congrats Simon, I’ve been consuming your work since 2012 and can say it has been a fun journey. I wish you all the best. Surpirsed you didn’t (have to) do this sooner.


It may seem churlish to make a suggestion about Permanent Style because I find it so helpful and enjoyable. But I would like to see the occasional foray away from the technical and into the philosophy of dressing well and how it effects the behaviour of the wearer and those around him.

Colm Mc Geever

All the very best to you, Simon.

I quit my day job 13 years ago to write fiction. Big decision. But I’ve never been happier.

I’ve also being following your site for over a year now, and have learned a great deal from it. So many thanks for that.

Colm from Sweden/Ireland


Congratulations, I wish you all the success in the world!

I think its so blatantly obvious that this is the best blog on classic mens style that I don’t feel there’s more I can add to anything above, except that it is an incredible credit to you as a person that you have remained so helpful and approachable (both in person and online). So many so-called “influencers” these days let it get to their head a bit, and I think its the fact you haven’t that allows Permanent Style to be genuinely unique – not just within its own niche but within the wider sphere of blogging in general. You really do deserve all the success that comes your way!


Congrats Simon, courageous decision that I’m sure you’ve pondered for some time. May PS continue to be a bastion of excellent insight/reviews and a provider of unique, classic and quality products. Cheers!

Marc C

Congratulations Simon, I’ve greatly enjoyed your writing over the last few years and I’ve purchased a couple of Friday Polo’s from the shop (two of my favourite garments I might add). So keep doing what your doing and I wish you continued success.

Ian Leslie

A perhaps under-remarked aspect of the site is the quality of your writing. I’m only somewhat interested in bespoke but I return here frequently, in large part because it’s rare to read writing about clothes that has such authority, clarity and elegance.


Excellent article Simon. As you can see from the broad range of commenters you and PS have earned this move – a decade of hard work has produced it. Now permanent at Permanent Style, know, that through your honest, fair and considered work, you have many with you wishing you well and supporting your endeavours. Thanks also for the hundreds of hours of enjoyable articles and for being the best style site on the net.

Ashford bain

Congratulations and bravo Simon. This is my favourite blog and having you working on it full time can only make it better.


PS is a real independent beacon in a sea of paid for rubbish. More power to your elbow.

Thomas Jung

Congrats from the menswear crowd here in Chicago!

Mark R

Congratulations on having he courage to make the big leap!

Now you’re full time at PS, might we get more than 3 articles per week? Pretty please?


Congratulations Simon on this important step!
I still remember fondly your posts about trying out off the row bespoke offerings for the first time and it is fantastic to see how far you got! It is also very generous of you to share this journey with us, your readers!
It has indeed been an organic evolution and one question I have is whether you have been planning some of the later “more professional” steps of PS, maybe even getting some outside advice, or if you “simply” are incredibly talented and lucky?
I wish you much success for the years to come and appreciate returning to your site on a weekly basis (at least). Laurent


Hi Simon,
This is a great move, indeed! And it happens at a time when you have succeeded in building up around PS, as a blog, the most diverse and the most cosmopolitan readership in the world! This is really no mean feat!
Now moving forward while having the opportunity to focus on this blog, it would be crucial to stick to your vision and remain open to sound and meaningful innovations as you have always been.
Despite the big challenges ahead and the high stakes of the endeavour at hand, you can confidently embrace the development that will occur, for you have a strong and committed community you can always rely on.

Ian A

Great! How will this effect how you dress on a day to day basis? Business suits or Neapolitan jackets or just downright casual if your not directly being photographed reviewing clothes.


Congratulations Simon!

For 10 years now that I’ve followed the PS, it has been an invaluable source of expert insight. I’ve also particularly enjoyed your writing style and greatly respected your integrity.

This new (undivided) focus is a great news for us readers. I’m looking forward to following the PS for many years to come.

Best of luck!


All the best for the future.

Kevin Tan

Long time reader and I’ve commented a few times in the past (mostly for the awards; saw you used some of the words of my comments, glad to know you like them!), and I’d just like to make a heartfelt congratulations to this intentional turn in your life.

I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog since 2009 and I hope that you can continue to create fantastic content as always and great products that fill a niche that others have failed to capitalized on.

Hopefully I can comment more and hope to meet you one day!



Congratulations Simon !
Deserved. Well done.

Nicolas Strömbäck

To Another 11 years then! All the best Simon and thanks for doing this.

Rafael Ebron

Congrats! Your recommendations have been pretty spot on and being a tastemaker is tough work. Anyway, short term need recommend me 10 shirts (size L fits perfect but I have to get them to be my sleeve length though) and I’ll buy them. I’ve got the denim one already, I want to get the oxford one but I need several more for work/biz casual (SF/Bay Area tech but lets elevate it shall we). Looking forward to more of your articles, been reading you for a long while.


Your site is excellent but, like many good things in life, I find it hard to articulate quite why. Something to do with the free reign on topics you cover from one post to the next, signaling your independence, and the use of clean and accurate language stripped of the meaningless buzzwords and phrases peppering most other style and fashion sites.
I wish you continued success.

Steve Garratt

Hello Simon
I have been following your writings for some time now and love the unpretentiousness and thoughtfulness of them.
The cost level of your items though are well out of my league. However, I take on board your comments on colours and textures and try to apply them to more moderately priced clothes, although I still try to buy good quality.
But a couple of years ago I did push the boat out and had a local tailor make me a bespoke overcoat as it is the one garment that will last a long time. Nothing flamboyant and a bit classical I suppose, but in a lovely navy wool and I love it. Your articles definitely helped in knowing what to look for and I am truly grateful.
All the best for the future.

Peter O

Dear Simon,

I was always amazed you did both jobs! Now focused on PS
it’ll be better for PS and you!
Have a good time!

Best wishes



Your love for what you do comes through in the website. It is amazing. Speaking, if I may, for all of your readers, we are grateful.



Congratulations and well done. And thank you!

robert crawford

Fantastic news Simon. Follow your passion. More videos please if possible.

Matthias-Leonhard Lang

Dear Simon,
I’m very happy to hear that you made this move. It is a kind of an accomplishment if as a passionate individual and a family man you can decide to live from your passion. I feel very close to you in that decision as I am a former portfolio manager who turned to be a professional actor. My best wishes, of success and fun in this new venture,


Congratulations Simon!

Russell Davidson

Those of us who have quit our previous employment to start businesses know how lonely it can be and what thoughts one mulls over first – especially wondering if one will make a decent living. But quality wins through and your blog is outstanding, Simon. I wish you every success. I hope all your books get restocked too so I can buy some!


One change I hope we will see is even more brilliant products. 🙂

Pierre Lenis

I have been reading your site since 2010 and you have an invaluable resource of knowledge and style. It has helped me personally and professionally. I recommend PS to everyone who shares a passion for clothing. Thank you for all your effort and I wish you much more success to a new chapter that will educate and entertain all your audiences.


Dear Simon,

I work in banking so naturally most of my time is spent in a dark conservative suit. I always feel that a tie, patterned shirt and very occasionally a pocket square (perhaps on a Friday with no tie) are the only ways to make the outfit personal and interesting (suit cut aside). I am in my 20s and most people of my generation are tending towards navy or grey suit, white or blue shirt and no tie. How dull! In a way it almost feels MORE conservative than the past when people could wear colourful tie, braces, suits with patterns etc.

Would be interesting to hear your views.