Permanent Style collaborations

Permanent Style regularly conducts collaborations with manufacturers around the world to create unique accessories and clothing. In most cases, these are arranged on a pre-order basis, with readers ordering the garment in advance, waiting for it to be made, and then receiving the piece 6-8 weeks later. This enables Permanent Style to produce small runs of garments and to reduce costs for the customer.

Most collaborations are only available for that pre-order period. In some cases, however, they are taken up by the manufacturers and included in their regular stock, or are taken into stock by partner sites. Some, such as the bespoke cufflinks, are also always on a made-to-order basis, so they can be purchased at any time. 

The collaborations so far are:


The Friday Polo

Idea: A long-sleeved polo shirt cut to wear with tailoring - with a high two-piece collar, a tailored fit and a long shirt-like body. Made with the funcational hand details of Neapolitan shirts, in a Caccioppoli pique that is heavy enough to wear most of the year.
Manufacturer: Luca Avitabile
Stockists: Permanent Style
Price: £145
Availability: Sold out except in a few last size/colour combinations. New batch coming in July



The PS square scarf

Idea: A super-luxurious neckerchief, to be worn at the neck on cool days. Made from Begg's exclusive Wispy quality of cashmere, in two colours, natural and navy. A modern version of a classic item of menswear
Manufacturer: Begg & Co
Stockists: Begg & Co
Price: £175
Availability: Sold out in the original navy and natural. New batch coming for Autumn/Winter 2016



The PS tote

Idea: A simple leather tote bag but made with the finest materials - including one single piece of leather wrapped around the whole structure
Manufacturer: Globe-Trotter
Price: £745
Availability: Sold out 



The Perfect Socks

Idea: Creating the most luxurious yet practical socks in the world, with really fine merino and silk. In the most versatile green. With a unique clock design and unique yarn. 
Manufacturer: Italian makers, through William Abraham
Stockists: William Abraham
Price: $88
Availability: Sold out 



The Finagon cardigan

Idea: The perfect cardigan for tailoring: shorter and slimmer than everything else on the market 
Manufacturer: John Smedley, Lea Mills
Stockists: John Smedley
Price: £135
Availability: John Smedley stores and websites



The club tie

Idea: A versatile navy tie inspired by traditional club designs and featuring the paisley Permanent Style logo 
Manufacturer: Drake's, London
Stockists: Drake's, Trunk Clothiers, Leffot
Price: £125
Availability: Sold out

PS Drakes Colab (76 of 78)


The Dartmoor sweater

Idea: The perfect polo-collar sweater, cut slim and with a high collar to sit well under tailoring 
Manufacturer: John Smedley, Lea Mills
Stockists: Permanent Style, The Hanger Project
Price: £145
Availability: Sold out

Offered a second time in grey in 2014. Also sold out

Permanent Style x John Smedley


The travel slipper

Idea: A slipper made from two pieces of suede. So soft it rolls up into your fist. In Permanent Style purple
Manufacturer: La Portegna, Madrid
Stockists: Permanent Style, La Portegna
Price: €90
Availability: Sold out

Permanent Style


Permanent Style Tweed

Idea: A unique and modern tweed design: lightweight, supple and in a versatile grey
Manufacturer: Breanish Tweed, Harris
Stockists: Permanent Style, Breanish Tweed, Jodek International
Price: £70 a metre
Availability: Sold out

S5002465 - close-up


The Cufflink Project

Idea: The perfect cufflinks. Same design on both sides; small enough to put in easily; fine jeweller's construction
Manufacturer: Diana Maynard, London
Stockists: Diana Maynard, The Hanger Project
Price: £220-£430
Availability: Available both through Diana Maynard and the Hanger Project


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