Watch your parents and grandparents with interest. 

It is always fascinating to see how traditions for dress and its practicality become instinct over time. While at home last week, for example, I noticed that my father was wearing dark blue socks yesterday with small pink (or were they white?) dots. They went perfectly with his plain blue slacks and black loafers (see previous post on sock colours). But a question as to why he was wearing that combination only produced confusion. There was no reason; it was just instinct. 
Equally, my grandfather wore a checked grey tie at my wedding that is known as the Macclesfield tie after the town where it was first woven. This weave of small diamonds, squares or circles was fashionable in the 1920s and became the standard, dress tie for formal day attire – in other words, weddings and daytime celebrations. It seemed smart yet not really of the office. Was it a coincidence or did he instinctively wear the ‘wedding tie’? (I have to confess I haven’t asked him, probably because I’m afraid it was the former.)
Either way, it is interesting to see which traditions or guidelines become instinctive in those that were interested in style at different points in their life. Some relax into a subconscious mode of dressing. Others never stop experimenting. 
What is worried over now can become instinctive (and more personal) over time. 
(Examples of wedding ties are shown above – thanks to, a wonderful site I highly recommend, for this pic.)