A recent piece in City AM by Permanent Style sung the praises of the slip stitch, and gave some advice on maintennace: article here.
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Hi Simon
Thank you so much for your posts! Your blog is the one from which I have learnt the most on menswear. Reading them has surprisingly led me to a kind of overhaul of my entire wardrobe!Interestingly enough, while I depict in your views a kind of britishness, however I also see a leaning that is arguably very cosmopolitan. Now, as I am on the verge to move beyond “the level of workwear essentials” – alas – I am still confused about an issue I haven’t solved yet with confidence, namely, the one about matching formality, texture and colour as to suede shoes. It happens that I belong to those who could be defined as suede shoes lovers. Think for instance to Lodger’s Chesterton penny loafer Almond to understand what I mean. And as you know, this does not mean that our shoes wardrobe is merely made up of suede shoes… So I have read a lot of pieces on the subject, seen various pics even the ones of Prince Charles in the country and on visit in Prag! And yet I am still a bit confused. I guess, you have ideas on the matter. I would be really thankful to you to know what you think of this item. Many thanks in advance. Nillo

Martijn Stolze

I have a question. I have a tie, with a loop stitch at the end, which has broken. Is there any way to repair this, say by sending it to a tailor, or is that too difficult? And will the tie now have trouble regaining form?

Thanks in advance.