For the first time last month, the numbers of visits to Permanent Style topped 250,000. (That’s visits, not visitors – which is less – or impressions – which is more.)

In the past six months our traffic has grown by almost 10%. Thank you all very much for your support, for spreading the word, and for the kind messages about how valuable a resource the site has become. 

Pictured: bespoke dress shirt from Sean O’Flynn, shot by Luke Carby for a piece in The Rake. Marcella front, voile body and two options for the detachable collar – stiff wing and Marcella turn-down. Beautiful links and studs from The Hanger Project.

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Dear Simon,

I’m thinking of having my first set of bespoke shirts made, and I’m just wondering: how does Sean O’Flynn compare with Turnbull & Asser? I’ve looked at both makers’ websites and your own posts about the latter, but otherwise I’m fairly ignorant.

FrithStreet Post

Excellent year Simon, you have led me on some very rewarding sartorial ventures.

Happy New Year and I look forward to following your blog in 2013!


Bonne Année, Simon, and to your regular and casual readers as well. I really enjoyed reading your posts in 2012!