An eagle-eyed reader sent me this newspaper clipping yesterday. It appears that versions of the profile that How To Spend It in Spain did on me in January are being carried by other Spanish-language newspapers, in this case Gestion in Peru.

If anyone’s Spanish is better than mine, and it contains any obvious inaccuracies or blatant libel, do let me know.

Other recent profiles:
– In British GQ
– In PEN, Japan
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Christopher Ashley

i read somewhere that Peru was big on Scottish Tweed, one of the main importers of Harris Tweed until it’s sudden resurgence in popularity…
not surprised at all your blog is being picked up over there.


Hi Simon,
Interesting how ideas and news spread!
By the way, have you seen Bill’s today post on his blog A Suitable Wardrobe about the Astrakhan overcoat made by F. Smalto?
See here:
Please, tell me, is this price point, that is, 250 000 euro for this item the same right now in London? Frankly, I must confess that I’m flabbergasted at this price!
Why on earth is it so expensive? Do you happen to know someone who owns this kind of stuff?
A bit enlightenment is in need here.


The text resembles mostly the other Spanish one. The only difference I notice is that they are talking shortly about how your sense of business has helped transform a passion for classical elegance into a thriving occupation. But they do not give examples except of the number of visitors to your blog or the fact that you were on the NY Times list…