Steven Taffel Bram Frankel Simon Crompton

I’ve been in New York this week, visiting old and new friends – neatly encapsulated by this blurry photo of dinner last night with Steven Taffel of Leffot (left) and Bram Frankel of William Abraham. Many thanks to Pierre Lenis at Bergdorfs and all the other Permanent Style readers I’ve run into in the last few days.

…and below, Messrs Chensvold and Boyer at lunch on Friday.

bruce boyer

christian chensvold











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Have you dropped by Paul Stewart? They really should do bespoke, always have great cloth!


Welcome to our fair city Simon! If you have time, do check out Epaulet while you’re here. It’s kind of like an American version of Albam, with most of their pieces commissioned directly from manufacturers in Europe and North America. Plus some lovely shoes from Vass and Carmina


Enjoy your New York stay Simon!

I was going through your archives and stumbled across a post about your Corthay Wilfrids, bought at Leffot. How would you compare your Corthay’s with your pairs from G&G’s?

John C Vesey

Delighted to see you with Bram, who has created a wonderful variety of men’s socks. You efforts and knowledge should be of assistance to him and, most importantly, us wearer of same.

Paul Weide

I would be surprised if the Phineas Cole photoshoot includes drastically cutaway collars, peak lapels, and exceedingly form-fitting tailored clothing.


Looking forward to that Corthay write up Simon!

Re: Paul Weide – You just mentioned all the things I love about Phineas Cole ads! Good on you.