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I’m pleased to say that Spanish tailors Langa will be coming to London for the first time later this month, setting up shop in Holland & Sherry on Savile Row on November 24th and 25th. 

The cutter Joaquin Fernandez made me the tobacco-linen suit above earlier in the year – for the very reasonable amount of £1900. More details on the suit here, and details of the make here. The shirtmaker, Mariano, is also a superb shirt cutter. His style is more English than Italian (floating collar linings usually, for example) but with a lot more handwork. Review on his shirts coming soon. 

If anyone would like to make an appointment with Langa, the contact is [email protected]

They will be available 10am-7pm on Monday 24th, and 10am-2pm on Tuesday 25th. Feel free to simply make an appointment to meet them and talk about a commission, or see their work first hand. 

For those interested in starting the process now, the team plan to return every five weeks, so no longer to wait for a fitting than with most English tailors. Prices start at £1900 for a suit and £200 for a shirt.

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Hi Simon,
Thanks for sharing. Also thanks for posting again this pic that features a jacket with character, if I may say so.

Bertie Wooster

Simon…please ignore my earlier post and reply to this one if possible, as I have a few questions. Want to get two summer suits so need some advice

1. What should I go for colour wise….I was thinking between off white, beige, grey and tobacco brown. I saw your colonial references re light colours…but is that really an issue? Grey or navy is good…but then it will look like your normal boring work suit? Tobacco brown…your Langa suit looks great…but is it limiting…I somehow can’t see it looking as good if you pair it with anything other than a light blue shirt
2. Material wise are linen or cotton the best? Because some people wear tropical worsteds too in light colours
3. Style wise…I was thinking a DB in a light colour might be nice, and an SB in a darker colour. Or is a DB in cotton or linen off white a no no?

Many thanks