La Portegna espadrilles


A brief post today, with some pictures from holiday. Casual but still classic in cut and colour, and catering to the heat.

First, above, ‘Dani’ espadrilles from La Portegna. I’m still in two minds about these, after a week of wearing them every day.

Partly because they aren’t really espadrilles – just suede slip-ons with a strip of rope around the bottom. They don’t have the rope-soled scrunch of a real espadrille, but then they’re not meant to. The uncertainty is whether this ‘faux’ style bothers me.

And partly because they are very unstructured – nothing in the toe or heel to reinforce them, and therefore quickly shapeless. Then again, they are incredibly comfortable, and a subtle touch of elastic either side of the tongue makes for a great fit.


EB Meyrowitz sunglasses Starsky


Second, my favourite sunglasses – the Starsky model from EB Meyrowitz. I now have two pairs, in slightly different tortoise-patterned acetate, one prescription and one not.

The narrowness of the frame works well for my rather close-together eyes, and its chunky style is best for casual clothing. Finer styles are better for tailoring.


Linen bomber jacket Hermes


Third, a couple of things in rather different linens.

An indigo-linen bomber jacket (Hermes) worn over a grey Sunspel T-shirt. The jacket is a simple piece, and other brands do something similar, but I was sold on the particular shade, the fine linen and the cut.

The shorts are also linen, from the Anderson & Sheppard haberdashery, wide-legged in olive.

However, their large, plain weave makes them very different in texture to the jacket, and the two therefore sit nicely alongside each other. If they were more similar in texture, as most linens would be, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Worn with my old Rolex GMT-Master. Casual and practical.


Reillo bespoke green cotton trousers


Finally, green cotton trousers from my Reillo suit. Worn in the spirit of more formal pieces with casual clothing in the summer, as discussed in our How to Dress for Summer piece.

It’s too hot here to wear trousers most of the time, but great for going out in the evenings and travelling to and forth. Usually worn with a shirt, under the linen bomber.

Also taken away with me: Friday Polos (obviously), Orlebar Brown trunks and Anderson & Sheppard cotton sweater.

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Do you feel that bomber jackets are naturally more suited to short guys? At 6’2′ I always felt that they look tiny on me.


Hi Simon,
Not sure where this question belongs – I am moving overseas for 6 months, so I need to store away some of my suits and jackets. How do you normally go about it and what are the things I should pay attention to (e.g., moths)?


Hi Simon,
The bomber jacket for Summer is a great piece. Yet I think it would be really effecient if the cuffs and the colar were – instead of the elastic – cut as usual-shirt-like cuffs and colar. Strangely enough, nowadays it has become harder to find jackets cut that way.


Simon, my question is in regard to suit or blazer jacket cut, not bomber. Your jackets are bespoke and fit you perfectly and their cut very elegant. I was forced to return by German or Swiss Post Office several RTW jackets I ordered online because of their cut. I would prefer not to name those houses which seem to do every jacket as if it had shrunk. Now G&H’s sale ends – maybe I should buy a jacket? Their pockets aren’t slanted, but the jackets don’t look so tight as other housesand are double vented. Would you endorse G&H RTW jacket cut ?


Looks like a great time away, enjoy!

Re the espandrilles.. I’d say at their online price of GBP 145 they should either be perfect, or you get a better deal picking up two pairs in different colours from a local maker in the south for GBP 10 each.


Intersting piece but I was wondering why not the Castaner “Pablo” espadrilles instead of the faux La Portengna’s?


I’d like to get some espadrilles for a couple of upcoming beach holidays. Have looked at the Zabbatigli pairs based on your previous recommendation. What makes a good pair? And how much wear would one get out of espadrilles with a roped sole?


Thanks, Simon. Good to know.


Nice ensemble. Loro Piana also do a very nice linen bomber that I’ve been wearing a lot as a summer jacket.

Enjoy your time off!


How do La Portegna shoes sizes run?


Simon, how are the espadrilles holding up? I’ve been eyeing the La Portegnas but the price point is high for such shoes. They do look more resilient though with a stronger sole and the suede is beautiful.

Ravi Roshan Jaiswal

Hey Simon, Pleasure to meet you. 🙂

So glad to see these holiday fashion wear. I am huge fan of wearing sunglasses and often look for new trendy and stylish look of sunglasses. I highly impressed watching this sunglasses.

You have introduced the highest collection of men’s fashion and sincerely appreciate you for sharing this things. I often choose a comfy dresses that well suited on me not go through show off. Every thing is great useful, I must suggest every men to have this holiday fashion.

I am a fond of wearing jacket in special moment and nice to see it in your list too. It’s not over, keep sharing.

Thanks for introducing the latest fashion.
– Ravi.



Whereabouts are you on holiday?



Thanks Simon. Staying at a private residence or hotel / resort? Would that influence what you wear?


Charlie S.

Just curious, whereabouts were you on holiday?
I also find it interesting re the too hot to wear trousers, would mixing finer fabric in with the linen make the trousers more bearable, or would it weaken the fabric too much for trousers? I’m just thinking ie a silk/linen/cotton blend is lighter than pure linen.


It is never too hot to wear trousers. It used to be that shorts were only for the beach and not worn in cities, not matter how hot. I don’t recall men collapsing in the streets. I was just in Rome for a month and how times have changed. All the men in shorts and flip flops. Just another example of dressing down for all occasions, which I think is sad.

Nick Inkster

They do a pretty natty line in shorts on Bermuda. Formal, worn with long socks and city shoes.


I love those sunglasses. Are they the ones you wore in a photograph from an RL shoot recently, with a leather bag draped over your shoulder? I remember looking at that photo and thinking that the sunglasses were fantastic.

Can you give any indication as to what such a pair would cost? Meyrowitz’s website is very sparse.


The sunglasses you ask about are called Starsky in colour 08 with green/grey polarised lenses. The current price for this item is £595.00. For more information please call me on 020 7493 5778. With best wishes, Sheel


Great post SC, currently looking but rather adverse to buying eyewear without having tried it on at least. Sheel, do you tour the US by any chance?


Hi Simon,

Do you have a full body photo of the bomber jacket?

I have my eye on a similar piece (not Hermes though), but am unsure about how it should fit. I had not really looked at bomber jackets in the past, as I feel that I do not have the shoulders for such a jacket (also, I prefer jackets with collars). But the one I’m looking at is in the same lovely shade as yours, albeit in a linen/cotton blend, which could be a useful piece (as pointed out in your post). It ends at around the waist of my pants, which I wear on my hips (not my natural waist). ‘Would appreciate it if I could see how yours fit (both unzipped and half-zipped, if possible), so that I can decide whether to pull the trigger.

Thanks again.



Alright. Actually, I was also hoping to see how fitted the jacket should be. Another thing about bomber jackets is that they tend to billow out, except when it’s either completely unzipped or zipped most of the way up.

Anyway, I’ll probably get the jacket, since its pretty good value given its utility. Thanks again.


Peter B

Hi Simon, I thought this was an appropiate post to put this comment in. Do you wear something on top when swimming to protect yourself from the sun? If so, what?

I remember (but can’t seem to find) an old post where the qualities of wool were discussed, and you mentioned it being very flexible when wet, which would mean very easy to take off after swimming. The idea is very attractive to me, but I can’t seem to find anyone making a long sleeve tee in a lightweight wool. Any ideas?


Hi Simon. Is this bomber jacket lined or unlined? Looking at similar garments from other brands I find many have a viscose lining which would seem opposite to the idea of a breathable jacket.

Ahmed Bashir

Which season is the linen bomber from? It doesn’t appear to be a recurring seasonal offering from Hermès…


Just as Ahmed I’ve been searching for something similar, but to no avail. Any idea of someone else doing an unlined linen blouson? I would be most grateful for any tip…


Morten, did you ever found a suitable linen blouson? I found something very similar and wonderful at Gaetano Aloisio last summer but it wasn’t quite the right fit, sadly. Might order from them if I can’t find something elsewhere…

Joseph Sanger

Are you still working on this linen bomber? I’m looking around, wondering if it’s still in fashion, etc. still a good idea?


It is a great looking jacket. Will there be any additional colors this year or only Navy? Beige or Sand would be lovely.