D’Avino in London

Sunday, September 11th 2016
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The exquisite shirtmaker D'Avino (that's the brand name, the man being Fiorenzo Auricchio) is here in London for a rare visit in two weeks. 

D'Avino makes to the highest level you will see, with handwork absolutely everywhere - not just the practical places like the armhole and collar, but hand-rolled hems and hand-tacked plackets. They're beauteous things to behold. 

Although I also use other makers, Fiorenzo is what I go to for that special shirt, or when I'm feeling a bit more flush (often a month when I'm not paying for any tailoring...). I highly recommend going along. 

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The dates are September 23-24, he is at the Dukes Hotel, and contact is on [email protected]