Video: The Young Tailors Symposium

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Looking back on it, our summer 2016 edition of the Symposium series - which focused on young tailors - was particularly interesting.

It's easy to forget until you see our film, shown here, how much the backgrounds of each tailor varied. Each was also more interested in the Symposium itself than perhaps some of the bigger names we have included in the past.

Hopefully some of that comes across in this film, the aim of which was to give access to the hundreds of thousands of Permanent Style readers that couldn't be there on that day in Florence.

Thanks once again to Stefano Bemer and Holland & Sherry for sponsoring the event, to BluPhox Media for the filming, and to Davide, Eithen, Satoki, Gianfrancesco, Chad and Arnold for their involvement.

We couldn't have done it without you.