Come to the pop-up opening party!

Wednesday, July 11th 2018
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The opening party for our pop-up shop in Fortnum & Mason is next Thursday, July 19th. All welcome.

Please do come along and support us and all the brands that are being featured this time: Kirk Originals, Simpson London, Fox Brothers, Luca Faloni, Edward Sexton, Vitale Barberis Canonico/Drapers, J Girdwood and Shibumi.

The tills will be open in the afternoon and into the evening party, so you will be able to make any purchases if you want to.

I can also announce that there will be two trunk shows by artisans during the pop-up.

Sartoria Melina (above), who made me the stunning bespoke leather blazer last year, will be there for their first London show on the first two days: July 20 and 21.

And at the end of the pop-up we will have trouser maker Pommella-Napoli alongside Neapolitan tailor Ciro Zizolfi - again, Ciro's first show in London! They will be there, with Gianluca Migliarotti, on July 27 and 28.

We can also announce our final addition to the pop-up list of brands: Vitale Barberis Canonico. They, along with Drapers, will be offering exclusive cuts of cloth in the second half of the week, replacing Shibumi.


I will write more on newcomers Simpson London and Kirk Originals, and on the new things all the other brands will be bringing, later on.

But I would highlight that Luca Faloni now has new polo-collar knitwear in a cashmere/silk mix (above), which is wonderfully light, and will also have his other summer speciality pieces like linen shirts, scarves and towels

From among the Permanent Style range, I will have our shorts on offer (below), which are still available in most sizes and colours, plus a new run of our Everyday Denim cloth - available to buy in 2-metre lengths.

And J Girdwood has some new Justo Gimeno-produced Teba jackets (in linen, with MTO options) as well as Francesco Marino unlined seven-fold ties.

Getting excited about it now. See you there.

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Can personally vouch for Luca Faloni’s customer service .
I brought a linen shirt on which the stitches came undone .

They responded to emails on the weekend and replaced the shirt immediately .


Dear Simon, any idea on Ciro Zizolfi’s pricing in London? Many thanks


Hi Simon,

Regarding VBC/Drapers, will they be selling cut lengths of cloth there and then in the shop, or is it a case of ordering exclusive cuts from swatches at the pop-up?


Fantastic! Any further information on what we can expect fabric wise? Do you know if it will be fairly standard worsted/flannel suitings, or could we see some interesting jacketing?


Sounds great! Sad I won’t be in town.
And happy to hear the Everyday Denim is coming back in stock. Will the cloth also be available online? Would love to get my hands on a length or two..


Exciting. What kind of cocktails will be on the menu if I may ask? I’m a negroni man…

Also, will Luca and Luigi be there from Solito? Their prices have shot up recently but both great (and handsome) members of the community…


If you don’t mind me asking, what does Luca charge now for a shirt and Luigi for a odd jacket?


250 and 2500 EUR as of a couple months ago when I paid up.

Rick Habegger

I will be in London Aug. 11th. thru the 16th. I would like to have a custom suit fitted then make per chosen fabric. Who do you recommend for this bespoke suit? suit price range $3,500-$6,000 USD Visiting for the USA