PS outerwear available to try on in London – at William Crabtree & Sons

Tuesday, September 20th 2022
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PS is planning to have a pop-up shop in London this autumn, but it won’t be until the beginning of November. 

So, in the interim, our friends at William Crabtree & Sons have kindly offered to host some of the new outerwear - focusing on this because it is the biggest investment for everyone, and because it’s the thing we get most sizing questions about. 

The PS Trench Coat launches tomorrow, for example, in the original olive. So from tomorrow, the shop will have this coat on display - in olive and navy - to try on. 

You won’t be able to buy on site, as the guys don’t have space to carry stock alongside all their other lovely clothes. Orders need to be placed online, for delivery the next day. But it will hopefully avoid ordering the wrong size and having to order two sizes to compare.

Then next week, when the new navy Donegal Coat launches, the guys will have that available too. 

And finally, when the new version of the reversible suede blouson launches soon after, that will also be there. 

The plan is to continue this for a month, with the pop-up shop happening soon after. 

While there is space at the beginning, we will also send some Bridge Coats, as that is a tricky one to size. But that will only be for the first week or so, and no other products will be available at any time. 

Hopefully this will make things a little easier, given the pop-up is some distance away and, by then, some of these coats may be sold out, at least in some sizes. 

The service will run from September 21 to October 21, at William Crabtree & Sons, 15 New Quebec Street, London. The lovely staff will be fully briefed on the products. 

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Hi Simon, will the new wax walker be available to try on for size?


Hello Simon

This sounds like a great idea. Referring to your recent article, does your Bridge Coat span all three of the wardrobes you categorised as wearing in a week (assuming worn appropriately)? Or only Wardrobes 1 and 2? I wasn’t sure if vintage military only referred to clothes literally from older times, or clothes that were based on a historic style as well.

Many thanks



Great idea Simon, will try to make use of this convenience

Matt L

The coat looks lovely, I’d love to try it on. Although sometimes Simon I start to worry I’ve bought too much stuff from you!

I hope the pop-up is very early in November, I won’t be in the country those first two weekends.


Hi Simon, I wonder if we should expect a restock of the Herringbone Donegal coat (either from PS Shop or Private White) in the short term? Thanks


Excellent idea. As well as sizing it’s good to see how something actually looks on, rather in the imagination.
It’s very nice of William Crabtree & Sons to do this. I’d highly recommend this shop, I have made a number of purchases from them, finding some great pieces and excellent service in my experience.


Great idea Simon. Perhaps worth mentioning that Alterations Boutique is a few doors down. I’ve found them very useful for alterations to jackets and trousers over the years. Efficient operation and I’ve been happy with the quality.
Best wishes.


Great idea, Simon – like another reader said, hopefully not until November as we also will be overseas for most of October.

Down side being, of course, they are likely to sell out by then in any case 🙁 !


Sorry – read the article too quickly – now understood that outerwear appearing imminently; and the pop-up in November!

Still, PS stock tends not to hang around too long – which I hope you and the team and those responsible for the making of the various items take as a huge compliment from us readers.


Lovely visit to William Crabtree & Sons this afternoon to try on the trench in olive. A wonderful experience – speaking with the representative there (Jake, I believe) was a pleasure. Highly recommend those in or around London stop in. It was also, for me, a nice introduction to their offerings.
Just purchased the coat and looking forward to its arrival.


Hi Simon, I was wondering whether there are any tailors in London you’d recommend if I wanted to alter the sleeves and length of the Bridge Coat. I am considering using the excess sleeve length to add a gauntlet cuff.


Simon, was comparing the Bridge coat to the Pea Coat which PW make, & on the sizing it indicates only a 1inch difference in length between the two. In the write ups on the Bridge Coat it said it was 2.5inch longer. Has PW made their standard Pea Coat longer since the article was written?


Thank you Simon) I’ll try and find out from them. Did they close their shop down in the West End? It says permanently closed on Google? If so does that mean they are essentially an online brand since they have few if any physical retailers that Im aware of actually stocking their products in store.


Oh dear, thats a real shame.

n. David

Hi Simon.

Had a chance to visit the shop yesterday, and try on both the Trench and the Bridge Coat. Have to admit, I wasn’t expecting to like the Bridge Coat as much as I did (or indeed, at all; the pictures in the 2018 release article never really spoke to me at the time), but I find myself considering both options now. Both different use cases, but both absolutely spectacular in person.

The PWVC listing for the Bridge Coat describes it as an extremely limited edition, so I assume that there aren’t many left, and no more runs are planned for the foreseeable future. Is this assumption correct as far as you know? Also, what about the Trench? Do you know if there are any future runs planned for additional runs of that one? I’m trying to limit myself to one PS purchase per year, so it looks like sacrifices may have to be made on my end.

Ah, decisions decisions.

P.S.: as lovely as the Trench is in “Olive”, I still think that it would look beautiful in “Wam Sand” or “Black” Ventile. Strongly suspect that neither option is on the horizon though.