These photos were taken at the Gieves party for Rose Callahan’s book I Am Dandy last week. Michael (Browne, Chittleborough & Morgan) and I were rather underdressed, perhaps deliberately so, for an evening of fops and costume drama.

Michael (below) is wearing the bespoke suede jacket he recently had made for himself. Like me with my leather jacket, Michael is interested in the crossover between bespoke tailoring and more casual garments.

He cut the pattern for this jacket himself, and then worked closely with a leather worker to have it made up. It is more of a bomber-jacket style, cut very short and slim with leather panels under the arms and across the waist at the back. It works particularly well given Michael’s slim figure and always bespoke, high-waisted trousers.

My off-duty outfit comprises Rubinacci jacket in Donegal cashmere, Dartmoor sweater (Permanent Style x John Smedley), Tom Ford silk handkerchief and pale-grey flannel trousers from Anderson & Sheppard. Out of sight: green Palatino socks and brown JM Westons.

And I add this shot of Thomas (Kalflo) in order to be able to note that he has just moved from Corthay to Gaziano & Girling.

Thomas was first mentioned in these pages last year in a post on Corthay’s first glacage evening (that’s him, in soft focus behind some dyes). He was both deputy manager at the London store and maitre patineur. Exciting times for G&G, both in terms of shop and patina possibilities. 

Photos: Khalil Musa