francois pinton glasses
As someone who has spent too much of the past year redeveloping a website, I take my hat off to Will, who has accomplished a much more fundamental redesign over at A Suitable Wardrobe – melding the blog with the ASW store.

One of the hardest things of keeping up such a store is discovering new products, and having bought two of them recently I thought they deserved a personal recommendation.

One is the Francois Pinton glasses, a brown tortoiseshell version of which I have worn for the past two years and several readers have commented upon. Admittedly, I had no idea the name was well known – I merely liked the design when I saw them in my local optician. But it seems I was lucky to do so, for they are hard to track down.

I now have the honey-coloured ones as well, courtesy of ASW, and find the colour to be a subtle point of interest without being too dramatic. Many of my favourite things, such as flannel or tan-leather watchstraps, fall into that category.

Second are the kidskin gloves, which if anything sound like they were even harder to source. I went for the brown suede versions, which are also a versatile choice and perhaps just a touch unusual. Brown will be a popular choice for men, but can look a little off with black shoes or bags. Suede makes that pairing a little easier.

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Hi Simon,

I will be in Warsaw next week and intend to commission another pair of gloves from Czeslaw Jamrozinski. My first pair were a versatile brown leather with points, which I can wear casually or with a navy suit (assuming brown shoes etc.)

I already have a smart pair of black gloves so was thinking of getting something firmly casual. As you mention, brown suede sounds great, but I was thinking a camel-coloured suede or even bright yellow as in the famous Sartorialist photo could be good options.

What are your thoughts for a good, versatile casual glove?




Thought I’d replied but must have not come through.

My first ones were great in terms of fit, but a tiny bit too long in the thumb, especially given the slight downwards slip when walking. This was rectified as part of the service when I visited him a couple of days ago and now they’re spot-on. They’ve also held up extremely well and show no signs of wearing. I’ll send you a few pics in the next few days.

The ones I’ve just commissioned I’m particularly excited about. Thick, unlined deer skin in its natural colour, a sort of creamy off-white, with brown contrast stitching done by hand. They should be fantastic worn casually with knitwear or casual jackets, and much more special than my brown ones given the material and hand-stitching. I’ll also send you some pictures of that when it arrives mid-Jan.

Have a great Christmas and New Year.