There’s an interesting trunk show next week in London. Online stores Exquisite Trimmings and Monsieur Fox are combining to organise a show that will feature several of the brands they sell, plus some artisans. 

The show takes place from Sunday to Tuesday, September 6th-8th, at the Belgraves Hotel. 

On Sunday there will be representatives from Thomas Riemer, Polish tailor Zaremba, Codis Maya, EG Cappelli and Tie Your Tie. There will also be a drinks event that evening, in order to socialise with all the makers. 

Bespoke or made-to-order options will be available from those brands on the Sunday, and ready-made the other days. Fabio Attanasio from The Bespoke Dudes will be there on the Tuesday, offering his sunglasses, and they will be selling the Permanent Style 2015 book

The full list of brands is:

  • Monsieur Fox
  • EG Cappelli
  • The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear 
  • Tie Your Tie
  • Zaremba bespoke
  • Thomas Riemer gloves
  • Troubadour bags
  • Codis Maya
  • Exquisite Trimmings

And the full details are:

  • September 6th-8th
  • 11am-8pm
  • Belgraves Hotel, 20 Chesham Place
  • RSVP for the event here