Short-sleeved Friday Polos available

Friday, June 22nd 2018
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A new batch of the short-sleeved version of the Friday Polo came in yesterday - in navy and light grey.

They are available on the shop site now, though only 50 in each colour so worth grabbing quickly.

It's been hard trying to decide which variations of the Friday Polo to make each time, but I know readers have been waiting a long time for the short sleeve, so it's nice to have it out there.

I sometimes wear the short-sleeve Friday Polo under tailoring, but find it's particularly useful under safari shirts or field jackets, as pictured at top.

Under a lightweight top layer like this, the priority is clearly staying cool, and therefore a short sleeve is helpful. And as that top layer is more like a shirt, the lack of a cuff sticking out of the end of the jacket sleeve is less of an issue.

And then, of course it's more suited to shorts and the beach than the long-sleeve.

All details of the polo and its sizing are available on the shop page, here.

Anyone that has bought a Friday Polo before will be familiar with the cut (details at that link), but just a reminder that the short sleeve is also made with a slightly shorter, squared bottom, to make it easier to wear untucked as well as tucked in.

The cloth is the same as the regular Friday Polo, as is the handwork - both things that separate the Friday Polo from the vast majority out there.

Any questions, please do let me know.

The top photo and the one below were taken by Milad Abedi on a rather relaxed last night in Florence last week.

The Friday Polo is worn under an Armoury field jacket, in tobacco linen. The trousers are white cotton-denim, made by P Johnson in white denim-cotton.

As discussed before, that tobacco linen is not the easiest colour to wear, but I find it particularly nice with white and grey - both neutrals that help support the strength of the tobacco colour.

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Nice combination of polo,linen jacket and jeans.


Why don’t you offer one piece collar version ?


Will there be another batch of the long sleeved Friday Polo, and if so, when?



While it’s agruably less pratical, visually I’ve always preferred a long sleeved shirts/polos worn with shorts, and short sleeved polo with regular trousers. I guess it’s a balance thing.


Hey simon, i love your friday polos but unfortunately the fabric is too thick for it to be worn where I live (Singapore), even in the short sleeve iteration. I’m currently looking for a short sleeve polo myself – preferably something which is looser in the chest and body. I notice most polos (e.g. ascot chang by armoury) fit very slim in the chest and look great but feels almost stifling in humid weather. Sizing up may not work as well as the chest may have more room to breathe but the shoulders would be off. Am wondering if you have any experience with brands which may fit a little looser in your normal size but still look great?


Hi Simon

How would you compare the Friday Polos to the Armoury Ascot Chang polos in terms of equivalent sizes? For example, is a small Friday Polo about the same size or fit as a small Armoury Ascot Chang polo? I looked the measurements on the websites to compare but as one is in centimeters and the other is in inches, I would appreciate any input you have if possible.



Hey Simon would you say the Ascot Chang safari works with shorts in hot weather?


Thanks Simon. I’m wondering if you’ve tried the Anglo italian smock or washed safari. Do you think they would work as well as the drake’s? They look much softer than the ascot chang, which you mentioned was quite rigid in your review


Do you have suggestions regarding makers in London for bespoke polo/mtm which is required due to sizing personally. Luca/simone to no avail. 100 hands also infrequent


Hi Simon,
What weight would you recommend for a summer polo?
Thanks very much