Pop-up shops for 2024 – in London and New York

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I'm pleased to say the dates are fixed for two pop-ups this year - in London next month and then in New York in October.

In three weeks we will be back on Savile Row, kindly hosted by New & Lingwood in their space at No.19. This worked well back in the Autumn, so we're nipping in again before they close. It'll be Wednesday March 20th to Saturday 23rd, 11 to 7.

There won't be an opening party, because the new book 'The Casual Style Guide' will be launching soon and there will be a party for that. Details on that hopefully this week.

There also won't be any other brands joining us in London, but as last time, there will be a selection of New & Lingwood products at the end of the store, and I will be curating a selection of their Spring/Summer pieces, so it will all be very PS-focused.

In New York, we will again be with the lovely J Mueser team on Christopher Street. We'll be joined by Rubato and Seiji McCarthy, and possibly Taillour - to be confirmed. Fred is in New York all the time anyway at the moment, so it will be lovely to have him but no one will miss out if he can't be there.

The dates for that are Wednesday, October 16th to Saturday 19th. Same opening times as usual, 11-7, and the address is 14 Christopher Street (suite 1). There will be opening drinks, as last time, on the Wednesday 16th.

Other notes in anticipation of questions (though I'm sure I will have forgotten something):

  • Any seasonal product in stock on the online shop will be available in the pop-ups. So in London in March we might not bring all the outerwear, as stock is now patchy and it's not necessarily what people are interested in. But let us know if you want to see something in particular.
  • Any new launches before then - at least one - will be available. Details on all expected products this Spring/Summer here.
  • The Casual Style Guide book will be available online and at retailers a couple of weeks after the London launch party.

Clothes pictured (in some shots we had left over from this shoot): Grey cashmere crewneck, which will be available for pre-order in the London pop-up in a total of four colours, PS undershirt, vintage Pendleton wool overshirt, vintage seventies 501s, and a PS brown watch cap.

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Congrats on the upcoming pop-ups!

Can you reveal what the new colors for the cashmere crew neck will be!?


‘The Casual Style Guide’ …. Can you tell us alittle more .
Looking forward to it .


Sounds lovely!
Maybe I can make it this time.
On the cashmere crewnecks: hopefully you have a real midnight navy in there. Most are just to light to wear them with really dark navys,


Hi Simon, from a business Perspective what’s in it for you when you host the pop ups with other brands? I appreciate you get an article out of it but do you also take a percentage of sales or how does it work?

Il Pennacchio

October 19th to 22nd are Saturday to Tuesday, not Wednesday to Saturday.

Ben R

The dates are updated… but it still reads “opening drinks, as last time, on the Wednesday 19th.” No worries just thought you’d like to know. Apologies if it is just a caching issue.


Please bring Sieji to London!


Will you have the linen Harrington at the London pop-up ?


I wish I knew what overcoat that was I would love to find one


Where is your right hand in the bottom photo!


Any chance you could bring the Peacoat (Bridge coat)?


Sadly those would be too small for me Simon.


Ah, but do you have stores, tailors or particular products that you are so fond of and so protective of that you would never share how you came about them — or even what the item or little shop is — for fear of directing swarms of people to some sartorial “gold mine”?

Ras Minkah

You have aged like a fine wine Simon.


I missed you at the last pop-up I attended a couple of years back, Simon. I cant make this one however, next year or two I look forward to it, would love to share a drink or a coffee.

I love the outfit above, can’t wait for the crew neck pre order!

Drew McNeil

Will the linen overshirt be available? I’ll be in from the States and would love to grab it!

Drew McNeil

Perfect, thank you for the reply :)!

David Lilienfeld

Is it possible to get contact info for those who have won the recent shoe shine patina contest?


Hi Simon, slightly off topic, but have you tried the new cotton knits by The Anthology? If yes, what’s your take on them?

Matt L

Hi Simon. Will the PS shorts be available to try at the London pop-up?

David Whittaker

Excited for this. Any word on whether/when Rubato might be doing a pop-up in London this year Simon?


Hi Simon
Just to check the oxford restock hasn’t already come and gone in March? Hoping not to have missed out.

Lucas Nicholson

Hello Peter

These have been shipped by Luca and we should be restocking them next week.




Superb – thanks Lucas!


Will you have the PWVC x PS English Tweed Overcoat at the NYC popup? Or any other pieces of heavier outerwear?


Sounds fantastic! Thank you Simon, I look forward to meeting you this year.


Hi Simon, are you planning on brining back the original concept of hosting a number of brands at the pop up going forward or will this mainly be a PS shop pop up now?