In January, for the first time in our history, there were over 300,000 visits to the Permanent Style site, doubtless helped by Pitti, The Times and Fuera de Serie.

Thank you so much to everyone that visits, reads and contributes to the ongoing work of this site. I’m so glad you find it interesting and useful, and share the same aims of quality, investment and classic style.

Photo by Luke Carby, from the upcoming feature on Richard Anderson in The Rake. Tux by Richard in a black house mohair/wool mix cloth; voile and marcella shirt by Sean O’Flynn with detachable stiff collar; and bow tie in matching grosgrain by Le Noued Papillon.
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Ashford Bain

Congratulations on the record and keep up the stylish work.

Alex Chan

Congrats Simon! Great blog, keep up the great work. Incidentally, I have taken up your recommendation and bought 3 pairs of Incotex. I like the slim fitting on those.

P.S. now you have 300,000 visitors, you shouldn’t be stingey, pass us some of those martinis…..

Oliver Gibson

Great photo to celebrate, keep up the good work Simon.


Excellent work Simon and many congratulations.
Your insights inspire me both personally and professionally.
Best regards,
Tim Hardy


I really like this black tie ensemble. Dinner jacket cut delightfully slim, perfectly proportioned lapels, and that tie too – I can really see what you mean when you say it’s worth investing in ties…

How are you covering the waist here? Cummerbund? I think I see a waistcoat under the jacket but surely it would peek out a bit more from under the lapels?


Hi Simon,
Bravo! Keep doing the good work!


Are those you final glasses from Tom Davies?


Brilliant, I look forward to it!