The new Gaziano & Girling factory in Kettering is taking shape, and it’s a wonderful thing to see.

An old Loake factory, where they used to do their bottom stock, it backs onto the Church’s closing facility. In fact, the whole building was originally one shoe factory, with the G&G section now a quarter of that size.

Now that Tony and Daniel are sharing the last making and some pattern cutting, they have a small room each. Those two back onto the big main room, where the ready-to-wear shoes will be made, in stages going around the room. At the front is a showroom, and that leads up to an office that looks down over the whole space.

It’s a nice set-up, just a hundred yards from the existing G&G factory – which feels very cramped by comparison. The grand opening is currently planned for October. Expect a report from that.

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Leah Green

They make incredible shoes. Good to see they are expanding.


Lovely building. Reminds me of the original Saatchi Gallery.