chittleborough bespoke suit
For those that were interested in the Chittleborough & Morgan suit I wrote about last week, here are some more images.

The photography was done by new online luxury magazine Essence, for whom I wrote a short piece on Anderson & Sheppard recently. Fortuitously, I happened to be wearing the C&M suit that day. You can read the article here.

Above, outside the Anderson & Sheppard shop and, below, shots in the cutting and fitting rooms with Ollie Trenchard. As per usual, I think almost nothing can be read into the photos about how the suit fits. But they are certainly illustrative of the style.  

Shirt: Satriano Cinque. Charcoal cashmere tie: Panta Clothing. Wool/silk tie: Drake’s. Alligator shoes: Lodger.

(All images should enlarge if clicked on, to just under the size of your window.)

anderson and sheppard bespoke fittinganderson and sheppard cutting roomanderson and sheppard fitting

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Fabulous suit Simon, I also really like the brief case you are holding. Who makes it?


Is that a very deep cuff on the trousers or just a trick of the light?


Simon…are those flat front trousers with turn ups. Or are they pleated with turn ups (I mostly find turn ups only on pleated trousers). Many thanks


Great photos and great fit .
Some questions ….Do you always opt for a ticket pocket on the Coat?
I find it destroys the ‘symmtery’ of the coat .

Also why such high turnups?


Looking at this nice shot of the suit from the front, it makes me think that it would look even better with more open quarters, to accentuate an ‘X’ shape which would better balance the prolonged silhouette of these peaked lapels.
Conversation fodder for our upcoming meeting in Paris undoubtedly.


I really like the cut of the suit (the single breasted peak lapel is one of my favorites for smart casual), but I can’t help think that the buttoning point seems to be way to high – especially since you’ve got long legs. I’m tall and slim myself, and I’m always struggling to get the buttoning point lower, to make the body/legs ratio, so to speak, more harmonious… But a very well crafted suit never the less 🙂



The suit looks well done except for the trouser length – too long. The suit doesn’t match the head type of the person wearing it – it is too massive and heavy.


Hello Simon,
Apologies for resurrecting an old comment section.
I’ve been reading up about Chittleborough & Morgan, Cifonelli and Camps De Luca; and was wondering if you could tell me how they all compare (a difficult & vague question, I know). If you only currently had the means to go for one, which would it be?


Dear Simon
I will be in UK next week. I am looking to make a bespoke suit . Will you recommend
Chitleborough or Hunstman? Having done suits with Ciffonelli before.

Gohar Raja

Dear Simon

When did Michael Browne leave Chittleborough and Morgan?

Will you be commissioning a suit from him?