Lorenzo Cifonelli and Simon Crompton

This is probably the busiest week of the year. I tend to avoid the fashion shows, but there are now some great tailoring events in the calendar – including The Rake’s party at Claridge’s on Sunday night and the English Gentleman tonight. And then tomorrow we’re off to Pitti for the rest of the week. 

Sunday was a lovely event, with the best of Savile Row mixing with a handful of French and Italian houses, plus the best of the luxury brands such as Ralph Lauren. The full photos are over on The Rake’s website. Look out for Sarah Murray of The Rake in her beautiful Chittleborough & Morgan suit – like mine, but slimmer and sharper. It’s annoying sometimes how good men’s tailoring looks on women.  

Above, with Lorenzo Cifonelli, and below, dinner afterwards with Cifonelli and Vitale Barberis.

Liverano & Liverano jacket, Satriano Cinque shirt, Drake’s satin tie and Simonnot Goddard handkerchief.

Cifonelli Vitale Barberis Crompton
Top photo: Luke Carby

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