‘Snob’ Tailoring book republished

Monday, December 12th 2016
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It seems to be the month for notices and happenings. This latest one is to note that the tailoring book I originally wrote back in 2011 has been republished. 

I've had lots of enquiries over the past year about this book, as the first version sold out a while ago. 

Originally called The Snob guide to Tailoring, it has now been rebranded as part of an 'Obsessions' series (which is probably a nicer title). 


I was able to pick up a few errors here and there from the first version, and update some listings, but I didn't have control over everything - particularly the cover, which is a little garish. 

One substantial improvement however is the photography, which is now mostly from Jamie Ferguson's back catalogue - shots both of me and others. A few people might recognise themselves.


Overall it remains a useful introduction to tailoring - to fit, to style and to the various intricacies of bespoke. 

I think it's also a nice compliment to my other published books, The Finest Menswear in the Worldwhich is largely about product and quality, and Best of Britishwhich focuses more traditions and history. 

Obsessions: Tailoring went on sale at the beginning of the month and is available in all good bookstores. And some bad ones.