‘Snob’ Tailoring book republished

Monday, December 12th 2016
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It seems to be the month for notices and happenings. This latest one is to note that the tailoring book I originally wrote back in 2011 has been republished. 

I've had lots of enquiries over the past year about this book, as the first version sold out a while ago. 

Originally called The Snob guide to Tailoring, it has now been rebranded as part of an 'Obsessions' series (which is probably a nicer title). 


I was able to pick up a few errors here and there from the first version, and update some listings, but I didn't have control over everything - particularly the cover, which is a little garish. 

One substantial improvement however is the photography, which is now mostly from Jamie Ferguson's back catalogue - shots both of me and others. A few people might recognise themselves.


Overall it remains a useful introduction to tailoring - to fit, to style and to the various intricacies of bespoke. 

I think it's also a nice compliment to my other published books, The Finest Menswear in the Worldwhich is largely about product and quality, and Best of Britishwhich focuses more traditions and history. 

Obsessions: Tailoring went on sale at the beginning of the month and is available in all good bookstores. And some bad ones. 



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are we going to get a Christmas gift buying guide that we can direct wives, girlfriends and others towards?


Hi Simon, Have the original which I re-read recently and have just ordered the new one for someone to give me foe Xmas 😉


Great to see and the new title is more apropos. Please help your readers with some detail as to which bookshops (Waterstone’s, Amazon etc.), its very busy this time of year and rather than visit a number of shops it would be good to know, with accuracy, where to go. Thanks.


But Waterstone’s does not…given the questionable working conditions that Amazon provides for its warehouse staff (similar to Sports Direct, JJB in the strictness of regimes, zero hours etc.) I’d rather buy somewhere else.


Hi Simon, firstly wonderful website & also love your obsessions book. Recently discovered both.

Wanted to ask a question about RTW suits & clothing from for example Richard James & New&Lingwood. Have been available in High Street department stores for some time now. Are they of a different quality / style to what’s available RTW from the actual brand stores? The price points certainly are very different.

Will be spending Christmas weekend browsing your old blog posts. One request – any way of clicking on a photo to enlarge / zoom in? Sometimes would be good to see things in more detail particularly using mobile devices.

Best wishes & Merry Christmas