Watch caps back in stock

Monday, February 26th 2018
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I'm pleased to say we've managed to get another batch of watch caps through, just before the end of winter. 

We made 200 this time, so hopefully they won't all go in a day, like last time. Colours are the same - navy and grey in 100% cashmere. 

They're all on the shop page now.

And for more details please see the original post here

Photos: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man


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Tony Johansson

Great! I ordered one of each. Hope they will fit my head well which is usually size 58.


Perfect timing given the weather forecast………

Nick McAdam

Just received my two this morning , good timing looking outside! Lovely fit and feel, thanks.


Hi Simon

I have just placed order for both colors shipping to Hong Kong. I wonder if the price is including VAT, if yes, then why shipping to HK doesn’t give a VAT excluded option?


Awesome! Can’t wait to try those caps. I usually don’t look too good wearing anything on my head but a recent trip to an old school hat shop in Boston changed my mind!

But hang on, how come British guys don’t know how to appreciate your work? Lol.

Craig Jenest

Thanks for making another run, I missed out on the first round. I received the cap today and it’s exactly what I have wanted. Well done!


Hi Simon,

I received my caps on Monday and they’re just great! But I sent an email that day in regards of some slight issues and haven’t heard back yet (perhaps from all the orders you’ve received on Monday). When you get the chance I would love to hear back from you!


Love the green combat jacket. Where do I get one?


Hi, Simon. Just a short question from someone, who ordered from the first batch and now from the second. I don’t want to sound negative, but could it be that the second batch was a bit rushed due to the high demand during the first batch? The question arose whilst inspecting the second cap – it had no product info label sewn in the hat and the tacking looks very fragile (these are small points, but still). The first hat was superb and the reason why I order a second one in a different colour.


Hi Simon

I received my two caps today in HK. Great quality! Think you on purposely didn’t want any label sewn unside right? Mine have none.


Thank you for the quick reply, Simon! Sadly, one tack lasted only one evening. I also examined my previous cap and , sadly, there too is only one tack left. Maybe I’m doing something wrong,. Sorry about this. On the positive side – the material is very good and even the one left tack can keep the folds together. However, I think I will sew the two broken tacks in (sending the caps back would be a bit too much).

Andrew Hughes

Hi Simon,

In your opinion which colour cap goes with more clothing?


Neil Erskine

My cap arrived today, along with a trench (also fantastic) and it’s an absolutely lovely hat. Very comfortable, snug and cosy. I’m really impressed (and much warmer on the UCU picket line…).


If anyone has an extra navy one they’d like to sell, please leave a message here. Too late to the party.


Any chance the watch cap will come back into stock again this year?