Video: How to wear a pocket handkerchief

Wednesday, June 6th 2018
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This was a nice opportunity to do a practical video, and express a forthright opinion.

Videos on folding pocket squares and handkerchiefs are normally so terrible. Guys in black suits using fiddly folds to wear yellow-satin hanks.

Hopefully this offers some balance. Stuff it, but do so methodically.

Thank you to everyone at Budd Shirtmakers for hosting us.

I am wearing:

  • Cashmere jacket from Richard James
  • Button-down shirt from Luca Avitabile
  • Cashmere vest from N.Peal
  • Handkerchiefs from Budd Shirtmakers
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Great video. By the way, lovely jacket. Pocket square aside, how do you find the N Peal knit fits? Are they fairly slim?


Hi Simon,
Thanks for posting this video on how to fold handkerchiefs. Very very well made! The best I’ve ever seen on this topic!

Dan G

Nice video. I tend to think wearing a pocket square in this day in age immediately makes you look dandy-ish, so I don’t wear them myself. But nevertheless a helpful tutorial.

Robert Hancock

Thanks as always Simon. I’m curious if you ever worry about your jacket looking “overstuffed,” i.e. the jacket surface below the pocket opening itself bulging, when using larger pocket squares. While 16″ seems to be the standard, I’ve started seeing 18″ and larger. Obviously pocket depth plays a large role in this. Is that a feature you think about when commissioning a piece?

Nick Inkster

Lovely video Simon.

As I’m now well into bus pass years, I’ve given up on convention.

There is a seamstress I’ve got to know over the years (who is approaching her 90’s) who makes my pocket squares. 12″ square Irish linen, hand rolled and stitched edges. Always white.

Stuffed into the pocket of one on my bespoke mid or darkish blue blazers, white or very pale blue OCBD, smashed up 501’s, snuff or espresso loafers, then off to the pub.

Doesn’t get any better.


fuckin’ legend


Hi Nick,

would it be possible to get my hands on of these pocket squares?
Best regards, Jens


Hi Nik,

is there a chance to get one of these white linen pocket squares?
Best regards, Jens


Nice video, great tips for those of us who rarely wear a tie but enjoy a bit of “pop” while wearing a jacket.


Great video, thanks! A question: do you remove the tags on the pocket square? I.e. Drakes pocket squares have a tag that I always struggle in trying to conceal and find annoying, but I’m afraid of ruining the stitching if I remove it.


Check, kind of obvious once I took a closer look at how the tag is fastened. Thanks for the tip!


In a similar vein, do you have a particular view on companies (eg Drakes) including their branding/logo ontop of a design? I accept its normally colour matched to the pattern but its also placed where its highly likely to be visible


Excellent video. It would be useful to group these guides for ease of location, perhaps on the Categories page.


Wonderful video.

Personally, I always wear a pocket handkerchief, tie or no tie, and I’m proud to do so.

As in many things sartorial, I always look to HRH Prince Charles, who wears a wonderfull handkerchief. An inspiration to all.

Personally, and I think this is personal, I would never wear a pocket handkerchief with a patch pocket, I honestly don’t know why, but I wouldn’t.

Wonderful stuff again, thank you Simon.


Very clear and well-shot demo. Many thanks!

Nicolas Strömbäck

Bravo Simon!

These video series are well executed and filling much needed gaps online.


You were either on a train in the Chicago subway near Monroe or your Doppelganger was.


Excellent video, perfect pacing and loved it.


Excellent video. For some unknown reason I have never attempted a pocket square, this has inspired me to give one a go. Whats the most versatile colourway to try – I’m thinking navy with a small white polka dot perhaps?


Ah – of course – and I have one of those! Thanks Simon


Congratulations on a fabulous video.
A quick question. My mentor and style guru, Jason King, always sported a pocket handkerchief with the ‘Puff’ fold only, it was larger. He used to refer to it as ‘The Big Puff’ and I was wondering if it is a completely different fold or, if he just left more hanging out ?


In my 30s I always aimed for John Steed but ended up Jason King


Your best video yet Simon. Technically very good with great use of incidental music. Only feedback is you could be in it a smidgen more (less close ups of hand shots and more medium close ups). Nonetheless, kudos to you and your production team.

Michael Moore

Great video, thank you. However, the “music” was so distracting it was hard to concentrate on your instructions and it was so loud that it was difficult to hear your words.


Superb video Simon, love the thorough walk though that doesn’t get too long. Keep them coming!

Joshua London

Great video. Did you ever do a video of what you used to call the “lazy fold”? A quick perusal on your site suggested you had planned to do a video, but I don’t see it. Or did I simply miss it? [I am occasionally prone to missing the VERY obvious when it comes to videos…just a personal quirk, but such media always turns me into a bit of a zombie.]

LindaMae Meagle

Very easy to follow and clearly explain how to do. Thank you for sharing!


Thank you, Simon! You always give one an extra boost of confidence with your inputs when dressing (up) for any and all occasions. This means loads, particularly when trying to wear tricky accessories such as pocket squares! Makes one feel really at ease in one’s clothing. Best wishes and cheers again for your guidance, Andy

Corina Reck

A handkerchief is essential for men, most especially in a suit. This is a very helpful video to teach not only men but to women as well to properly place the handkerchief in a suit.


Hi Simon,

I am about to purchase my first proper pocket square. I want it to be white, because it is so versatile. However, I cannot decide between silk, cotton, or linen. What would you suggest?



Hello, Simon. I have a how-to question on handkerchiefs – but how to clean them. I’ve had my lovely Simonnot Godard linen-cotton hank in white with blue lining stained by ink from my fountain pen! To make it worse, seems it’s the ‘archival quality’ ink, i.e. the more permanent kind. Any tips on how to clean that? Bleach? Thanks!