John Demsey hosts Budd and Anderson & Sheppard

Wednesday, October 24th 2018
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Coverage of our events last week in New York is going to work in reverse.

First, here, is the party after the Symposium - which Anderson & Sheppard customer John Demsey (Executive Group President, Estée Lauder) held at his house in Manhattan.

The party was co-hosted by perfumer Frederic Malle and photographer Jonathan Becker, both also A&S customers. (Above right and left, respectively, with Audie Charles of Anderson & Sheppard.)

And John's house, covered floor to ceiling in art and photography, provided a very colourful background.

Tomorrow we will publish images from the Symposium itself and, later, a video of the talk.

I wore (pictured below with Jeff Hilliard, now at Mr Porter) my checked DB jacket from Anderson & Sheppard with cream trousers from Pommella - in the Fox cavalry-twill cloth we collaborated on recently.

Enjoy the well-cut customers and decor.

All clothing shown by Anderson & Sheppard, Budd or Cleverley.

Photography: Rose Callahan

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Fancy Shmancy! A wee bit of name dropping there with the host. More important (or should be to this blog at least) is his interest and pedigree with menswear!


The coral pink suit is interesting. A double breasted combination of patch pockets, peaked lapels, turnback cuffs and side adjusters (with braces buttons) – which all work together. From the images Simon, it looks like a fine cord, could you please advise?


I can’t say I’m a fan of patch pockets on DB, especially on the chest. I’ve noticed some jackets with patches on both sides, which look terrible.


Ah Simon…how interesting…

So would it be ideal, if one could have a mannequin to mount each of ones suits on if it were possible?

Looks like the thing to do, with ones’ tuxedo, at least…


yes, the cloth…


Ah, I see George Cortina. I do like the way he dresses (most of the time).