John Demsey hosts Budd and Anderson & Sheppard

Wednesday, October 24th 2018
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Coverage of our events last week in New York is going to work in reverse.

First, here, is the party after the Symposium - which Anderson & Sheppard customer John Demsey (Executive Group President, Estée Lauder) held at his house in Manhattan.

The party was co-hosted by perfumer Frederic Malle and photographer Jonathan Becker, both also A&S customers. (Above right and left, respectively, with Audie Charles of Anderson & Sheppard.)

And John's house, covered floor to ceiling in art and photography, provided a very colourful background.

Tomorrow we will publish images from the Symposium itself and, later, a video of the talk.

I wore (pictured below with Jeff Hilliard, now at Mr Porter) my checked DB jacket from Anderson & Sheppard with cream trousers from Pommella - in the Fox cavalry-twill cloth we collaborated on recently.

Enjoy the well-cut customers and decor.

All clothing shown by Anderson & Sheppard, Budd or Cleverley.

Photography: Rose Callahan