The Permanent Style Awards 2019

Monday, January 14th 2019
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What's your favourite retail store in the US? Who produced the most inspiring lookbook of 2019? And who was the best-dressed on Instagram last year?

These are the categories in this year's Permanent Style Awards. Plus the artisan of the year award which, like last year, I will be giving to my personal favourite from the past 12 months.

You can vote on the first three categories by adding a comment to this post, and stating one entry for each of the three awards.

The results will then be announced a week later. As ever, thank you for your many and varied, informed and discerning views.


1 Best menswear store in the US

Unlike last year's awards for best brand or customer service, this award is only for physical stores - those with standard retail rather than showrooms, or pop-ups.

We have picked just one country - the United States - for the first award, and plan to look at other countries and regions in the future.

The focus is on retail stores because we believe they deserve our support: for their investment in space and staff, for just being there every day. And we want to reward a great retail experience, including atmosphere, service and style.

So who's your favourite? Sid Mashburn? The Armoury? Magasin? Paul Stuart? Cast your vote and - as the stores will be reading - add a nice reason if you can.


2 Best-dressed non-professional 

Running a best-dressed award last year was fun. But it was notable that the majority of nominees were from the menswear industry, as was the winner (Ethan Newton).

In the age of Instagram, with the vast number of 'what-I-wore-today' shots from ordinary people, it would be a shame not to recognise those outside of menswear.

So for this award, please nominate the Instagram account of someone whose main job is not in fashion. They can still do it as a hobby (and even make money doing that) but they should have a separate day job.

As with the award last year, the final decision will be made by a small committee. But only from the top nominations.


3 Best look book

Look books is a new area for the PS Awards, and I think a really interesting one.

A look book or campaign is about styling. It's about the brand's vision but also, more prosaically, how the clothes should be worn - how they suggest everything could be put together.

And it's also about communication: how good the brand is at putting this style across, through the photography and direction.

Drake's look books were among the things that inspired me most when I was starting out, both with the style and the imagery.

Look books are also interesting because, without the focus on product and quality, we can consider a wider range of brands than normal.

Below are a few I've liked in the past year, to get you started.


4. Best artisan

One for me. As last year with Musella Dembech, this is an award that recognises an artisan I've been particularly impressed with on a personal level in 2018.

It might be because they've made something absolutely beautiful, or because I've come to realise a garment is simply one of my favourite things, after years of wear.

It's hard to do anything objective here, so we keep it extremely subjective.

Thank you everyone. I look forward to hearing your opinions.


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1. Never went to one
2. Gusvs9
3. Cesare Attolini
4. Kotaro Miyahira. I enjoy his jackets more than ever.


Any coverage or images of Pitti, Si?


You left yours at home this year?

What a Pitti! 🙂


The best US store is O’Connell’s Clothing of Buffalo. It has a fantastic choice for all seasons, including lots of stuff that you can’t get anywhere else. The best of the rest are J Press and The Andover Shop.


For 2. I’d like to nominate Bernhard Roetzel. His style is natural British, a welcome contrast to the contrived Neapolitan cosplay of the typical internet gentlemen on Instagram and Tumblr.


The lookbook will indeed be an interesting one and it will be interesting if votes are given more for who’s book the people like or who’s style.

I’m not a fan of the style that Drakes portray in their books but can easily appreciate that the imagery etc is excellent. So I could vote for it as a book but not as a style (though I do like individual products from them)

Very proud to see my photos in section 2. Thank you Simon!


1. The Armoury
2. Mdunhoff
3. Drakes
4. Norman Vilalta


1) no nomination possible. Not been there
2) Franco di Mare (italian TV presenter)
3) Pal Zileri
4) Francesco Guida in Prato


1. The Armoury
2. Gusvs9
3. Drake’s
4. Sartoria Corcos/Kotaro Miyahira


3) Armoury Downtown, for showing ways people can actually dress to professional city jobs – which shouldn’t be but is remarkably rare in lookbooks.

I’d give a special mention to Drake’s Autumn / Winter 2018 as a runner up, which I also liked because all the outfits were actually wearable and in-keeping with what people actually wear in that location.


2. Andreas Weinås


I’m only going to nominate the best menswear shop in the US — The Andover Shop.

The Andover Shop belongs to a species of menswear shops that were once omnipresent and are now close to extinction — what one would call the traditional American clothiers . The Shop has two branches, one in Andover, MA and the other in Cambridge, MA. The merchandise and customer service are outstanding in both branches — a little old-fashioned, but not without the warmth of the old times.


I haven’t been to Andover Shop in decades. If memory serves, it caters to upper-class WASPs who want to dress like grandpa. I don’t recall the merchandise as being first-rate, definitely not equal to what’s here at Permanent Style. Or has Andover Shop upped its game?

I cast my ballot for Paul Stuart.


1. The Armoury…really, no other shop comes close.
2. Arnold Wong…gotta love a millenial bringing back the ’40s
3. Mr. Porter Editorial…online retail with a helpful hints
4. Yuki Inoue…because I commissioned an Ulster coat and a sports coat after seeing his work.


2. @shuao74




1. The Armoury
2. @flannels_and_tweed
3. Drake’s
4. Shibumi (Benedikt Fries)


Best-dressed non-pro: Spencer Otte,


2 HaoHan Wang
3 Davide Taub insta


2 – sticking to my initial vote, but the Sole Preacher deserves a credit, at least for daring and acting as a gentleman instagramer .


Please tally my vote for Leffot in the US


1. The armoury
2. Voxsartoria
3. N/A
4. Kotaro


2) @flannels_and_tweed
3) Drakes


1. The Armoury
2. Alexander Kraft (even Max Poux would deserve it but I am have no idea if he works in the industry)
3. Lardini
4. Enzo Bonafè


For best dress non professional here’s my submissions:

And for a more casual wardrobe:


1) merchant fox new shop.


1. Haven’t been to the US this year so this one won’t qualify, but for what it’s worth I still like to give a shoutout to Bryceland’s. Arriving at the Tokyo store was sort of a pilgrimage for me. The products on display were beautiful, but the reason why the visit was so special was meeting the person running the show – Ethan Newton. I’d been admiring him for the longest time, and seeing him in person and getting fitted by him is an experience I’ll never forget. Not only did Ethan dress immaculately and give sound style advice, he’s also a fountain of sartorial knowledge and a super chill dude to hang out with. I believe these qualities are key to a brick-and-mortar business today. (Excuse the fan-boyish account!)

2. Gazman70k. I was torn between him, shuao74 and gusvs9, but decided to go with Gary. The ability to put together a killler coat-and-tie rig is in his DNA, but what inspires me is how the conservatism in his corporate dress carries over to more casual ensembles. Very wearable but never dull. In addition to the tailoring and fine watch galore, his Instagram account also has the occasional doses of sartorial anecdotes and food pics to drool over – a winning combination indeed.

3. Far and away, Drake’s. I’d say it is the modern day equivalent to Alan Flusser’s ‘Dressing the Man’.

4. I know this one is for you Simon, but I’d like to give a mention to Sartorial Raffaniello. Took delivery of an MTM sport coat this year via The Decorum in Bangkok and cannot recommend him enough – amazing cut and incredible value for money. If you live in Asia you should definitely give him a try, either at his shop in Osaka or through the various stores that offer his MTM.


1. Sid Mashburn (Dallas Location) – Excellent staff and customer service
2. Alexander Kraft – Always so simple yet so sophisticated
3. P.Johnson Tailors – Tailoring with a casual twist that looks great and simple


1) Nomanwalksalone

2) A tie between voxsartoria or Philip of

3) Stoffa

4) Henry Poole.


1. The Armoury
2. Mr Flannels & Tweed
3. Saman Amel


1. Leffot
3. Drakes
4. Gaziano&Girling


1. The Armoury
2. Flannels_and_Tweed
3. Drake’s
4. Mario Talarico


Hi Simon, always a great pleasure to read your articles. My choices:

1. Haven’t had enough experience to make a choice.
2. Olof Nithenius (olof1982)
3. The Armoury Spring/Summer 2018. I admit I’m biased as it was shot in my city, but great nonetheless.


1. Haven’t been to the US this year
2. Per Faxneld — @perfaxneld
3. Drake’s — A Tailored Winter Wardrobe
4. Sartoria Giuliva — @sartoriagiuliva


2. AleksJJ
3. Drakes

Richard A

1) Ben Silver – Charleston
2) Andreas Klow (Flannels & Tweed)
3) Drakes


I won’t nominate myself for best-dressed man. That won’t do. So here goes, in no particular order:

Lee Morrison, aka The Brighton Gentleman:

David Evans, aka The Grey Fox:

Henrik Hjerl, aka Butler: (although that might be one accolade too many)

His Boswell Torsten:

Liam Jefferies, for showing us how it can be done in today’s underdressed office:

I can’t think of anyone else right now.


1. The Armoury
2. Flannels and Tweed
3. The Armoury


My votes go to:

1. The Armoury. It’s hard to vote on customer service or presentation, I think, because so many stores excel and it’s difficult to say who’s better than the other. Many are top notch. But The Armoury is better than most because of how much they’ve done for the kind of makers readers here care about — the sort craft-based, artisan quality companies. Few, if any, brick-and-mortars have brought so many new names and companies to the US in terms of far flung tailors and shoemakers.

2. Voxsartoria. Exceptional taste and tailoring. Everything fits so well, but nothing comes off as though Vox just read some online guides. If I can honest, some of the other famous IG figures look like they were dressed by the internet. Vox, on the other hand, looks natural in his clothes. His outfits are actually something to aspire to.

3. Tie for me between Drake’s and Stoffa, although given the readership here, I think Drake’s may be a better fit. The outfits aren’t always meant to be suggestions for how to dress in real life (lookbooks aren’t supposed to be taken literally), but they ride the fine line between being practical and inspirational, as well as communicating Drake’s vision. They’re fun to look at.


1. Ben Silver
2. Voxsartoria
3. Saman Amel Elementa


1. The Armoury NYC
2. @Gusvs9
3. Saman Amel

Eric Twardzik

3. I’m going to vouch for F.E. Castleberry. There’s a world-building quality to the lookbooks that I find particularly grabbing. Each “look” seems to belong to a character from some yet-unmade film, and it’s easy to start imagining backstories and plots.


That is because he rips of Wes Anderson’s hard earned work and frankly, it is damaging to Drake’s look. Since he has come on as a photographer for the New York Drake’s outpost they have swayed in to a dangerously “costumey” preppy look (ala Rugby Ralph Lauren circa 2011/12 pre closure) that has turned me off them a little bit. As much as I HATE to admit.


The styling for his own line is definitely extremely derivative of Wes Anderson, but I think his work for Drake’s is great. Unpretentious, fun, well-styled.


1. Sid Mashburn
2. Kyle Ridington
3. I actually love Stoffa’s “Field Notes 1-2” campaigns and believe that they are worthy of note. The colors, textures and lifestyle photography show the incredible breadth of Stoffa’s garments. Taking it out of the city and showing the garments in a new locale was a great next step for their lookbooks and they included that mindset into their lookbook “Salt Lake.”
4. F.E. Castleberry or Gerardo Cavaliere


1. Boyds in Philly.
2. Aaron.Benestead (outstanding)
3. Mercedes makes great cars, Drake’s create superb content through out every season, all in line with their look book which sets the tone. It is difficult to come up with a more “fun” option. Although I think Saman Amel often curates an aesthetically pleasing conception of style through their lens.
4. Dreaming of Monday


1. The Armoury, RRL in the West Village for 2nd place
2. David Beckham (not sure if he’s considered to be in the industry or not)
3. Any lookbook from Drakes, they kill it


Menswear store- Manolo Costa
Best-dressed non – professional- Kyle Ridington
Lookbook – Tagliatore
I know it, however….. Artisan- Camps de Lucas

Tony Johansson

1. –
2. Attolini
3. Gustavs9


1. Haven’t had the pleasure in person, but NMWA would be top of the list if I made it to NYC.
2. If ‘best dressed’ can mean coherent, thought-provoking, entertaining and with integrity – as opposed to simply ‘want to look like that’, then my vote goes to Dennis Walter @kleidsam
3. Unoriginal, but it has to be Drakes for me.
4. Goodness knows how you’re going to decide this from all the available options. I would love to own the craftsmanship of Camps de Luca, 100 Hands and G&G. FWIW, I love the artisan quality of Equus Leather. Humble accessories elevated through beautiful construction.


1. Paul Stuart
2. Gusvs9
4. Steed Tailors (Edwin and Matt Deboise)


1. Sid Mashburn DC location in Georgetown.


1. The armoury
2. Flannels_and_tweed
3. Drake’s
4. Yohei Fukuda


1. n/a
2. @_dkyu
3. Barbour A/W 18′


1. The Armoury. (Close competition from Sid Mashburn, but I haven’t physically been there yet)
2. @flannels_and_tweed
3. Drake’s


1. n/a
2. @danielmessana closely followed by @_dkyu
3. Barbour A/W 18′

Greg Lellouche

1. 45r (ex 45rpm)
2. gusvs9
3. RL x Palace
4. Mario Talarico


1) Haven’t been to the US in ages.
2) @thebigblond – pretty far from the kind of style favored here. Style acknowledged, nevertheless.
3) Sadly, I haven’t yet seen a look book I didn’t dislike…
4) This will be interesting!

Juan Huertas

1) The Armoury
2) @flannels_and_tweed
3) Drakes


1. The Armoury
2. ?
3. Ring Jacket
4. Musella Dembech


Hello Simon,

The best menswear store would have to be either Thom Sweeney or The Armoury. I believe the edge would go to Thom Sweeney given its comprehensive selection of bespoke, MTM, and RTW. Thom Sweeney also has a cutter in residence, so it’s possible to stop by any time to make an order instead of relying on trunk shows at The Armoury.


1. Sid Mashburn
2. @guswalbolt
3. Mr Porter editorials
4. N/A


1. Mark Cho (which covers Drake’s and The Armoury)
2. Luca Cordero di Montezemolo
3. Loro Piana
4. Sartoria Vestrucci


1. The Armoury
3. Quy & Co
4. Qemal Selimi


2. voxsartoria


Vox has most of his bespoke from Edwin


1. –
2. @gusvs9
3. Saman Amel
4. –

Paul F

1. None
2. Andreas Weinas
3. Saman Amel hands down
4. Andrea Luparelli / Sartoria Ripense for the consistency with which he delivers beautiful tailoring


1. The Armoury
2. Gusvs9
3. Drake’s
4. Eduardo De Simone


1. I haven’t been to the US in years so I don’t feel I can give a fair vote.
2. Peter of
3. P. Johnson 2018 lookbook.


1. Sid Mashburn….. All are top quality but the Atlanta location (original) is my favorite.

alex mincek

1. The Armoury
2. urbancomposition
3. Orazio Luciano
4. (For me: Steed Bespoke Tailors)


1. The Armoury
2. Flannels and tweed
3. —
4. Yohei Fukuda


1. Last time I’ve been in the US was in 2009. Won’t have any relevant suggestion
2. Podium of 5 (all on tie)
– Flannels & tweed: for his ability to make everything look so comfortable
– Paullux: for his ability to look very neat and excellent in formal wear, but also in very casualwear.
– ignoreatyourperil; I really love the way he’s mixing patterns, fabrics and colors.
– Laurentmueller: an amazing ability to dare stupendous patterns yet being very classical
– Luca Rubinacci: this guy should definitely consider working in the industry.

3. Drakes is always interesting but for this year I would vote for Cesare Attolini
4. Let’s say Mario Talarico, I bought one on Zampa di Gallina, and it’s pretty useful actually 😉


2) ignoreatyourperil and thenordicfit


1. –
2. Gusvs9
3. Saman Amel
4. –


2. Gusvs9
3. Drake’s
4. Kotaro Miyahira


Sid Mashburn for retail store: all locations. Broad selection of all you need, incredible service and reasonable prices.


1. The Armoury
2. Gusvs9
3. –

Jesse B

1) The Bloke, in Los Angeles. This is a personal vote of confidence. I don’t think Pasadena’s The Bloke can match what The Armoury or many of the other nominated stores do, but for bringing brands like Drake’s to LA, and creating a hub for events and menswear folks to gather in a city largely driven by luxury fashion, i think it is deserving of a shoutout.

2) Working in menswear, this is a hard one for me. All follows are in the menswear and watch industries… Does @paulluxsartoria count? I believe he is an occasional contributor for The Rake, but it is not his day job.

3) Stoffa Salt Lake (, with an honorable mention for Drake’s S/S18 shot in Charleston. I think Stoffa is simply the best at creating an aesthetic universe and communicating their design/brand ethos via imagery.

4) Can’t wait to see what you pick!


1. The Armoury
2. Gusvs9
3. Drake’s


1. Sid Mashburn
2. Andreas Weinas / @flannel_and_tweed – for his insoucianct and cavalier style


1. n/a
2. @danielmessana
3. Lookboks by Thomas Farthing deserve attention
4. n/a


1. Tourneau
2. @timvonm (amazing minimalist and monochromatic looks)
3. Ralph Lauren FW 18
4. Gennaro Annunziata


1. De paz (Bologna)

2. Fabrizio Servente.

3. Beige Spring/Summer 2018


1. Wingtip, in San Francisco. Aside from the beauty of their wares, their architecture is amazing. They’re in the lobby of an old bank, complete with huge vault, and they have a secret club upstairs with lamps made out of bowler hats.

2. If I may be permitted two nominations for best dressed non-professional: I met Joel Alvarez at your Symposium in NYC last year, and he’s doing very inspiring things. And Andy Poupart AKA Style After 50:

Oliver Dannefalk

1 –
2 – Gusvs9
3 – Saman Amel
4 – Satoki Kawai of Sartoria Cresent


4. Sartoria Vergallo


1 – N/A due to lack of personal experience
2- Easily “Gusvs9”. No contest.
3- F.E. Castleberry for a healthy mixture of drawing inspiration as well as presenting something unique in terms of both photography and styling.
4 – N/A due to lack of personal experience


2 @datinventory
3 Stoffa


Sid Mashburn


1. N/a
2. Hard to say. Thefattorialist.
3. I would say Drake’s for the fantasy and the style (even if I’m disturbed by the bright summer light on wintery clothes)… but I’ll vote for Beige Habilleur. They’re developing their style in relation with other young guys in Paris, watch them out.
4. Scavini in Paris. For the consistency and the experiments to make MTM and quality ready to wear affordable. Special mention to his tribute to Arnys forestière.


1. –
2. Gusvs9
3. Drake’s
4. Sartoria Corcos


1. The Armoury
2. @danielmessana
3. Drakes aw18
4. Lorenzo Cifonelli


1 Beckett Robb
2 @danielmessana
3 Fear of God was amazing this year, very unique
4 Mariano Rubinacci


Ethan M. Wong has my vote

Xiong Chiamiov

Looking through the comments here it really pounds home the fact that I’m very, very different than the rest of the PS readers; my vote for (1) would be J Crew, because despite all the shit they’ve been getting in the press recently they’re still a solid option for moving up from Target/Uniqlo/Walmart/Amazon and therefore essential in getting men dressed better, and I have no votes for the rest because I don’t use Instagram, don’t follow any individuals’ photos of themselves on any platform, don’t look at lookbooks, and don’t buy clothes from “artisan” makers (although I could give a vote on shaving soap). Meanwhile all the votes are going to the Armoury, which despite being in a 300k+ no-child household I find completely unaffordable! Such a weird world.


Wow, Xiong. 300,000 seems like a lot of people in a household, children or not.


1. The Armoury
2. Gusvs9
3. Drake’s
4. Noriyuki Misawa (Shoemaker)


1. Sean Crowley Vintage
2. Gatsby Osaka / Akihiko Nishi san, he looks immaculate. at 50 or may be even more, he’s effortlessly cool. He’s not in menswear industry either.
3 . Drake’s


2. Three nominations:


1. No idea, sorry
2. @blueloafers
3. Drake’s


1. The Armoury
2. Ignoreatyourperil (Nigel Cleaver)


1. The Armoury
2. Max Poux
3. Tod-B Tailoring A/W 18 (Thomas Op de Beeck /
4. Saman Amel

Le Cut

1. Suitsupply (probably going to get bashed by this lol)
2. @ultimodragon (Japanese wrestler fan of Neapolitan Tailors)
3. I don’t browse many look books but I guess I’ll do so more.


1. The Armoury
2. Gusvs9
3. Saman Amel
4 –


2. Gusvs9 – devoted in so many ways, sharp and with integrity.


2. Urbancomposition. With an extra nod to Peter’s broad spectrum from stylish “workwear” in the truest sense to superb “menswear”, if that distinction makes any sense. I’d say easily the most elegant electrician on planet earth.


1) The Armoury (even though I prefer their HK stores it is still outstanding in terms of stock and staff)
2) urbancomposition (Peter has a great range, excellent suits (my favorite is the summer tweed) but also strong workwear. Of course the moustache also helps)
3) Stoffa field notes (some from 2016 and 2017 are even better)

Mike H

Sid Washburn, DC or Atlanta

David Shackleton

I am unable to comment on the first two categories however for category 3 the Look Book, I nominate the Armoury website/tumblr. They consistently put together looks, based on the brands they carry, that are stylish, well coordinated, accessible without being over the top and elegant.
For category 4 I nominate Sartoria Vestrucci. Having had several pieces made by Vestrucci the attention to detail, quality, fit and character of each piece is wonderful. Also the service received from Tommaso is first class.


1. O’Connell’s, Buffalo, NY – too many great items to mention.
2. Prince Charles – continuous commitment to UK bespoke menswear over his 70 years.
3. Inis Meáin Knitting Co, Galway – authentic, contemporary and sophisticated look book.
4. Stephen Einhorn, London – Geo Collection (especially Thames Wood rings).


1. The Armoury
2. I can’t argue with many of the nominations but I’d like to throw in @gezzaseyes to broaden the selection for the panel. He might be too close to the casual end of the spectrum for some PS readers but his colour combinations are fantastic and elevate even the simplest of outfits.
3. Drake’s is usually the gold standard for me but I’m going for Beige Habilleur’s S/S lookbook. They presented some very familiar brands (Private White, John Smedley and the aforementioned Drake’s) in a very exciting and slightly offbeat way.

flamin' gallah

2. +1 from me for the aussie Gezza.


1. An odd structure that disallows half the readership (those outside the US) from making a meaningful contribution to this? 2. Winston Chesterfield on Instagram. 3. Brunello C. 4. Nicholas Templeman.


1. n/a
2. Voxsartoria
3. Cesare Attolini
4. WW Chan


1. The Armoury NY
2. Timvonm
3. Cesare Attolini

Jackson Hart

1. The Armoury
2. Gusvs9
3. The Armory Lightbox
4. (if I had a vote..for me…Sartoria Panico

Niklas A

@gusvs9 for category 2. Great style!


1. The Armoury wins for variety and quality, Drake’s wins for service, Thom Sweeney for offering bespoke on-location in addition to RTW
2. olof1982. Finance guy, always stylish
3. Hands down the Armoury. The uptown/downtown lookbooks are simple yet offer practical inspiration for a real person’s needs


2. I am blown away of the style of Gusvs9. Just the right style at each moment. Impressed!

Tim Fleming

1. Armoury
2. voxsartoria
3. Drakes
4. Sam Hober


2. @paulluxsatoria


1. Thom Sweeney
2. Urbancomposition
3. Stoffa
4. Foundwell


O’Connell’s in Buffalo, NY is the best men’s retail store in the USA. The quality of the products that the Huber family offers is top-notch, as is the quality of service that they provide to their customers. I consider myself lucky to live close enough to visit their store whenever I need to purchase quality clothing.


Best menswear is certainly LOUIE in Weymouth, Ma. Bill and Gina’s attention to detail and customer service is second to none! They have curated a wonderful selection of classic and timeless men’s clothing, accessories, and footwear. Whether you are 18 or 80 there is something to be had.


1) I’ve only been to the Armoury and Magasin, and while I like both for different reasons, I have to say that the guys at the Armoury are surprisingly congenial. Even though I only bought a tie, there was never a hint of pressure, just easy-going smiles.
2) There are so many, but probably the most relatable is Urban Composition. A bit of everything, which mirrors my tastes. With little exception, nothing ever looks forced; he seems natural in his clothes.
3) Has anyone mentioned the look book from NMWA? Pretty astounding. The way they can make avant-garde look accessible for the Everyman is no small feat.
4) Wish I could say I have experience in this – someday perhaps.


2 – Flannels and tweed

Ivy Lane

Louie, located in South Weymouth, MA hosts the finest collection of the most sought after brands as well as many “hidden gems” in Men’s Outerwear, Sportswear, Accessories and
Footwear. Simply stated: Classic clothing beautifully merchandised and attentive service
in a very relaxed setting . BEST Menswear Store
Everyone should experience a trip to Louie.


1. Maxwell and Co, Falmouth, MA – been to all of them and this one stands out by a wide margin
2. n/a
3. n/a
4. VK Nagrani, NYC


1. Sid Mashburn
2. Hooman Majd
3. Ring Jacket. Classic, elegant clothing shown in a modern, wearable context.
4. Liverano


Is it too late? I just now got to this.

Armoury in NYC has my vote. Great selection, great guys.

One guy is hard. I like different guys for different reasons. The gold standard for bespoke is Vox, but he likes to remain anonymous. Gusvs9 too. For casual, I really dig Marvaments.

For lookbooks, I really dig Corneliani for its innofensive wearability and Margaret Howell for making menswear less boring.


1. Suit Supply. Definitely not the finest out there, but an overall really good value. Just stay away from some of the slimmer cuts.
2. Peter Zottolo (Urban Composition)
3. ??
4. ??

John Fickes

Please forgive this belated entry.
1. Best U.S. Menswear Store. That would be Cuffs, located in the village of Chagrin Falls, just east of Cleveland, Ohio. It’s a jewel.
2. Best-Dressed Non-Professional. No opinion.
3. Best Look-Book. I was impressed by Shibumi Firenze.
4. Best Artisan. Massimo Bizocchi. Splendid ties and pocket squares.

Patrik L

1. Have not been to one in 5 years
2. Gusvs9
3. Saman Amel
4. Sartoria Corcos


1. N/A
2. Does Paulluxsartoria count? He’s not in the industry, right?
3. Atelier Samanamel
4. Koji Suzuki for sure


Late call I know and only on 2. but Franco Mazzetti on Instagram. A real essay on style and how to compose an ensemble, particularly with varying colours and textures. Each one is in-situ and worn with ease and panache.


3 Cesare Attolini without any doubt!


Hi Simon, I was musing today on Franco Mazzetti and I wondered whether some form of collaboration would ever be in the offing between PS and some of the Italian fashion consigliere. The mix of the two sensibilities combined with the dual, respective roles that each plays within the market of style might have some creative, rewarding and valuable outcomes?


2. another vote for Max Poux.

Jeremy Beebo

1) The Armoury
2) urbancomposition
3) Drake’s
4) Ikiré Jones


1) The Armoury NYC. Small, curated, friendly.
2) urbancomposition. Versatile, convincing across many styles.
3) Drake’s fall 2018 lookbook


2. Gvs9

Steffen Ingwersen

2. Peter Zottolo for being so far outside this industry yet not just pulling off classic menswear with so much finesse but also casual streetstyle. One of the most inspiring guys out there.

ben w

Frank Leder for lookbook: despite not really being the sort of clothing that’s usually covered here, as his lookbooks are always creative and engaging.

Jared Darnell

1. Sid Mashburn
2. Flannels and Tweed
3. Drakes

Tariq Musthafa

1. Cant comment on this as I have yet to visit any stores in the US

2. This one easily goes to Peter Zottolo. I’ve been a long time admirer of peters wardrobe. He applies his principles of fit and form to everything he wears. Always pushing boundaries without needing to disrupt.

3. I’m not sure if I can vote for a lookbook from 2017. If I can I’d definitely choose Eidos SS17. Stoffa would be my choice for this year.

4. Sasteria Serna have offered some eye catching offers this year. It is also great to see their garments cater to well to the female silhouette.

I would also like to make mention of the beautiful work of Sartoria Kim Min Soo (casadelsarto) and Dylan & Sons(Singapore)

Timothy Marvin

1. Tough one… but my trips to NYC have proven to me that their retail game is on different level from the other major cities (I am based in SF). Then there are the places that I enjoy going but rarely ever buy anything… so using some made up criteria of my own it comes down to The Armoury and Drakes NY. It must say something about Mr. Cho that he is involved in both of these. I’ve spent more at The Armoury and find the fellas there lovely and engaging. Last year they would have gotten my top vote. But this year I just found myself going into Drakes to learn more, for David Coggins book signing, and to hang out on a rainy day while on vacation with my wife. The fellas were extra charming and kind to her sooo in a close decision they win. Drakes.

2. I don’t think he works in fashion and he is a sort of a local to me but I find Andy Poupart (@styleafter50) absolutely charming. His style isn’t always in my taste but it is always on point. Moreover, he seems to be having a genuine good time with all of it.
3. I think the only I checked out was the Drakes with the David Coggins write up… so not a wide category for me.
4. Not on this level yet… which is why I enjoy reading PS posts so much. Looking forward to other people’s answers. I am going to France this spring and Italy next year… building a list now.

Thanks for asking for input. Real fun to think about.

Andrew Martin

This has been a delightful thread for expanding my Instagram horizons. Thank you everyone for your suggestions of whom to follow.

Gus Walbolt

My choice for Best non pro on Instagram would be UrbanComposition for the quality and diversity of his styles from bespoke tailored to real “go to work” workwear. The mix is what makes him my favorite. I find it most interesting. A runner up is Gusvs9 who is always in a most tasteful tailored suit with perfectly coordinated accessories. I’ve met both of these gentleman and each is a real delight.

For best Look Book, I vote for No Man Walks Alone


2 Wisnu Wardhana
4 Yuki Inoue