Pop-up number 4! Come to the opening party…

Tuesday, February 12th 2019
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The opening party for our pop-up shop on Savile Row is next Wednesday, February 20th. All are welcome.

Please do come along and support us and all the brands: in week 1 Optimo, Prologue and Joshua Ellis, and in week 2 Bryceland's, Adret and The Anthology.

The tills will be open in the afternoon and into the evening party, so you will be able to make any purchases if you want to.

I'll write more on everyone in the lead-up and during the pop-up, as per usual.

And for all those that have asked about Permanent Style products, everything in stock on the online shop will be there to see and try, including a full size range of bridge coats.

We have also created a permanent page, here, where all information on the pop-up will be contained, and kept updated. So that we don't have to rewrite old posts, and everyone has a place to direct people who are interested.

See you there everyone!



What to learn more about how Permanent Style is funded? Details here: 'Is this an ad?'

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What does Adret do?
Who is the “Permanent Style team”? If it has expanded much beyond you a who we are might be nice!