Video: Buying a pair of bespoke shoes

Wednesday, February 13th 2019
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While in Florence last month, we took the opportunity to film some of the practical videos we've produced in the last year, with artisans based in the city.

This is the first, with Stefano Bemer, talking about buying a first pair of bespoke shoes: what the process is like, what you should think about in advance, and (importantly for the obsessives out there) what you shouldn't worry about.

Tommaso is a great spokesperson for the craft, freely admitting what he doesn't know and talking openly about the different types of customer. It's worth a watch for both the general advice and for his specific tips.

As with all videos we've produced, this covers an area that particularly benefits from being shown on film. And it's lengthy, intended to cover every aspect of the process, with questions and clarifications from me throughout.

You can see a review of bespoke shoes made for me by Stefano Bemer here.

And other videos in this series include:

Thank you to Tommaso and everyone at Stefano Bemer for their time and help.

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