This year’s winter pop-up: A whole calendar of events

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Our 10th ‘Permanent Style presents’ pop-up this autumn will be a little different. Rather than having one event, there will be a rolling series of PS-friendly shops in the same space.

Starting in mid-November, there’ll be a pop-up every week, for four weeks. Then the schedule will start again in the new year. 

So from November 16-19, Permanent Style will have its regular pop-up, showing everything available on the PS Shop. And we’ll be joined by Mickael from La Bowtique, who will be bringing parts of his workshop to the west end, making bow ties by hand on site. He will also be presenting a new style of bow - the Laurent - and showing previews of his upcoming book.

The following week Colhay’s will have the shop, then The Merchant Fox, and then Marrkt (with both their stock and my personal pieces). It’ll be a rolling festival! Except, you know, smaller and understated and with quieter music. 

The shop will be on Savile Row - full details of location, opening times and opening parties to be announced. 

The full schedule is:

  • Permanent Style and La Bowtique: Wednesday November 16th to Saturday 19th
  • Colhay’s knitwear: Thursday November 24th to Sunday 27th
  • The Merchant Fox: Tuesday November 29th to Sunday December 4th
  • Marrkt and my pre-owned: Wednesday December 7th to Friday 9th

Mark your calendars now! There will be more brands next year, hopefully culminating in another PS pop-up in the spring. If anyone is interested in being involved next year, do let me know. 

Thank you everybody. I'm sure you'll make everyone very welcome. 

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Exciting – could you add the opening hours please?


A late start and finish on weekdays would work well for me in allowing me to come straight from work 🙂 Something like 11 till 7? Cheers, Simon; looking forward to this extended residency


I second this, maybe even a 7:30 or 8pm finish on a Monday to Thursday as after work is the only time I will be able to make it!


Hi, Great idea. Some great brands. Personally I always prefer to actually see items and try rather than buying online wherever possible. In fact online only has on occasion simply put me off purchasing.
Will PS and other brands be carrying actual stock to purchase. I bought some great Merchant Fox jackets a few years ago when they had a pop up ( the one that sold some of your old pieces in the basement).


Firstly, good luck with the pop-up shops .
Having previously visited I can certainly vouch for them as great stops for seeing products and great conversations with producers .

As this is a non-product specific blog may I trouble you for an answer to a conundrum I have.

Currently I have
2 navy suits (single breasted , notch lapel) in hopsack and worsted cloth .
1 grey suit (single breasted , notch lapel) in worsted.

Knowing just that what do I order next (money burning hole in pocket !)
another grey ?
Another grey but in peak lapel ?
A double breasted ?
A twill or herringbone or other weave?
A third colour ?

Would love to hear yours and others blunt answers / suggestions .


I have a pair of C&J boots that feel a little loose after breaking in, and I’d like to add a stitched-in tongue pad. I know some shoemakers offer this in house, but do you know any outside companies that offer this service?


If you’re in the US, Bedo’s in Virginia has an excellent reputation


Good luck…i know it will be a huge success……enjoy the weekend..CHEERS!!!!!!!!


Do you know what Fox will be offering? More precisely, will there be vintage cloth or unreleased cloth on sale?

Rupesh Bhindi

HI Simon,

Is Rubato joining the pop-up in November?




Hi Simon, this is indeed good news. Can you confirm if TMF will be bringing cloth swatches? It would be nice to see their rtw collections as well as their ranges of fabrics.


This is brilliant news Simon. Just to check, will PS items be available to try on alongside each shop, or only alongside La Bowtique?

Rupesh Bhindi

Hi Simon,
Will there be an opportunity to purchase PS fabric cut length or will the fabrics be just there to be seen.




Any chance that Rubato will be there?




Hi Simon,
Does everything available in the PS shop include the cut lengths? I’d like to see and perhaps pick up a length of the lighter everyday denim.


Not a problem – having the shirts is just as good!