Black suede shoes, and cream knitwear

Friday, May 20th 2016
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Yesterday's post raised a few questions about other aspects of the outfit - specifically the black suede shoes and cream-coloured cardigan. 

I think it's interested to discuss both together, for stylistically they have many things in common. 

Black suede shoes

I'm a fan of black suede shoes for their rarity. You see very few people wearing them, and the light-sucking texture of suede is rather unexpected. 

For that reason I think they work particularly well with smarter outfits than the one I was pictured in yesterday. For example a navy jacket, grey flannel trousers and open-necked white shirt is a great office combination, with black suede adding that touch of character. 

However, their applications are relatively limited beyond that. They are surprisingly striking (given their dark uniform colour), and I find I only wear them with such formal outfits or other, relatively monotone ones.

Grey jacket and cream cardigan

The cream cardigan is similar.

It is from Drake's - their sleeveless model - and I slimmed down the fit myself a little by sewing up the side seams. I love it. 

But again it is surprisingly striking, given it is not patterned or particularly bright. It stands out perhaps for being unusual, and pale, and I find I only wear it with quite simple outfits - usually involving grey jacket or trousers. 

By contrast, the navy and biscuit-coloured versions get worn all the time. To the extent that the navy is getting a little ragged. (But then I like that in knitwear...). 

Both are worth exploring, but in their way are as expressive as yellow socks or a bright-green handkerchief.

Photography: Jamie Ferguson @jkfman

grey lamlana cloth