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Tuesday, October 3rd 2017
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Tomorrow we launch the second of our new collaborations this Autumn/Winter: denim cloth and shirts. 

I'm sure they'll do well. A lot of thought and work has gone into them, and I think they suit the Permanent Style readership. 

But I wanted to take a moment quickly, beforehand, to assure readers this is not part of a general expansion into retail. 

I don't want to become a shop. I don't want to sell dozens of products, and lose the focus on writing, education and criticism that has always been at the heart of this site. 

Collaborations will be occasional projects, around the edges of tailoring and sartorial style.

When we do them, it will be because I think there is an opportunity to do something genuinely different, which the readership will love and which they can't get elsewhere. 

It's wonderful to have the ability to do that, just as it is to be able to publish our own books, and it will always be used with this aim. 

The 'Permanent Style presents' pop-up store is similar: an opportunity for us to bring in brands we love, with some of our pieces and publications around the edges. 

I can understand readers who would prefer it if we sold nothing. Who think that if we sell knitwear, we cannot objectively review anyone else's knitwear. 

I see that view. But it is really founded on a fear of how our output might change, rather than a criticism of it in reality.

I would suggest that readers judge us by our actions. Watch for the glowing reviews of other people's knitwear. And by the continued objective view of everything in the market. 

Those who have been on the Shop in the past week will also have seen we have moved to a new site, which looks a bit better and functions a lot better. 

You now have size and colour options on each product. No need to leave order details in the 'Notes' section. 

There are stock levels, which will automatically mark things as 'sold out' rather than readers having to find the manual text updates.

And there are automated emails with tracking details on each order.

If anyone has any issues or suggestions on how the new site could be improved, please let me know. Email is [email protected] And rest assured, the shiny new platform does not indicate a full-blown swing into e-commerce. 

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this, as thoughtful, discerning consumers.

I hope you enjoy the denim. 


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Whilst I can understand people being interested in your direction I’m surprised that people are concerned about what it means for impartiality – at least in the short-mid term anyway.

Your colaborations have all been interesting and whilst I’ve only bought a couple of them (unfortunately most are unsuitable for the more portly amoungst us) and I look forward to read what the USP on denim fabric is going to be tomorrow.


Hi Simon,

thanks for the clarification. Honestly, I wasn’t really afraid about PS would become another e-commerce shop. I really appreciate the small, curated range of products you offer here. For me it’s easy to make a decision then since I can rely on your high quality requirements due to your experiences. I thinks the PS shop is a nice addition to the blog and shows that you are not only talk about and criticize products as a journalist but you are also able to learn from those reviews and can optimize a few products. Maybe this could be an inspiration for some manufacturers. Please keep on going, Simon.



Dear Simon,
That you develop a limited number of products must add depth to your writing. You have gone through the challenges of creating yourself, and so must better understand the process.
It can only be positive.


Simon, will you be getting any more stock of the Friday polos in?


Hey Simon able to share what some of these tweaks will be?


Hi Simon,

I see that Luca Avitable is taking pre-orders for Friday polos currently in their online shop. Is the November release you mentioned a different design from these? Thanks very much as always.

Kind regards,


If i could make a suggestion for the shop page – the pictures at the top scroll too quickly to get a proper look; in my older age I need a few seconds longer to take it in!


Hi Simon

Great news, I’ve been waiting for this collab for quite a while, and bugging you every time it is mentioned! Will definitely be buying a length of cloth.

For me the more collaborations the better, you really do find gaps that (at least I think) need filling. Still hoping for a decent suit carrier….


To me, there’s no downside to your collaborations. As previously mentioned here in the comments, I feel the products you do release tend to fill a gap – or at the very least offer a very nice option to an already filled gap 🙂

The new store page looks great. One thing, when you’re in a specific product page, there is a “back to the blog” button. I feel this should really be a “back to the store” or “back to previous page” button as that’d be more useful, especially since the prior page would not be the blog to begin with.


Simon are you going to do another pop up shop? I was hoping to look at Luca faloni stuff last time you did it but was abroad so couldn’t make it sadly. Any chance of a redo of event?

Michael K

Looks wonderful, and I have no doubt about the continued impartiality. But bring back the La Portegna collaboration!


I love the collaborations! I’ll make sure to check the new site.
Please consider for a future project, or collaboration, a travel-case for hats. My Panama would surely appreciate it. There just isnt a single thing out there to make flying with a hat a terrible nuisance.


Relax Simon, I think few believe that PS products are harming your brand. If anything they underline a design rationale wherein you can ‘walk the walk’ as well as writing about products. The Friday Polo is a triumph and answers a need many men have (casual but jacket compatible shirt). As long as the products are occassional, unique collaborations and don’t clash with other similar products you are reviewing they will remain in a separate albeit connected sphere. One of the key factors in your product offering is that you have written or designed each item. If this were to move to hosting products without PS design input then the ‘red line’ of commercial interest may be crossed. The shop site is clear and easy to navigate though the ‘Products With Style’ bar is as annoying as the moving ad bars that some online news sites now feature. Aesthetically the product squares would be better if sized the same. More book images and better layout of images would be welcome (think Instagram flow)…


I was just thinking the same thing last week, and wondering when you would move to a proper website to take orders. I’ve followed you for awhile but for some reason just started to read your writing. It’s really neat seeing the transparency you provide to your readers. Looking forward to reading through the archives and purchasing an updated version of the Friday Polo tomorrow (hopefully the updates are something I dig).


Simon –

In my view, this “expansion” (for lack of a better word) into retail is overall accretive to the blog in the sense that it gives the readers an opportunity to buy products that reflect the attributes – quality, workmanship/craftsmanship, value (subjective and consequently a contentious point!) – that you emphasis in your writing. Furthermore, readers / prospective customers can benefit from your access to tailors / houses you collaborate with who share your passion for the attributes mentioned above (notwithstanding the commercial aspect) – as a customer I have the satisfaction of knowing that I am not paying a huge premium for marketing, branding & other overheads which any sizeable retail platform will have built-in. The only proviso being that the blog retains its impartiality – which I believe, based on what I have seen of your it since I started following your blog, it will and readers will continue to benefit from your writing. Good luck with tomorrow’s and future collaborations!


Re the pop up shop- will Baudoin Lange be there- I missed it last time but really want to see them in person……


Simon – I echo what seems to be the consensus of the comments section – these collaborations do not detract in the least from the rest of the blog / site. I am among the apparently many who feel that the collaborations are additive to PS. If anything, I’d love to see a few more collaborations – the items I’ve purchased to date have all exceeded expectations. Keep up the good work and don’t fret about compromising the integrity of the blog – you’re a long way from that line.


Morning Simon, far from seeing less or the same amount of PS goods I think I would like to see more! You do seem to have a knack for finding a niche in the market and producing a well designed product to fill it. I would love you to speak to some of your contacts and produce a PS Quilted Coat for instance – I am sure yours wouldn’t end on the waist thus negating the very reason you buy such a product. On a wider point, and probably not for this stream (apologies) why do designers want to make adults look like school children? What with short jackets, open necked shirts and trousers that hang half an inch above the ankle (if you are lucky) I see some of these people and think what a berk. As I am sure they do of me in my polished oxfords, Geives suits and Budd shirts, with of course a Drake tie!


A bit of a digressions, but may I suggest restocking the long Friday polos in brown? I have one in green and just purchased one more in Navy from Luca’s website directly. But I would love to have a brown one.


Hi Simon,

Do you have any provisional dates of your next pop up? So I can see if I’d be in London at that time?