Video chat: Going to a maker for the first time

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I’m not sure we really answered the question in this chat. 

The idea of each of these videos is to take a frequently asked reader question, and then tackle it from every angle. Here the question was: ‘I’m going to a tailor or shirtmaker for the first time, and have a list of things to bring up - what should be on the list?’ 

We didn’t really give a list of recommendations. Instead, we gave broader - but perhaps more important - advice on commissioning bespoke for the first time. Start safe. Accept you’ll make mistakes. Don’t try and make the tailor do something they don’t normally. 

All solid points, and I think brought into focus by the anecdotes that Alex (Cvetkovic, HandCut Radio) and I told about our first commissions. My Prince of Wales and royal-blue DB flannel; Alex’s Boardwalk-Empire three piece with the polka-dot lining. 

It was fun, and perhaps avoids the danger with such advice, which is that it can sound a little po-faced and not fun. 

I hope you enjoy it. The first in this series, on dressing up in an office, can be seen here. 



Our main points are captioned during the video. But for those reading this before diving into the film, they are:

'What should I think about before a bespoke appointment?'
  1. Let the craftsman do their thing
  2. Understand the house style
  3. Accept you will make some mistakes
  4. Listen to the craftsman's advice on cloth
  5. Bring a list of topics, not demands
  6. Play safe to start with
  7. You will come to love little idiosyncrasies
  8. Don't be too prescriptive with cloth
  9. Bespoke is built on trust

Other videos we’ve produced recently are (also all on the YouTube channel):

And the clothes worn in the video are:

  • Me: PS Everyday Denim shirt with large-knot grenadine tie from Drake's, under bespoke Anderson & Sheppard double-breasted corduroy suit. Plus Yard-O-Led silver pen
  • Aleks: Bryceland’s denim Sawtooth shirt, under bespoke Timothy Everest houndstooth sports coat in vintage cashmere jacketing