New Friday Polos – black and green (and menswear trends)

Monday, December 28th 2020
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Shipping and production have not been entirely straightforward in recent weeks, as anyone following the chaotic clash of Covid and Brexit in the UK will be aware. 

But I’m glad to say we've been able to restock the Friday Polos - still the most popular product on PS - along with two new colours in this current button-down style. 

The first colour is a green we've done in the past (but in the old spread-collar) and the second is entirely new (though perhaps not unexpected), in black. 

We’ve also restocked the perennials, navy and white, while there are a handful of light-blue left from the last batch. 

A commenter asked something about trends recently, which I think is illustrated quite well by this Friday Polo re-stock.

Their question was, basically, if everyone is suddenly wearing black, and even adopting my suggested cold-colour wardrobe, how is classic menswear different from any other fashion? Have these new trends just replaced all the consensus around navy jackets and oxford button-downs that everyone has been eulogising until now? 

The answer, thankfully, is no. These current trends (black, tonal, western, caps etc) haven’t replaced anything. 

Your wardrobe of soft tailoring, flannels and loafers is still just as relevant and useful. These other trends are merely passing suggestions, which you can work into your wardrobe or not, depending how much they appeal to your character, and circumstances. 

As I wrote in this piece on filtering fashions, it’s stimulating to be aware of and consider all such trends, but you should be worried if you adopt even half of them. 

And I think the new Friday Polo batch reflects that: classic navy, white and green, but also black for the minority that have really taken to this trend, and woven it into their existing style. 

There are bigger, more significant trends of course. Classic menswear is not immune from these, and they often involve proportions more than colour: the length of trousers, the width of lapels, the fit of knitwear and so on. 

The nice thing about menswear - and classic menswear in particular - is that these trends last anywhere from 10-20 years. It’s a long time since short, tight suits were at their zenith, yet they’re still hanging on. 

This past year the trend towards casualisation - which has arguably been with us for a century - was accelerated by extraordinary events. Covid might have compressed 10 years of trend into just one. But we won’t know until we come out the other side. 

So don’t worry about investing in good clothes, or about ignoring black if it’s not your thing. We stocked more navy and white than the others anyway. 

The green is the stronger, forest green offered a few times over the years - originally with Adam and Mikey (that feels like a very long time ago), then with the one-piece collar version, and most recently as a normal spread collar as shown on Lizzie from Levi’s (above). 

It’s a stronger colour than some greens, and is therefore nicest with more rural colours - warmer browns for example - as well as with navy. Although Lizzie shows it goes very well with indigo and black too. 

We’ve improved the placket design, by the way, so it's a little firmer. There’s now an extra layer of lining, similar to what’s in the collar, to make it lie and stand straighter. 

It should be no surprise how the black polo is worn by me here, with dark browns, cream and black. 

That’s not the only way to wear it of course, but it is my favourite. And as pointed out on that capsule piece, the colours can all be swapped round: brown, cream or grey trousers; brown, cream or grey knitwear. 

I should clarify though - again in response to a reader question - that these clothes do not have to be worn just within those narrow parameters. The point of that article was that I found this a versatile capsule, producing a set of looks that appealed to me. That doesn't mean there aren't many other capsule collections involving those clothes, that look just as good.

I’ve also shown the polo with my Vestrucci suit (below). The suit isn’t looking its best - it had probably been hanging in the wardrobe at an odd angle - but the combination of black shirt and charcoal tailoring is a pleasing one I think. 

The jacket below is my suede shirt-jacket from Anderson & Sheppard, when they make in a short, trucker style.

This is a lovely piece for transitional seasons, and particular over a shirt like the polo, which is so comfortable to wear but also a little heavier than a regular polo, and so provides a little more warmth. 

Still not a combination for this time of year, but it hopefully shows the kind of olive green the black shirt looks good with. 

The other clothes shown are the cream Indulgent Shawl Cardigan (only one left - navy XS) and my black-suede Belgravia loafers from Edward Green. 

Photography: Robert Spangle @thousandyardstyle 


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Your article on the cold capsule wardrobe has really made an impact on me. Living in a city, it makes more sense to adopt those colors. And yes, you can vary the colors a bit and it will still look good. A dark navy for example works almost as well as black. I’m quite drawn to wearing more black now. The eyesore caused by so many men adopting brown shoes (often badly, such as with light brown + navy) in recent years makes me want to go back to black, especially for boots. Maybe trends change because we want to be different. When everyone is doing it, it’s no longer interesting.

Emerging Genius

I agree with you Frederic. Too much brown going on right now. I’m presently overdosing on browns and tans right now as well. But there are dark leathers in that Sea of Brown and Tan which is a sigh of relief.

Nice observation.


Lovely. Just ordered a green and a navy one. Are you going to offer the lightweight Friday Polo in a botton down version in 2021? That would be great.


Hi Simon,

Will there also be another batch of regular Friday Polos soon?


Just to confirm, is the green in the same button-down collar style as the other colours? There aren’t any photos to show what that looks like.


Hi Simon,

Happy New Year! Would you recommend wearing a black polo with dark grey/charcoal flannel trousers? I know you have mentioned that there should enough contrast between the shades between top and bottom.




Hi Simon,

What about same colour two tone look, for instance medium grey(heather) polo shirt with charcoal flannel trousers?


Simon, would you wear the black polo with olive trousers or cream trousers? Looking for trouser pairing beyond grey/charcoal and dark brown. Thanks.


Simon when do you expect the next batch of polos to come (regular not lightweight)? Have you defined the colors yet? I’m pinning for a light to mid grey!


Hi Simon, I think the Large measurements generally look fine for me with the exception that the neck seems a bit too snug (but I doubt I’d ever button it fully up). However could you share how the sleeve fits? Given my workout regimen, normal short-sleeved polos can be fine but long-sleeved ones can sometimes be too tight around the upper arm and forearm.


Excellent – thank you Simon!


Hi Simon, two quick questions if you don’t mind:

1. What do you think of AS’s suede trucker jacket? Would you recommend it? What size did you go for?

2. On the outfit where you are wearing it, could you swap the black suede Belgravias for black calf ones?

Thanks in advance.


There’s one issue I don’t seem to be able to solve. How do you wear darker shirts, or polos, or whatevers, into the cold seasons? Of course, they work under casual jacket. A tailored one, sure. Polo under sportcoat under overcoat, still makes perfect sense. But that limits their casual use quite a bit – unless there is something casual you could layer between, say, black polo and an overcoat? Or better, said polo and casual jacket. I’ve tried cardigan, but I’m not sure. Some people, most notably Akamine, have tried crewnecks over dark shirts, which in my opinion didn’t work out at all – the dark collar and cuffs stick out like a sore thumb. Then there once was that trend with layering denim jackets under overcoats… Did I miss something crucial?


I’m trying the shawl currently but I’m still uncertain. True, dark “shirts” are hard, but for me the appeal of black, mustard or crimson is amazing. Something like this guy (, but he’s doing it with quirkier colors like orange and violet. Alas, it will probably end up with me having separate polos and crewneck sweaters for layering.


Thanks for offering a pique polo that doesn’t shrink 2 sizes when washed cold.

I would second the above request for a mid grey in the next offering.

I am enjoying the black.


Hi Simon, just wondering if you think the green Friday Polo would work with the PS brown urban tweed (the Joshua Ellis one), or with your Zizolfi forest tweed jacket? I have jackets in both fabrics, but wasn’t sure if it would be too much of a rural look to pair the green polo in this way?

I am considering a navy polo too, but though that your Friday Polos are great to introduce some colour into a wardrobe of blue shirts.

Just one other question: do your polos work under a Merz sweater? Noting your post on this topic, Merz’s sweaters are quite substantial (compared to a cashmere sweater) so am curious if you have tried this.

Thank you!


Hi Simon, is the green Friday Polo the same cloth as used here:

I am trying to determine the exact shade of green. I have jackets made up in your brown Escorial tweed and the same Harris Tweed as your Zizolfi jacket; would this green polo go with both, or would that be too many earthy colours?

Also, would it would work with indigo jeans and beige Real McCoys chino? This is probably how I would wear it most, without a jacket.

The motivation for these questions (and I realise there are quite a few!) is that I want a polo that I can wear with casual clothes (including on its own without a jacket) but am not keen on navy as I have some many blue shirts.

Many thanks for your help!


Hi Simon, do you know if there are plans in the near / mid future for another run of Friday polos? Forgot to ask at the pop up.


perfect timing, thanks!


Hi Simon, does this include the summerweight polo?


Hi Simon, would navy Friday polos fit well with a brown sports jacket? or would there be too much contrast like knitted polos?

Many thanks,


Okay, then would you say white would be a safer choice for me if I want to wear a lighter brown or even dark green jacket?


Thanks, Simon.


Hi simon, can I check when one is wearing a black top (rayon/polo shirt) and say khakis (like the army chinos by bryceland or the armoury army chinos), it would be okay to wear a dark brown belt and dark brown shoes (calf/suede)?


Dear Simon, may I ask which size are you wearing?


Hi Simon, was wondering if you have tried The Anthology’s polo shirts, and if you had any thoughts on them?

There are so many equivalents of your Friday Polo available, from many reputable shops. Would be interested to read a comparison article that considers which are best for certain uses (under a jacket, under knitwear, worn on its own etc.).

Many thanks.


What trousers would you wear the green polos with other than cream?