The third and potentially last fitting on my Chittleborough & Morgan suit. Both jackets and trousers were being finished off, and Joe wanted to check the sleeve length before putting the buttonholes in.

Those buttonholes, of course, will be some of the finest anywhere on Savile Row. Check out the Milanese buttonhole on the jacket, below.

Also nice is the fact Michael has started putting a Milanese buttonhole on all of the C&M waistcoat lapels. Together with the cloth back, it makes them into much more like a functioning jacket. And as long-time readers will recall, I’m a big fan of the waistcoat and trousers as modern office attire.

Other changes were small: a slight nip to the waist of the trousers and touch more suppression to the waist of the jacket.

We also began styling it, as I considered where and with what I would likely wear the suit. The aforementioned waistcoat-and-trousers would work well at the office, but the jacket is too much of a statement for that. Instead, I’m likely to add that at evening events, perhaps with a simple white shirt and white handkerchief.