john smedley perfect cardigan


Following Monday’s post on the cardigan we have developed with John Smedley – the Finagon – here is an update and answers to questions.

Almost three-quarters of orders so far have been for Racing Green, and as a result medium and large have already sold out. It’s great to have such a strong response, but I’m sorry for those that missed out.

The next delivery should be in five weeks. However, having spoken to Smedley, we have come up with a way to get you to the front of queue. Please email [email protected] and ask to reserve a colour and size. That way we can guarantee a piece from the next release, and there’s no chance of missing out again. 

In the meantime, having seen all the colours in person, I also recommend indigo (a subtle, alternative shade of blue that looks great under navy) and soot (a nice yarn mix of grey and brown). 

Second, here are the measurements for the Finagon, in sizes from small to XXL:

Chest width: 48, 51, 54.5, 58.5, 61

Body length: 60.5, 62, 63.5, 65, 66.5

Width across top of ribbing (hips): 37.5, 40.5, 44, 48, 50.5

Shoulder width: 31, 33, 35, 37, 39

Armhole (seam to seam): 21, 22, 23, 24, 25

Lastly, a reminder that unlike some collaborations that require guaranteed orders, the normal John Smedley returns policy applies to Finagon orders. So feel free to order, try on and return if necessary. Particularly given the free shipping available to readers by using the code FINFREEPOST

Note: pre-orders are on a first-come first-served basis while stocks last, and are only available on Racing Green

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Hi Simon,
May I know which colour were you wearing in the photo?
Thanks in advance.


Hi Simon. My Italian Plum in medium arrived to day so the service from John Smedley is excellent. Beautiful colour and light in weight but I have a slight reservation on the sizing/cut. I have two Dartmoor polos in medium which are an excellent fit. The Finagon appears to be slightly slimmer than the Dartmoor and the armholes are very high. As the cardigan would normally be worn over a long sleeved shirt this causes the shirt sleeves to pull where the cardigan armholes are smaller than the shirt sleeves. I am wearing a made to measure shirt which fits me reasonably closely. This would be worse if my shirt was less close fitting. The length on the other had is spot on.
I am not sure what to do at this stage as a large would be too big. I can always return the cardigan under the excellent John Smedley returns policy but I will probably keep it and see if the armholes give a little when worn a few times. It will still look great under a jacket (blue or grey) but I am uncertain about wearing it with just a shirt.
There is no criticism implied here. Obviously off the peg items cannot fit everyone or we wouldn’t need bespoke!

Andrew Poupart

I tried 3 times to purchase a Finagon from Smedley’s website. The first time my address did not contain my state, so that failed. The second time, I got to the checkout page to find out I could not purchase from that site and had to use the US site. Both times, I apparently created an account that I could not subsequently log in to. The third time I got as far as supposedly being redirected to some credit card processing site when there was a “technical error” and would I please try later.

Probably not. This is just a massive e-commerce fail. Very disappointed. The product looks rather nice in your blog, but the purchasing experience is execrable.

Andrew Poupart

Simon, that’s very kind. I am open to that.


Received mine today. Very pleased. I was concerned that length might be an issue as I’m quite tall but actually it’s fine and a much better fit than longer cardigans. I can’t afford for it to shrink though – do you know if this is likely?


Hi Simon,

These look great, and I know the color range has expanded from the Dartmoor project. Are there any plans for introducing the cardigans in buff/cream or light pink?



Hello Simon,

Sorry to be off topic, but was curious about your cashmere/corduroy suit from Anderson & Sheppard. Where does a corduroy suit – especially a dark color – land on the formality spectrum?


Hi Simon, what are the differences between this and the Gerrard please?


Got my Italian plum in Small after having it ordered immediately on Monday. After measuring my chest (90 cm) I went for small which was obviously a mistakes I always take Medium. Returns are great but my French post office refused the free post sticker and I thus paid the postage. Do you know if this is usual for out of UK orders?

Can confirm the post about very high armholes.

Great product nevertheless, thanks for working on this Simon!



Will there be a restock of some of the finagon colours anytime soon? I have espresso and charcoal….would love to have an indigo also

Craig Douglas

Simon just for reference how tall are you and what size are you wearing? I have a really hard time finding any knit wear that fits me in the shoulders yet is short enough.


I have big problems on decide what coulour i should go for! I’d like the green and navy and both are versitile but im not sure if i dare to go with the green. I have a pullover in navy but not quite certain on how to match the green. Most trousers i have are raw denim, blue chinos or grey flannel/wool. To this greens seems better but maybe harder with shirts that are white, blue and pink.

Jackets i have are navy and grey.

What do you think?


Purchase is done! went for the navy one in M after a bit messuring. Sorry to say the webpage wasn’t that quick and easy but with a bit help from their live chatt i got most things worked out.