Ahead of our next Symposium in Florence next week – focusing on accessories – here’s a reminder of the tailoring edition I organised last summer. The Rake organised this video of our discussion beforehand, at the Four Seasons hotel.

It was a privilege to be able to gather those six greats of bespoke tailoring together, and chair the discussion there and later in the Stefano Bemer atelier.

Looking forward to more next week.  

More on the Tailoring Symposium here:
The discussion and presentation
The outfits
The video shots

And our first installment, the Shoe Symposium, can be found here.

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David Craggs

I just love the cloth that Panico used for his suit – it’s just about the only pinstripe that could be worn in a really louche manner – with a denim shirt perhaps?
Beyond that I would love to see this exercise repeated but with them all working with the same cloth and the same brief (all SB or all DB) and maybe even with the same model?
This would be the ultimate way for people to compare house styles – it would be a very subtle exercise but isn’t real style subtle?


Very impressive production. It seems wide peak lapels are being heavily featured recently. They look great, I assume this will be the suit trend for 2016? Enjoy Florance! Richard

Bertie Wooster

I’m sorry but an unrelated questions. Do Drakes, EG and other boot makers like GG and GC have Xmas/Jan sales? Thanks


Interesting video, well done.
Love the suits and jackets, I’m big on double breasted suits, and as always Permanent Style is the greatest, I live in the USA and I have a profound appreciation for high quality garments, I majored in tailoring in high school, I regret not pursuing a career as a tailor. All the best to you Simon and your newsletter keep up the excellent work.