The New York Symposium: Speakers and audience

Thursday, October 25th 2018
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The first Symposium we've held in New York was a great success last week - thank you to all of the 200+ people that came.

The discussion was free-flowing and even funny in places, as we discussed dressing up and dressing down, for others and for ourselves.

It's always scary when you put together a panel who don't know each other, as you don't know how the conversation will go.

But it worked nicely, particularly given the different characters and backgrounds of the speakers.

Myself, Jay Fielden and Bruce Boyer
John Demsey, Averyl Oates and Scott Schuman
Scott Schuman and myself

We filmed the discussion, so I'll publish that video soon.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the event, the speakers and I have to say, some very well-dressed attendees.

You can see photos of the party the following night, at John Demsey's house, on yesterday's post here.

Christian Chensvold of Ivy Style
Elliot Hammer of Birch admires the hat of Graham Thompson, Optimo
Max Papier, The Armoury
Audie Charles, Poppy Charles and Anda Rowland with some of the outfits on display
Taking selfies

My suit is my old royal-blue flannel DB from Anderson & Sheppard.

Worn with a blue-poplin shirt from Budd, and Drake's navy-twill tie.

All photography: Fred Castleberry