The New York Symposium: Speakers and audience

Thursday, October 25th 2018
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The first Symposium we've held in New York was a great success last week - thank you to all of the 200+ people that came.

The discussion was free-flowing and even funny in places, as we discussed dressing up and dressing down, for others and for ourselves.

It's always scary when you put together a panel who don't know each other, as you don't know how the conversation will go.

But it worked nicely, particularly given the different characters and backgrounds of the speakers.

Myself, Jay Fielden and Bruce Boyer
John Demsey, Averyl Oates and Scott Schuman
Scott Schuman and myself

We filmed the discussion, so I'll publish that video soon.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the event, the speakers and I have to say, some very well-dressed attendees.

You can see photos of the party the following night, at John Demsey's house, on yesterday's post here.

Christian Chensvold of Ivy Style
Elliot Hammer of Birch admires the hat of Graham Thompson, Optimo
Max Papier, The Armoury
Audie Charles, Poppy Charles and Anda Rowland with some of the outfits on display
Taking selfies

My suit is my old royal-blue flannel DB from Anderson & Sheppard.

Worn with a blue-poplin shirt from Budd, and Drake's navy-twill tie.

All photography: Fred Castleberry 


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But none better dressed than your good self, if I may say Simon.
Mark you, the flaneur on your right looks like he’s getting a bit little over friendly with that arm grab !

Juan Manuel Ballesteros Allué

Really looking forward to read about what the speakers said!

Matt Spaiser

It was a wonderful event to attend. Thank you for hosting it!


A note to your noviciates.

Who you are is not defined by what you wear. What you wear is defined by who you are. You do not “become” something or someone based on what you are wearing unless it is a recognised uniform.

In this piece you, Simon, are wearing a bland set of ordinary clothes which in themselves have no style at all, and yet most of the others featured in your photos have style a plenty because what they are wearing reflects who they are.

You cannot, if I may, buy style.


By his comment, Oscar certainly showed who he is and wether he has style or not. Simon did the same by his answer. I for one now know who among the two I shall regard as a person with style and manners….


I think Oscar meant to say “novitiates”.
That withstanding, he has a point albeit I think he is a little unkind in describing Simon’s attire as bland.
The issue here is the very fact that we visit this site is proof that we are interested in ‘style’.
Beyond that we have our own interpretation of what that might mean.
For my part, I dislike a lot the sort of ‘look at me’ type of dressing that is featured in some of these photographs. Probably the very people that Oscar describes as having style a plenty when, in fact, they are normally the sort of narcacists who can’t walk past a shop window without looking at themselves.
Personally I prefer the understated and well worn look that reflects who I am. For me style is intrinsic.
That said, he is correct when he says “You cannot, if I may, buy style” and those flaneurs who shell out a fortune in the hope that they can have surely missed the point.




I didn’t mean “novitiates”, I meant noviciates (check the spelling).

The style a plenty brigade are those in the piece, and whilst they certainly aren’t “narcacists” (check the spelling), I suspect they aren’t narcissists either.


Hi Simon
I posted a reply to Jason on his comments but it hasn’t appeared.

Did it reach you?




Hi Simon (hope your you are enjoying being full time on PS).
Will you be summarising, highlights, interesting learning (etc.) from the symposium?
Great pictures by the way.


One last beg – morning dress? Will you ever think about it? Need to get one commissioned for the spring and I am so loathe to go bespoke on something new without the Guru’s wisdom!
I appreciate you don’t wear one but I don’t think that should stop you!! Even a brief article would be so appreicated


Fair enough… I might delay my commission until December / January in hope that something is published by then!!!


G Bruce Boyer: greatest living menswear writer!


Simon, at the top of this there is a shot of a range of jackets.
Have you details on the Olive Green DB ?


Moleskin – Mon Dieu – will that breath ?


An elegantly dressed crowd


I loved attending this, and looking at the range of outfits chosen by the attendees, from ensembles built around track suits to Saville Row tailoring, was so much fun. Any chance more pictures from the event will be posted, maybe to a Flickr site or something?



Have you featured your royal-blue flannel DB from Anderson & Sheppard in a separate post? If so, can you provide the link?