Video chat: How to build a wardrobe from scratch

Friday, June 26th 2020
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This is the third in our series of reader-question videos, with the subject this time being wardrobe building. 

Specifically: “I am building up a wardrobe from scratch. What do I buy first, and how much should I spend?”

It’s a popular question of course, and one that the entire section of PS - Wardrobe Building, here - is designed to break down.

Being so big, it’s not something that can be dealt with comprehensively in a 15-minute video. Let alone for every type of office, lifestyle and personality. 

But, there are some good principles. And that’s what Aleks and I try to explain here. 

The need to plan, so you know what level you should be spending at. The sense of buying classic, foundational pieces like a navy blazer (it’s really not too corporate). The way that accessories can stave off your impatience, keeping things fresh for a while. 

I know from the number of consultancy clients who ask about these things, that this will be a popular video. But I also think there’s something there for everyone - no matter how far along they are in that wardrobe-building process.



Our main points are captioned during the video. But for those reading this before diving into the film, they are:

'How do I build up a wardrobe from scratch?'
  1. Plan over three or four years
  2. Planning sets your item budget
  3. Don't worry if you can't afford the top end
  4. Buy a good navy jacket
  5. Classic pieces are a blank canvas
  6. Shoes are particularly satisfying
  7. Narrow down your categories
  8. Accessories can freshen up a wardrobe
  9. Buy things that go from smart to casual
  10. Capsule wardrobes are travel wardrobes
  11. Look at an interesting brown

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And the clothes worn in the video are:

  • Me: PS Striped Oxford shirt, with knitted silk tie from Tie Your Tie, under Ciro Zizolfi jacket in Holland & Sherry tweed. Plus Yard-O-Led silver pen
  • Aleks: Stevenson Overalls moleskin western jac-shirt (via Clutch Cafe), over John Smedley merino mockneck