New colours in the Arran scarf and PS watch caps

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The popular PS Watch Caps and exclusive Arran scarves from Begg & Co - introduced last year - have just been restocked on the PS Shop, with two additional colours.

It was a real struggle last year to get things in on time, with delays not just with the mills but the spinners and raw materials. Everything stacked up, amounting to weeks of delay. 

So this year we’ve tried to get ahead of ourselves, and some of these Autumn/Winter PS staples are arriving now, rather than say November. We’ve also ordered more, so hopefully they’ll be available through into the new year. 

First to arrive was the Bridge Coats a couple of weeks ago, now the scarves and hats, and the Wax Walkers will be arriving soon too. 

I’m really proud of how popular the watch caps have become, and now see them regularly around in London.

The simple pitch of a smaller size that sits neatly on the head, and therefore looks more put together, seems to appeal to guys that need to wear something, but aren’t going to wear a fedora or a baseball cap. It’s nice that it rolls up in a pocket easily too. 

This year we’ve added black to the mix, which probably won’t surprise readers given how much of that (non-)colour I’ve been showing recently. 

I see the black as a direct swap for navy - one which will be smart and dark, but actually suit some colours more, such as the colder and more muted ones we’ve spoken about in the past (dark olives, cold browns, greys, taupes). 

You can see that particularly in the images above and below, where the black watch cap is worn with the very dark-brown Wax Walker. It’s better there than navy would be, and that’d be the same with the brown Donegal Coat too. 

The scarves were an interesting one. I wasn’t sure how well they’d do, given they were just colours in the classic Begg & Co ‘Arran’ quality that the company didn’t offer, or had discontinued. 

But we ended up scrambling a second order in January as the first batch all sold out in a couple of weeks. 

I assume that was partly because I’ve talked about and worn the Arran so much over the years, and readers identified with the lack of a darker navy or olive green in the rest of the Begg collection - which, to be fair, has to straddle a range of customers from everyday to high fashion, male and female. 

Inspired by that success, this year I spent a while going through all the other yarns that weren’t being offered in Begg’s collection. 

There were a few I liked, and perhaps some of them will make an appearance in the future. But my favourite was the ‘clay’ grey you see above. 

One issue I have with wearing dark, muted colours, is that everything can become a little washed out - too black-and-white. It’s one reason a cream shirt might look better with black tailoring, for example - as here with black cords

In shoes, Alden’s Color 8 cordovan does the same job. It can be worn in pretty much every situation where you’d otherwise wear black shoes. But dark as Color 8 is, it’s not black. There is some pigmentation in there, some richness. 

This clay colour does the same with grey. It still works in any situation where you’d normally wear a grey scarf, but it also adds warmth to those very tonal combinations. You can see this particularly with white shirts (as pictured).

One more way to put it - it’s like the grey high-twist suitings I like from Drapers. There’s some brown in that grey. 

The scarves are available on the PS Shop now in clay, dark navy and olive (last two pictured above). 

The watch caps - also made in Scotland, by Johnston’s of Elgin - are now available in five colours. Historical shots of those also below.

We have had to put up prices very slightly this year, to reflect our increasing costs. But as always, this is the only reason we put them up and we are always up front about it. 

Any questions on that or the merits of a particular colour, just drop me a line in the comments below. For the rest of what’s coming up, when, see last week’s Autumn/Winter summary.

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Hi Simon, would you wear a clay grey scarf with the grey jackets or coats too? Such as the Anthology’s herringbone jacket

Many thanks,


Hi Simon,

Would you please share the cloth used for the suit shown alongside the clay scarf?

I’d love a dark brown suit for winter and initially wanted to go with a covert from W.Bill. However, after seeing the cloth in person I was afraid it could have too much sheen. Your suit looks nicely dark and matt.


Initials CG

Simon, I was going ask the same question … but since I’m looking to make a dark brown jacket in tweed or something to wear (with exactly that clay grey scarf! – yes so on point about how it compliments muted and tonal browns) this winter. I remember a dark brown tweed you had made in the W.Bill Shetland bunch and how you noted it’s a dark urban brown not too heavy but warm. Would you say it is as dark brown or close enough to the image above? Or any other bunches you’ve come across you would recommend? You’re killing me with this beautiful photography!

Still can’t wait to wear that scarf with the brown donegal overcoat too!


I hope to read something on the Queen & King Charles’ dress


I see your point, but honestly I think you should have marked her passing. That said, that’s a key quality about this county – you don’t have too.


“Much has been written…”

True , but PS would write it much better (I mean that ) .

I’d love to understand what it is about King Charles dress sense that is so exacting.
Given he is long in age and his physique is far from its peak the man just looks elegance personified .


Perhaps comparing the king and his two sons, Simon. Comparing how they dress casually- seeing as the younger royals really wear a tie.

Barry McGill

Just ordered my watch cap Simon, and very pleased to see you’ve added black to the range of colours. Very much looking forward to the return of the Wax Walker too!

Barry McGill

Thanks Simon – yes, I certainly should be on it – for size 4 (assuming the garment measurements/cut haven’t changed?). I’m also interested to see what changes you’ve made to the reversible suede Valstarino in due course.

Keep up the great work . Alongside PW V.C. you are really setting and maintaining the highest standards.


Good luck on all products from the PS shop for fall/winter….peace and cheers…..


1926-2022…rest in peace queen Elizabeth…


Nicely put Kenneth. Queen Elizabeth II, was the epitome of style that n every sense of the word.


Placed my grey watch cap order right away, great to see you guys are nicely stocked up ready for the seasons ahead Simon. I was tempted to pull the trigger on the black at the same time, however I’ll hang tight and maybe come back for that later in the season. That’s the navy and grey in my arsenal, very happy.

The Arran is beautiful, I purchased this same smaller size in the charcoal grey about 2 years ago. I’m torn between the 3 colours you’re offering. I am however leaning slightly towards that lovely olive… looks beautiful with navy, works well with grey and would make a nice pop against a black leather jacket wouldn’t it?


Cheers Simon. One more thing… that suit you’re wearing above, that is brown right? I had to look multiple times because I swore it was charcoal it’s that dark and muted. Beautiful.


Where is the suede over shirt pictured with the green scarf from.?


Simon, I like the looks of this but I think it may be long for me.
Could the body and sleeves be shortened ?


As I wear a black beret or a (very faded) blue turban hat most of the time in cold weather I think the green scarf would suit me better than the blue one I had originally in mind.
Would it go well with a grey and black melanged coat? Of course it would be nice with blue and brown. Just not sure about grey/black.


Simon, you look great in the last photo, just a sea-wolf) What do you have in your hands, a flask? Does it have coffee or whiskey to keep warm?)

Felix Sylvester Eggert

These news are trielt good news Simon, I think I’ll order a Watch Cap this time. Which color would you describe as being the most versatile especially for wearing with muted brown / olive / beige clothes?
And a slightly off topic question: I would like to re-wax my PS Wax Walker. Already contacted PWVC and asked for a tin of the wax to reapply, as sending my coat in doesn’t really feel right “just” for a reapply of wax. Unfortunately the wax always seems to get rejected by the customs.

Any tip on which wax I could use that is not only available through PWVC?


Simon, I own the watch cap in grey and navy. I notice that the grey sits flatter and shorter than the navy one, which I prefer. This difference also seems evident in your photos here. Do you notice this? If so, where does the black fall? Closer to grey or navy in fit?


Hey Simon,

We’re reaching that time of year where personally, my PS watch caps are rarely leaving my head. I have navy and purchased grey this year (wearing as I type this). I’m considering adding black in the next month or so as well.

Can I ask, what colour can we expect next? Being such a PS staple at this point, surely you’ve considered a few options? Not that you asked, but I’ll go ahead anyways, both a charcoal and a dark olive would fill all the gaps. Those two added to the current lineup and it’s game over.

My best as always


You’ve picked perfect solid colors! I’d be curious about your thoughts on tartan scarves. Specifically the more classic, and dark green leaning tartans – black watch, dress gordan, etc. While perhaps it as useful as a solid, are these too singularly evocative of Christmas time to be worn fall through winter.


Hi Simon, I have tried to read through all previous colour-matching articles but just to be safe want to ask here – I am looking for a quite universal scarf that would match a charcoal jacket best but could also be matched with the Bridge coat and the Herringbone raglan. If you would have to pick one – which would you suggest out of these three? Would appreciate your help!


Hi Simon,
What is your opinion on a brown and brown Donegal (like the one Drake’s carry) watch cap?
Do you think they can work with brown shoes, or is it too matchy-matchy?


Hello, Simon. I have been picking up each color variation of the PS Arran scarves as released. The recent prevalence of the camel colored Begg in posts has been welcome. I enthusiastically enter my vote for a camel version of the PS Arran next season. Just a thought…….


Will you be restocking the scarf in olive green? Thanks!