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At the beginning of each season recently (spring/summer, autumn/winter) we've been sending out summaries of upcoming products to PS Shop customers. These go to anyone on a waiting list for a product, and anyone that has signed up to marketing emails when buying something.

They have proved very popular, with people asking in advance when the summary is coming, so they can plan their purchases.

The problem is, Lucas on the support team then receives scores of (very polite) questions asking for follow-up information. I am also aware of a few readers that weren’t aware that this email existed, and were interested. 

So. From now on this summary will also be here on PS. It means everyone can see it, and it means any questions can be asked and answered in the comments. 

Please keep in mind that the release dates are a little vague, and can change. Particularly given how backed-up every factory is at the moment, following the demand wave after Covid. 

Also, if I or Lucas are a little vague with details on any product, it’s not because we’re trying to create our own little hype-machine. 

It’s just that some things are decided late, or we’re not quite sure how they’re going to turn out until we see a final product. And we don’t want to say anything that’s inaccurate, or leave anyone disappointed. 

Finally, perennial products like the PS Oxfords and Friday Polos are not included because they are being restocked regularly. They will certainly be available again sometime in this period. 

Please do leave any questions at all in the comments below. 


Bridge Coat - This has just been recently restocked on the shop (above)

Linen Harrington - Just recently restocked too

PS Harris Tweed  - Restocked last week

New PS Shetland Tweed - Launched last week (top image)

  • This is the oatmeal-coloured shetland tweed I made a jacket with previously with B&Tailor, but Holland & Sherry discontinued. I have brought it back as it was one of my favourites - so versatile


Wax Walker - Restock

PS Trench Coat - Coming in olive green (above) once again. And restock in navy

Donegal Coat

  • New navy colour
  • Pre-ordered coats to be delivered
  • Restock of some brown and grey herringbone coats (using cloth left over from pre-orders)

Watch Caps - Restock, with new black 

PS Scarves - Restock, with a new warm grey 


Reversible suede jacket - New version launching

  • I've worked with Private White to produce a new, improved version of the reversible suede jacket, taking some elements from the popular linen Harrington

Cashmere Rugby - Restock, and new navy colour (above)

Tapered T-Shirt - Restock of existing colours, and possible new colour, to be confirmed

Dartmoor - Restock and new colour to be confirmed 


Indulgent Shawl Cardigan - (Above) restock and new black

PS Oxfords - New stripes 

Shearling jacket - New version with Cromford Leather

  • A cool new development, building on the existing shearling jacket, but a slightly more casual and affordable design. RTW and MTM through Cromford as before

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Hi Simon! Regarding the new reversible suede jacket : is the leather going to be water and oil repellent like for example the one used by Frank Clegg for the nubuck tote? Thanks in advance! Marc / Switzerland


Hi Simon. Would you recommend it to someone who owns an older version of your Valstarino or will it be too similar? Thank you.


I guess you would not wear a brown suede jacket with brown shoes, would you? What shoes are a good pairing?


Dat also tru 4 (brown) suede shoes? Thx


Amazing, thank you. Great relief!

Nigel C

Hi Simon,
Curious about the new Oxford stripes – Would these be just shirts or a new cloth available to buy as well? Always planning ahead here!
Best wishes N


What colour?

Elio Gianni

Really looking forward to ad more of your oxford cloth in different stripes to my wardrobe!


Hi Simon. Thanks for this update. Could you provide more information regarding the navy Donegal coat? (weight, darker or lighter shade, pattern…)


Sad to hear (only now) there will be a navy version as well…


Hi Simon,
A very exciting update! I was curious about how you decide which new products to work on? Is it based on products you wish existed or products you’ve already seen but you thought you could do better? How do you decide which companies and people to work with to bring the products to market? How much typically changes from your initial vision of the product to the final version?


Hello Simon,

I would love a fuller piece regarding all of that.


Hi Simon,
Thanks for your response! I’m always interested to hear more about the design and creation process because I don’t usually get to see much of that side as a consumer.
I’m sure there would be a lot of potential ground you could cover in a full article – perhaps you could summarise the steps from concept to final execution of one of the products you offer? This would give a good narrative structure so we could see how the product (and your understanding) developed through the design process. Perhaps you initially envisioned a garment made of material x, but after discussing with the product designers, you realised it wouldn’t work for your purposes and so you decided on material y instead.
Since you are more familiar than me with the topic (and with writing articles!), I’ll leave it to your fine judgement to decide this would work as a standalone piece. I look forward to any upcoming articles either way!

Dr Sam

Re the Harris Tweed: How ‘yellow’ is this oatmeal? I can wear grey, beige, greige, oatmeal as long as they are not too yellow (while, e.g., the yellow Oxford does not work at all). Thank you.


Simon,would you ever consider releasing a pop over shirt with your cloth/collar combination?


Oh, definitely blue/cream. A touch wider across the shoulders, perhaps?


Brilliant. Next up….The PS cagoule.

Peter Hall

I have a 50s , military, ventile smock which people keep offering me ridiculous amounts of money for. I’m so worried about it being stolen,I never wear it.


Hey Simon, this is just great, lots of beautiful, timeless pieces coming up over the coming months (as expected).

I’m going to push my luck and ask is there anything further you can disclose about the shearling with Cromford? I’ve had my eyes on the original shearling you did with Cromford since you first designed/developed it. I struggled to justify the price, beautiful as it is and also in the back of my mind hoped for something ever so slightly more casual, if I had just one good shearling to rely on. It sounds like that’s exactly what’s coming.

Can you share anything further at all around possible style, colour? Will it be a suede outer again?


Cheers Simon, going to try and keep some powder dry for this one.


I have the original olive shearling and I’m looking forward to see how the new version looks like. I’m glad you will do it in brown as it will be different to the olive!
I know you can’t give more information but can you at least share if it will be a DB like before or a SB?
is it much of a different design to justify getting another jacket?
and lastly, you mention more affordable design so can I assume it will be cheaper than the original? Which would be great for the wallet…


Will you be releasing the Oxford in an XXL? I find the XL ever so slightly too small so would need to size up if I were to buy one.


Maybe a sight tangent, but seeing the Donegal coat pre-orders will deliver next month, is that the timeline for delivery of the cloth-only orders as well?


Are you selling the donegal coat fabric separately, or am I misunderstanding?


Hi, could you please let me know when the donegal cloth will be shipped?


Any update on the donegal cloth shipments? My tailor is trying to plan workload. Thanks.


Excited to see the navy donegal.
My brown donegal is a beloved item of clothing. Couldn’t quite see a place for the grey herringbone for me, but the navy… I think I’m going to have to do it.


I’m also really interested in seeing how the navy makes up. How does it compare to the donegal fabric from the anthology coat you designed?


Predicting (and hoping) the next Dartmoor color is a charcoal or black. Either would be nice. So far my favorite has been the dark olive because it looks great on its own or under a jacket. The navy is a little tough to layer over (unless it’s navy on navy), and the cream is a little tough on its own, but the dark olive is perfect. I think charcoal or black would be similar.

Oliver Price

Hi Simon, are you able to tell us roughly when the PS Oxfords will be restocked?

Oliver Price

Thanks Simon


Does this include the Lighter Denim Everyday Shirt (size medium)? Itching for a restock on that one.


I have to say the cashmere rugby, which I never paid much thought to, looks damn good in navy.


I have to say Simon, it is possibly the most special knit in my (small) collection. Equally at home under a nice leather jacket as it is under a cosy raglan overcoat. I might have to skip the navy this year as I have my eye on that shearling but I’m confident the rugby will make a return again next year.


I’m (still) really glad you do this; it definitely helps plan the spending, and gives a nice bit of anticipation – so thank you!

Most looking forward to seeing/buying the navy donegal; Dartmoor; reversible suede jacket.

And hats off to Lucas for keeping up with all the waiting list emails 😉


Simon, I’d like to pounce as soon as the cashmere rugby becomes available, but I’m unsure about what size I’d need. You describe it as “moderately slim” and are wearing a large. I am slim and usually wear a medium in knitwear. For comparison with you, I also have a Colhay’s cardigan shirt and it is a 42, which I think is their large. I’m not sure what size you have in that, but I hope that is a useful comparison.


Hi Simon, can you tell some more things about the black shawl cardigan ? How would you combine it with other clothes ? My wardrobe is mostly from cold colors, would that fit well or should i go to the grey one ? And about the size, i read you wear medium, im 1,76cm and 74kg fit should i take a m or an s ? I mostly wear medium on tops


Hi Simon,

I dithered for too long and missed out on the Cashmere Rugby last Autumn. The consolation is that I think I marginally prefer the new Navy colour ! I will put myself on the waiting list, but first a quick sizing question – I have the Dartmoor in Large, and although it is a little loose, in an elegant way, I think it was the right choice size-wise (I have a roughly 41″ chest and roughly 31″ waist). Would you suggest Large for the Rugby , too ?

Thanks !


the cashmere rugby is brilliant and look forward to wearing it plenty when it gets a bit colder. Two thumbs up for anyone considering


I am so glad there are some new stripes coming to the oxford shirts. The blue stripe is my favourite of the current ones and always wanted more.
At some point I’d love to see you take the next step and build out a full collection. Maybe something like Stoffa – limited range and a tilt to MtM. A big part of the value proposition of the PS shop for me is the curation you do – usually I can rely on you to source pretty much the best thing in a given category. That’s great for a buyer like me with the budget to buy the best but not the interest or time to evaluate the different options.


I have the V1 PS Trench in Olive and wear it to death. It is the most versatile of pieces and the ventile really gives the best water protection. I’d definitely be up for another but would really like it in PWVC’s ‘Stone’ colour.
Given that PWVC hold that cloth for their Ventile mac, would it be possible to have one made as a special order ?


Very excited about the navy donegal coat! I would have pre-ordered if I had known that I could. Fingers crossed for plenty of stock though.

I wore the light grey version a ton last year. It’s such an excellent, versatile piece.


Hi Simon,

Quick question about the sizing of your Tapered T-shirts. You had previously posted here about the Warehouse t-shirts and so my question is this: if XL in Warehouse fits me best, should I go with X or XL in the Tapered T-shirt? In your article on the Warehouse t-shirts you mentioned that you size up. Thank you for any additional advice.

Johannes P

This sounds amazing. But still, is there any chance for a new Selvedge Chambray colour (in the future)? Like biege or sand or similar? Think that could be awesome (and I really love the feel and “airyness” of the selvedge chambray).

Johannes P

Even though an off-white could be nice for summer (since the cloth already is very airy and cool) I was thinking more of a darker tone of biege or sand. (I’ve attached a photo, don’t know how it turns out in the final comment/post)

Johannes P

The example images I’ve attached comes from 100 Hands (if I remember correctly, I saved them some time ago). Maybe that helps you when asking around.

Johannes P

And a second photo (seems I can only attach one image per comment?)


Will you ever sell a non button down Friday Polo again or a short sleeve? Really would like to see a short sleeve version as it is quite hot where I live during the summer.

Cleve Lightfoot

Hi Simon. I am soooooo pleased the PS trench coat is coming out in olive green. I have been holding out.
Thank You
Cleve from Chile
PS: used your Linen Harrington in Switzerland this last week and it was perfect for the weather


Hello Simon, is there a waiting list for the PS Trench Coat?


Simon, have you considered designing a proper winer hat/cap that also covers your ears and can be worn with a formal overcoat? I had a look at your article about hats and coats and not a single hat was something I’d wear as a pedestrian in a proper northern winter.
Classic wide brim hats, as lovely as those are, are not something a lot of modern men dare to consider and those also lack insulation to protect ears. Fur hats or ushanka were a popular choice around these parts for ageing gentlemen but now those share same image problem as wide brim hats.
Modern choices would be something like a wool beanie, which rarely has an attractive design to compliment a tailored overcoat or a flat cap with ear flaps. Both of which I make use of but I feel there is room for something more…


I’m not sure if this appeals, but I have one and have found it to be quite good, though not something that I would intuitively gravitated towards.


Perhaps people were tougher back then, men were men as they say, braving the freezing wind for that stylish look. Or maybe they just had a shot of the hard stuff before heading out like my father used to do.
In any case I’ll try to take more advantage of my scarf as you suggest. I’ll also keep an eye out how women use scarves, as they seem to be quite proficient in making it look elegant.
Thanks for suggestion RT. That actually seems like a good option to pair with more casual jackets in foul weather but to my tastes a flat cap works better with a proper formal overcoat.


Hi Simon! I am very interested in the new Navy Donegal Overcoat. Could you please tell me when, approximately, it will arrive in your lovely shop? Thanks in advance! Christer /Sweden


Just to say that my length of the Shetland tweed has arrived this morning – on my birthday! It’s a lovely birthday gift, the cloth is beautiful. Will be making an appointment with the tailor ASAP!


Echo these comments Simon! Mine arrived yesterday – absolutely gorgeous cloth, thank you. Can’t wait to see what fabric you’re going to come up with next!
Best wishes


Hi Simon,
Any update on expected shipping date for the pre-order RTW donegal coats, or is that also set for sometime in October like the Navy? Also, love the PS shop and hope you keep doing this for many years to come! For now I only have the finest polo in navy, but have been saving up for some other items. Excited about the pop-up coming to NY, hopefully will be able to make it!


Fantastic, thank you!


Hi Simon
Thanks for this page, it’s extremely useful.
Are there any plans to restock the square scarf?


Hi Simon,
I’ve seen that A&S have also restocked a 12-ply cashmere cardigan. I remember that yours was born as the resurrection of a model you found there, albeit slightly changed, that was discontinued. Do you know if this is the one you found in the shop that prompted you to go ahead with the PS one? In any case, I assume the models will vary slightly as you redesigned it a bit. Which brings me to my second question, do you anticipate to restock on the cream version in coming years? Based on the listing in the shop it seems it has not made it this time round.


Hi Simon, could I ask if you know when around in October the reversible suede jacket will release?
Many thanks,


Do you plan to restock the oatmeal Shetland tweed? I know I’m late, and I’m not in a hurry. Next year would be fine too. I’d like to buy 3 meters.

Ash Qureshi

Simon. And what about the square scarves. Am desolate


Dear Simon, any update about the new PS Oxford shirt?


What new Oxford shirts are coming, if I may ask?


Thanks! Think I missed that.


Sir, what color please?


Simon, I want to order some of the Oxford cloth to have my shirtmaker make me some shirts. I see that quite a few of them are out of stock, plus there are new stripes coming out. Would you be able to advise on the status of the re-stocks and the new stripes (cloth, not made-up shirts)? If possible I’d like to make a single order, but if the re-stock and new stripes are delayed, I might order what’s available now. Thanks in advance.

Dan K

Hi Simon. Any word on when you’ll release the new reversible suede jacket? All the best.


Hi Simon, is there now an estimated date to release the suede jacket with PW? Thanks.


Not sure if this is the perfect place for this question but I’ll try it here anyway: I realized that the PS Oxford shirts are cut wider than the selvedge chambray shirts and was wondering why. Is this due to the different makers or the different cloth (e.g. to account for shrinkage)? It seems that, even though the PS chambray shirt in L may fit fine, the Oxford in that size may be too roomy.


Is there any update on the new Dartmoor’s release date? Has the new color been announced? Many thanks!


Hi Simon, I was wondering if you know approximately when the reversible suede jacket will be released by any chance?
Many thanks,


Great! thanks.