Autumn/Winter 2023 on the PS Shop

Monday, August 21st 2023
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As has now become routine, here is a view into what’s arriving in the PS Shop during the rest of the year. There are some new products and restocks of favourites, for any that have missed them thus far. 

We try to give an accurate month for launch, but again as per usual, please bear with us as everyone's supply chain is still under pressure and there may be some later launches than planned. 

Please ask any questions in the comments below - and if you have a question, have a quick check there to make sure we haven’t answered it. 


  • Bullskin Tote Bag - The classic Frank Clegg tote, restocked last week
  • Indulgent Cardigan pre-order - Second payment. This is a note for customers that took part in this pre-order. We will be opening the second payment window in August and expect delivery in September
  • The New Friday Polo - The Friday Polo has been a staple of the PS offering since the beginning of the store, but has been tweaked consistently along the way. This is the latest, most versatile iteration. More details soon
  • PS Shetland cloth - Restock


  • New Raincoat - Single-breasted, olive, subtle and versatile
  • Donegal Coat - Restock, navy and the popular light-grey herringbone
  • Wax Walker - Restock
  • Bridge Coat - Restock
  • Reversible Suede Bomber - Restock 
  • Finest Crewneck - Restock and new charcoal
  • Undershirt - Restock - full size run - This has a high minimum so it won't be available again for another six months.
  • Oxford Shirts - Restock - White and Blue, plus Blue, Pink and Green Stripes. Cloth and shirts - no solid Pink or Yellow


  • New Winter Tweed coat - Double-breasted, warm, gorgeous and grey 
  • Cashmere Rugby - Restock and new dark brown
  • Watch Caps - Restock and new dark brown 
  • PS Arran Scarf - Restock and new charcoal
  • Indulgent Cardigan - Launch for stock. Navy and grey, plus new dark brown
  • New cashmere knitwear project, details in October


  • New denim shirts
  • New books - The Casual Style Guide, plus second edition of The Style Guide 
  • The Tapered T-shirt - Restock

There are still one or two projects that may come together this year, but are yet to be confirmed. They’ll be a pleasant surprise hopefully, if they come along. Again if you have any questions or requests Please let us know in the comments. 


Simon and Lucas

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“ New Winter Tweed coat – Double-breasted, warm, gorgeous and grey”. You are both such a tease!


All good news. Will we be seeing the long awaited gray in the tapered tee?


This is very good news


Thanks Simon. These updates are great. Looking forward to seeing the Raincoat and the Winter Coat !
Will the grey colour of the tapered t-shirt be arriving in November too ? I had thought it was earlier but I may be wrong. Also appreciate timings change !
Thanks !


I’d better start saving!! The new polo, are you able to share details as yet? Will it be button down? Colours? And long sleeve I presume…? Too many other questions re almost everything on your list Simon, so I’ll let your other readers have their say….


Very exciting, Simon! When you say “versatile”, do you mean more casual?


Thanks for the update. Looking forward! Do you have any plans of restocking the Dartmoor sweater in the cream colour?


Hi Simon, apologies if I missed it, but are you planning to restock the Dartmoor in general? Believe I had seen it listed in your last shop update.


Congrats on developing such a breadth to the shop. Regarding the crewneck, is it designed to be work over a shirt and can you say anything about care / washing?


Hi Simon, I am looking forward to the Oxford cloth! On a separate note, what is the light brown jacket in the photo above (the one shown with the white polo)? Thanks.


Thanks for the update, Simon!

Looking forward to picking up the Polo, Raincoat, Undershirts, Grey T-shirt and maybe some OCBD cloth. Excited to see your new cashmere project, too!

Robert M

‘New denim shirts’ means that new denim cloths will also be available?


Grey and a blue Simon? I believe a grey was featured in a previous article

Robert M

Oh that’s a shame. I remember you mentioning the Everyday Denim cloth wouldn’t be coming back, but please reconsider at some point – your long-armed readers would surely be grateful!


Thank you very much for this, I think these posts are always very useful. Is there anything else you can share on the raincoat, such as how long is it going to be and price point? No worries if you’d rather wait until the launch.


I assume it’s the same with the length of the winter coat? I have always lacked a grey overcoat and I’m looking forward to that one!


I am planning to buy another overcoat for this winter and am thinking of waiting for yours . I already own your Donegal though in dark grey. Would you say the new model is so different and suitable for other purposes that I can justify it alongside the Donegal (I also own a formal navy DB tailored overcoat). Thank you.


Simon, I might be reading into this but it sounds like between the new coat and last year’s grey donegal coat there won’t be that much of a difference in utility?


Thanks for the response Simon! Isn’t the PS coat tweed also heavier than 20oz?

Hywel Jones

Hi Simon – is there a possibility a size in between medium and large could be considered for shirts? I would buy some instantly if that was the case.


Thiat is a shame as the large gap between medium and large means that many people cannot purchase the shirts since the large is far too big to be feasibly altered.


Simon, is there a gap in the market for a particular PS chino/smart casual trouser?

Richard W

Hi Simon,
How would a PS chino fit alongside the bespoke chinos your worked with W&S in developing? Guessing this new option would be RTW and so a different price point?


I second interest in a smart casual chino-like trouser!


Yes please do do do!


Another vote from me!


Yes a good version from PS would be great!


I would like a heavy duty workwear chino!


I actually feel like what is missing in the market is a slightly smarter chino. Workwear styles (for me the main distinguishing feature would be a double stitch on the outside leg) are widely available (e.g. Rubato, RRL, Drakes, real mccoys etc.) But would be really interested in a smarter version.


I agree. I think it would be hard to improve the workwear styles from Iron Heart or Real McCoys and there are several other decent options (RRL etc.) in that style. In my opinion there is no real gap there for PS. But in the high end smarter casual style, there is one.


Simon i can see your point. If you can improve the ones from Real McCoys and Iron Heart, everybody would be happy. I also think the version from Tellason is a valuable option and between the two kinds you mentioned.


Do you sometimes still wear your RMC blue seal chinos or your Buzz Rickson’s chinos? Or what are your concerns with the fits? The RMC is a bit slim and low, as you mentioned. The Buzz Rickson’s are maybe a touch wide from the knee down.


Yes, I had them tapered this week. Slightly from the knee down. I hope they turn out well. And of course nothing you can do about the low back rise of the RMC.
Do you also have your chinos tapered only from the inseam (or only your jeans)? My alterations tailor was very sure that she wants to do it also from the outside, so the legs won’t turn. Especially when it is quite a big change from 23 cm leg opening to 20 cm.


Having bought quite a few PS products so far (oxford shirts, chambray shirt, t-shirts, shorts), all of which I really like, I would also be very excited if you developed a chino.

However, I disagree that there is a gap on the workwear-side. There are so many brands and good options.

By contrast, I find there is a gap in smart-casual range. While there are quite a few smart chinos (if they can even be called that; see e.g., there seems to be very little in between them and the RealMcCoys. Rubato might hit the bill but they are cut to unconventional (too wide) for me and I guess for many others. The Armoury sport-chinos might fit the bill but they seem to be only available in the US and Hong-Kong and are probably a little touch too smart.


And a PS: Yes, the width is the issue with the Rubato ones. It is pretty extreme bordering on the wide leg style. While you changed yours, I am sure that a lot of customers would not like to do that, like me (fear of throwing the whole trousers off balance, lack of capable tailors, additional cost and time involved).


Hi Markus, if it helped, i also got mine narrowed as i found them too wide. but it was an easy alteration (from memory, Pinnas was full of people doing after buying 🙂 )
I also recently tried some from A.B.C. L which fit that style quite well, but with more ‘modern’ legs. The quality isn’t the same as Rubato, but it’s not far off.


Hmmm.. Dark brown rugby… How would you say the PS cashmere rugby compares to the Rubato cashmere knitwear?


Hi Simon,
Looking forward to the grey t-shirt, I hope it arrives sooner than November :(.
One question, hopefully not a rude one, is there I reason why I should/shouldn’t buy a PSxPWVC item from the PWVC website instead of the PS shop? As some items are still in stock there.


Thanks for clarifying Simon.


Just to chime in, I found the despatch time quicker from PS (albeit still quick from Private White), and also wasn’t signed up for newsletters I hadn’t asked for from PS (unlike Private White). Also, with the incorporation of Apple Pay, PS was a great e commerce experience.

Simon – as you are not a massive e commerce operation, if things are ordered in good faith but don’t work out and are returned, is that all good?

Looking forward to the restocks and book sounds interesting too.

Adam Jones

Thanks for letting us know that – assumed there was royalties regardless. Will bear in mind for future purchases

Omar Asif

Hi Simon
Have you considered offering a gun club tweed, similar to your Ciardi jacket?


I would be super keen to get my hands on that tweed!


Actually, a gun club tweed would be amazing. I‘m looking for a tasty one like the one your Ciardi jacket is made of for ages, but couldn’t find one yet!


Hi Simon

Any other cloth besides the Shetland this year?


Is the tweed coat the earlier mentioned overcoat. I am thinking about ordering a new navy overcoat and are thinking about the Donegal one. But are also interested in a double-breasted.


Would the shade of brown chosen for the cashmere rugby be closer to the dark brown of Colhay’s cashmere polo shirt, Rubato’s ‘earth’ brown lambswool, or the ‘cocoa’ or ‘mocha’ shades offered by William Crabtree & Sons in their 2 ply lambswool?

Thanks in advance,

Eric Twardzik

Very broad question, but what do you see as causing the continual supply chain issues among small and specialist manufacturers that seems to persist post-COVID. Is it that the outflux of labor has never been replaced, with many folks retiring in that period?

Ras Minkah

The leather piece, a gilet? in the last image looks interesting. I’ve read this piece thrice and don’t see any information on it. Can you tell us anything more on it please.


All the best Simon, Lucas and PS Team for the coming arrivals for the two projects as well. I too hope they come along for you and your team. Yea 🥳

Matt L

Thanks for the update Simon, a lot to look forward to! I do hope the solid pink and yellow oxford cloth isn’t gone forever.


Hi Simon,

Is the Permanent Style cashmere plaid (w/ Joshua Ellis) discontinued?



Very curious about the new Friday Polo. Will the fit be more relaxed? I’ve always liked the design, but I found the fit to be too tight, particularly in the chest.


Dear Simon.
Please add in some new colours to The Finest Cardigan range. I already have the navy and green one and I’ve been waiting for more for at least a year now.
Some warm tones would be a nice addition to the range e.g dark red. Or even something in a mid tone like cornflower blue etc.
If not would you mind sharing the supplier of your cardigans if they happen to make any other colours on their website?

Dan James

All sound great but will limit myself to a crewneck (my friend raved about the birthday present I sent to him), a grey t-shirt and the winter tweed coat.
Would you consider doing a silver grey in the crewneck in the future?

Dan James

Thank you.
One last question about the new tweed coat. I know you cannot go into too much detail yet but can you go as far as to say the sleeves and body could be lengthened (2cm~4cm) should the need arise?


If the denim shirts are in an interesting or unique fabric it would be excellent to see them available as cut length cloth as well.


I’d be interested in the cloth. The RTW shirts really don’t work for me, but Simone Abbarchi has made me some great shirts from PS Oxford, denim and chambray cloth.

Ben R

count me as another vote for availability of the new denim cloth

Ben R

Yes, saw the explanation. What will happen to the cloth in a consumer washing machine? Just age a lot slower vs industrial washing?

Was there an article about 100 Hands setting up an industrial washing facility? Or am I mistaken?

And, for the Everyday Denim… were the older production runs unstable as well, or just the newer runs? Did you and mill ever determine the cause?


I wonder if the raincoat is a collaboration with Coherence, I guess you don’t want to share that yet. Maybe you can share if the colour is same as on the one you sampled in your instagram feed, a more brownish olive?


Great news! Any chance of restocking the Donegal Coat in the darker charcoal from a couple seasons ago?


That’s a shame. It was the colour I liked best. I was hoping that you would offer the cloth in cut lengths. I don’t suppose you have any left in stock?

Neil Tang

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the update. I’m looking forward to picking up a few of them.
Can we expect the medium grey colorway for the Tapered t-shirts to drop this time?


My bad, didn’t go through the comments before posting.


Hi Simon: No updates on the Dartmoor sweater- Navy Blue? Thanks


Simon, very happy about the restock!
I hope my question does not come as rude but I was wondering about the pricing of Wax Walker that I intend to purchase.
PWVC increased the price to 895 GBP, so you intend to increase the pricing too or will you perhaps keep the currently listed 708 GBP?

Many thanks,


Amazing news, standing by for the restock on PS 🙂 Cheers


I’m in the market for a new Trench.
What material will your release be in and is it a JV with PWVC ?


I understand.
Can you confirm the week of launch and perhaps the weight of the garment ?


I recently snapped up a Private White VC ventile Trench coat in the sale for only £390, over £500 off! The trenches are available in sage, midnight blue and deep ocean blue (most sizes apparently) if you are interested.


In terms of the OCBD shirts, how would you rank the offerings in the store in terms of usability/versatility and the order you would get them? In the store you’ve got solid white, blue, yellow and pink as well as blue, pink and green stripes. In which order would you buy them starting from scratch if you were building a wardrobe?


How would you rank the colour versions?


I you had the pink, what would you get next? Still the pink stripe or one of the yellow or green stripe?

Richard W

Hi Simon
Looking through the list I didn’t see a restock of the linen Harrington. I’m on the waiting list and was hoping it would come back before the end of summer. I guess there won’t be a restock until next spring?


Hi Simon,

In comparing prices from the PS Shop to PWVC, I noticed the latter is more expensive. For example, the Bridge Coat on the PS website is £745 plus £25 shipping = £770. I live in Australia so converting at the current exchange rate of 0.5 equals AUD 1,540. On the Private White website, the AUD amount is 2,000. Is there normally such a large difference between the two websites?



Hi Simon,
For the second payment window on the indulgent cardigan, will that be emailed out or how is that accessed please?

In regards to the Shetland tweed which I think is beautiful, is the Harris tweed likely to be more versatile than it? I’m asking this from the point of view of your complete capsule and having a second jacket made (navy having already been completed) that would go with grey trousers, chinos and jeans?

Buddy Levy

How long is the new raincoat?

Isaia Crosson

Hi Simon. Asking this here given the “Autumn-Winter” inspiration. Norton&Sons (a brand I know from a fine tweed sportcoat I got in a vintage shop) is coming for a trunkshow to NY. They advertised a while ago on their IG a stunning Fox Bros windowpane db jacket and could make me a MTM suit with that cloth for about $2300. Their head cutter Nicholls would be taking measurements. It all sounds wonderful, but I read some very negative reviews on Yelp about extremely long waits and poor finish (even for bespoke). Those reviews are admittedly quite old (6+ years ago), a time when N&S apparently changed head cutters every year or so. Would you recommend this brand today, and their MTM service? Or are there other brands you’d recommend? I am drawn to high quality MTM as fully bespoke remains a bit pricey for me. Grazie mille for your kind attention, as usual!


If you can get to NYC, why not visit Cad&the Dandy there? Their off-shore bespoke will run you about as much as those mtm prices.

Ariel Russo

Please describe in more detail your upcoming new raincoat and your new winter tweed coat.


I can’t wait to get the PS x Drake’s raincoat! Is it similar to your Drake’s one?


Is there a plan for an Autumn/Winter pop-up where we might get to see the new additions in person ? Or perhaps an event for the book launch ?
Would also add to the clamour for a recreation of those elusive armoury army chinos ! Would be great !


will you restock the Dartmoor in the light color you had before? I waisted mine in laundry.


Heya Simon, was thinking of picking up some lambswool sweaters crew and v necks from Rubato. I was wondering if I should hold off for your Cashmere project item/s since I only have a limited budget.

I am sure you can’t say much, and the material is clearly different (lambswool v cashmere), but are there any styling similarities between them? Or is a fairly different sort of thing?


Hi Simon- a touch off topic on this thread, but I couldn’t find a more appropriate recent article to make the ask. Do I remember you mentioning you have a Solaro suit in the make, and if so, do you expect to publish your thoughts on it soon?
I’ve always loved the fabric and wanted to have one made, but have concerns about how versatile it is, how hot it is, and just how far you can integrating it into a business wardrobe (in LA).
Just asking to see if I should wait on your article before taking the plunge! Thanks, Simon.

david rl fan

Hi Simon, the second edition of the Style Guide, how much will be new and how much will be left out if any, and for The Casual Style Guide, how casual will it be as the images on the shop seems to me for the Style Guide to be pretty casual already, and will pricing be around 30-35 English? I can only justify one or the other, it might end up being a toss of the coin decision.


Simon, any chance of the navy lightweight polo making a reappearance?


Thanks for this latest instalment of ‘coming soon…..’ – its still really helpful.

Very interested to see the brown cashmere rugby, and the new grey winter coat.

It wasn’t mentioned so I’m not holding out much hope – but a re-run of the finest polo in charcoal at any time?

I’ve got this and the dartmoor in navy and cream, but missed the charcoal release and really, really want one 🙂

Rhys Williams

Hello Simon, just checking in on the Shetland Tweed, will this still land in August? Very much looking forward to upcoming releases and hoping you keep XXL in the range for us gents with a chest of 118cm!

Rhys Williams

Excellent and you bet! I’m on the list and many other lists in your shop 😁


Good morning..items 4 the fall and winter 2023-24…much success 2 PS…cheers


This is exciting news, indeed!
I realize this may be next season, but any idea if the finest polo will be offered again in cream?
Thank you!


Hi Simon, do you think you’ll ever do a run of the brown donegal again? As ever, thanks


Am I on the safe side with ordering a 2.5m length of the Shetland tweed for a Neapolitan jacket (with patch pockets), as I am 5.10 tall with normal built? I have not decided yet when I can take a trip to Naples and I don’t want to ask the tailor many months up front. At the same time I don’t want to miss out on the fabric.
Do you have some new pictures from the Shetland made up in your new Anthology jacket (I believe?). Thanks!


Shetland cloth arrived today, thanks, it’s lovely. Did you have the shetland jacket fully lined? Is it advisable with this cloth? I think you had minor issues with your half lined gun club tweed. Thanks!


Hi Simon
Thank you. Will the navy Donegal coat restock be with the same cloth as the prior versions?


Hello Simon, can you comment on the Shetland tweed versus the grey herringbone tweed? Which do you find more versatile, or rather, which do you wear more?

Also, do you think the fact they are both herringbone means these wouldn’t make for a two-jacket wardrobe?

Thank you!


This is great news. Have been waiting for the coat restocks. Are the coats and jackets stocked by any store in London? I’ll be travelling to London in October and would love to try them first.


Thank you! Look forward to the pop up in NYC.

Il Pennacchio


May I ask when you expect to hold the pop-up in New York, and which makers you might be bringing with you?

Il Pennacchio

Thanks, Simon, looking forward to it!


Planning some fall outerwear purchases. Do you expect the price will hold steady on the wax walker and bridge coat?


Hi Simon, please could you tell me if the new Friday Polo will come in white? Also when it may be in stock? Thanks


Hello, Simon. I am curious as to whether the Finest Crewneck release remains on track for this month. I purchased it in navy when first offered and I have found it to be tremendously useful. I purchased the charcoal version of the Finest Polo and have loved wearing the color this summer. So a charcoal Finest Crewneck is an item that I very much look forward to wearing.


Heya Simon

I was looking to refresh my cashmere knitwear collection this fall with several Colhay’s crewnecks since I have gained some weight and need to adjust my size.

Would your cashmere project be similar in nature to that product? Might delay my purchases if that is the case.


Hi Simon,
Just saw your comment on delays this month and was wondering if the undershirts are still looking on schedule?


Wanted to double check on the black nubuck/ bullskin tote – it is down as out of stock on your website but there is a note that both colours are in stock? Is it yet to land or have I missed it this time round?


Hi Simon,

Surprised to hear that the raincoat will be Olive. You usually go for the most classic, versatile colours for your pieces. I thought for a raincoat that would have been Beige?


Any plans to re-stock brown Harris?


Will the resupplied undershirts and new raincoat be presented in an article before they are released on the shop?


Thanks, are the undershirts still coming in September? I am planning a larger order to save on postage.


Ok, Thanks. Do you have many grey Dartmoor size Large in stock? I dont want to wait and see them gone.


Can we expect an Autumn pop-up featuring some of this stuff? Would love to try some things on.


Hi Simon,

I was bummed to see that the PS Harris Tweed has now sold out. Is this likely to be restocked next year?

Also, are you able to comment on the differences between the PS Shetland Tweed and the oatmeal cashmere cloth of your Elia Caliendo jacket, both in terms of versatility and weight/season?