Finest Knitwear available again – in navy and green

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Our Finest Knitwear, which we created earlier this year, is back in a second batch with a new colour.

Alongside the navy fine-merino knitwear - in crewneck and V-neck - there is now also a dark, muted green that I picked for its versatility.

Both are available on the Shop, separated into the two neck styles. 

For me, green sweaters have a tendency to be too strong in colour - which can look great online, but is harder to combine with a range of other colours in an outfit.

When I picked the second colour for our Finest Knitwear, therefore, I went for the most subdued merino from the Loro Piana range.

Those sample books are a riot of colour, from sugary pinks to rich, deep purples.

But most of them would dominate an outfit, and in my experience are bought with much excitement and then rarely worn.

This muted green works well with both country colours like brown and tan, and city ones like grey and navy.

It also avoids looking too rural and countrified - toning down rather than livening up.

I have pictured it with brown and navy pieces to illustrate this point - both of which themselves ride that borderline between cold, urban formal and warm, country casual.

The jacket from Rubinacci is a brown donegal cashmere but incorporates both black and grey. And the topcoat, from Ettore de Cesare, also has black in the weave.

For those unfamiliar with the Finest Knitwear and the philosophy behind it, please read the original post here.

For anyone that needs a quick reminder, here are the most salient points:

  • Designed as the perfect layer to wear under tailoring, such as a sports jacket or suit
  • Made not with cashmere - as most fine knitwear is - because it bobbles and doesn't wear well, but with the finest merino wool from Loro Piana
  • This feels amazing, but its long fibres (again, unlike cashmere) give it stretch and body
  • Made by Umbria Verde in Italy, to the highest possible standards - tiny details like flattened seams and hand-sewn points match fineness of make to the fineness of the wool
  • Designed with tailoring in mind:
    • A slightly longer V to accommodate a tie, or open-necked with two buttons of the shirt undone
    • A slightly wider crewneck to allow a button-down shirt to spread outwards
    • A slightly longer rib at cuff and bottom (7cm not 6cm) to mimic a shirt cuff and elongate the silhouette
  • Priced at below industry mark-ups, to reflect the online sale and relatively small run, and provide better value. Which is nice


One recommendation I would make to readers is to fold the knitwear carefully after use, and not pull it on too violently. It is not particularly delicate, but finer things necessarily require greater care, and folding also avoids any creases.

The knitwear costs £190, and is available now on the Permanent Style shop. They will be shipped out from the UK from Monday onwards. 

Readers on the waiting list were alerted this past Monday, and some stock has therefore already gone.

Details on other items pictured:

Photography: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man