Style Guide – the partners shoot

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The Style Guide has been wonderfully received so far - at the launch events in London and New York, but also online and through personal messages. Thank you all. 

There are a few things I realise I haven't emphasised so far.

One is that we proudly designed and printed the book in London.

This necessarily adds to the cost, and it's something no big publishers do anymore, but it gives us greater control and access to more interesting design options. 

An example is the binding. Known as 'otter binding', it opens along the spine, allowing the book to sit flatter on the table. Useful when you want to display that particularly inspiring image. 

We also changed the paper following feedback on the first Permanent Style publication. Although still matte in finish, it is not as soft, allowing for crisper images and detail. 

Small things, but then that's what it's all about. 

The Style Guide is available to buy in the Permanent Style shop and over 30 specialist stockists worldwide

Brand partners

The Style Guide was supported by four of our favourite brands: Anderson & Sheppard, Begg & Co, Edward Green and Vitale Barberis Canonico. 

We thanked them by putting together a photo-shoot that is included in the back of the book.

Here I wore my clothes from the brands, and Jamie and I constructed looks that have the same practical aim as the rest of the book - explaining why things work and when they don't. 

Below are three examples from that shoot. 

Knitwear as jacket

  • Anderson & Sheppard's unique take on the shawl-collar cardigan, cut shorter and narrower, makes it dressier than most styles.
  • A small scarf is worn at the neck, in natural-coloured cashmere that plays well with the brown cotton trousers.
    • Permanent Style ‘Wispy’ dark-natural cashmere scarf: Begg & Co.
    • Shawl-collar navy lambswool cardigan: Anderson & Sheppard.
    • Mid-grey cashmere crew neck sweater: Anderson & Sheppard.
    • Fawn cotton trousers: Marco Cerrato bespoke.
    • ‘Duke’ loafer, 137 last in mocha suede: Edward Green


Royal blue?

  • There is little consistency among colour terms, but the flannel of this suit is definitely not navy, yet remains dark enough to be formal and smart.
  • That makes a good foil for other blues – here a navy roll-neck, pale-blue cotton handkerchief and metallic lightweight scarf from Begg.
  • For a brown shoe to work here, it has to be both dark and muted. Edward Green calls this colour ‘bronze’.
    • Royal-blue flannel suit: Anderson & Sheppard bespoke
    • Navy cashmere roll neck sweater: Anderson & Sheppard
    • ‘Oundle’ monk-front Top Drawer shoes, 888 last in bronze: Edward Green
    • ‘Wispy’ superfine navy-cashmere scarf: Begg & Co


The cream trouser

  • There’s a reason so many well-dressed men used to wear cream trousers: they go with everything.
  • Here they are a great balance to the boldly checked jacket, which is further restrained by a simple blue shirt, navy tie, white hank and grey (washed) scarf.
  • Shiny shiny brown loafers, reflecting the brown elsewhere in check and jacket buttons.
    • Fawn-check double-breasted jacket: Anderson & Sheppard bespoke
    • ‘Kishorn’ lightweight, grey washed-cashmere scarf: Begg & Co
    • Light-blue spread collar shirt: Luca Avitabile bespoke
    • Navy grenadine tie: Drake’s
    • White linen pocket square: Anderson & Sheppard
    • Cream gabardine trousers: Anderson & Sheppard bespoke
    • ‘Belgravia’ loafer, 184 last in dark oak antique: Edward Green



Photography: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man