The Media Symposium – the dinner and party

Tuesday, June 19th 2018
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Our Symposium on fashion and the media, held last week at Teatro del Sale in Florence, might have been our most enjoyable yet.

Certainly, it ran the smoothest, with no logistics issues and a set of speakers that, frankly, could each have talked for an hour and been engaging.

Some great involvement from the crowd too, which included Scott Schuman and Nick Sullivan among others.

Scott Schuman
Mark Cho and Kathryn Sargent

Then there was the dinner. While we all had a drink, the theatre was rearranged for long dining tables.

We re-entered to find food being cooked in the kitchen behind long windows, and a chef that screamed out every course when it was ready.

The atmosphere was lovely. Social, engaging and entertaining, with frequent swapping of seats and animated conversations going on at the corner of every table.

I'll post the full video of the talk tomorrow, and details on the tailoring on display the following week. For now, here are just a few shots to get a sense of the event.

Matt Coles of Drake's, David Coggins, and Chris Gumbs of Drake's
Alessandro Agazzi and Tim Neckebroueck of Thomas Mason

Thank you everyone for coming, and in particular to Stefano Bemer, Fox Brothers and Thomas Mason for sponsoring the event and making it all possible.


Gianluca Migliarotti
Keita Hiraoka of Trunk
Alex Pirounis of Anglo-Italian
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Brian Fantana


Good to see Wei Koh persevering with his unique approach to bespoke!



Looking forward to the video. Don’t suppose you know the tailor of David Coggins jacket and trousers?

Nuevo Old Fashioned

As a fan of thinner ties and lapels, ala the 1960’s, I notice on this blog and others I visit that bespoke/higher end clothers seem to favor much wider proportions, say channeling the 1970’s. Am I alone in this thought?


Hi Simon,
Nice jacket you’re wearing in the first photograph. Is it a new one?


It looks really nice. Looking forward to reading the review.


Keita from Trunk is crushing it!