Updates: Pop-up from this Thursday afternoon

Sunday, October 24th 2021
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Just a few updates ahead of the opening of the latest Permanent Style Presents pop-up shop, this coming week.

  • There will be a small drinks reception to celebrate our opening, from 5pm-8pm this Thursday, the 28th. All welcome
  • Opening times have been confirmed as follows:
    • Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm
    • Sunday, 12pm-5pm
  • Scott Fraser Collection will start their show from Thursday next week, November 4th, rather than the Wednesday. They will run until Sunday 7th, the last day of the pop-up
  • As mentioned in an update to our launch post, most pieces from Bryceland's and Permanent Style will be for try-on only, with orders shipped to customers for free. They will therefore arrive from PS the next day, usually, and from Bryceland's within three days

The other details, for anyone that missed them last time are:

  • The sixth Permanent Style Presents pop-up shop opens on Thursday 28th, in The Service on Savile Row
  • It will run from 5pm on the 28th, to 5pm on Sunday November 7th
  • It will be run in partnership with Bryceland's, and both brands will be there throughout
  • Other brands are split into two groups:
    • First five days: Colhays, and AWMS
    • Second five days: Masaru Okuyama, and Scott Fraser Collection (the latter from Thursday 4th)

Look forward to seeing everyone soon - it has been far, far too long.




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Such lovely news, SImon! It would be the first time I visit a PS pop-up – looking forward to saying hi!


Simon hi and i wish you good luck, it seems you are organising sonething really cool. May i ask something ? Im looking to buy a shearling jacket this year and leaning towards something short( i really like your ps green but im looking for something shorter to wear as an everyday winter jacket). Which brands would you suggest to look at ? I like the style of something like that https://www.atterley.com/bombardier-sheepskin-jacket-black-schott-nyc-3?utm_source=Affiliate&utm_medium=Lyst%20UK%2FEU&utm_campaign=gcdL%2FATRVoE&utm_content=15&utm_term=UKNetwork&ranMID=43324&ranEAID=gcdL%2FATRVoE&ranSiteID=gcdL_ATRVoE-
but i dont know the brand at all.. i prefer more tailored fit than boxy fit from more clasic pieces like eastman ones.


Hi Simon,
Thanks for organising this. What time will the pop-up shop open until on Thursday 28th?


Thanks. Looking forward to it!

Chris K


Sad to say I missed you at the pop up yesterday. Ronnie and Lucas let me know you were engaged elsewhere at the time, so will have to save meeting you for one of the next ones next year (at least one of which I’ll definitely be attending).

Lucas is doing you great justice and a great service, you have an asset there. Had a great chat with him about all things PS, the direction of PS products, very much in line with how you have described things in the past, the PS ethos! He also very stealthily gave hints of what might be around the corner, without actually giving anything away, a great skill, needless to say I’m excited.

It was lovely to be able to confirm my size in a few Colhay’s pieces I have my eye on, and also had a great chat with Ronnie. I’m also really glad that you managed to get Bryceland’s back this year. I ended up placing an order for a sawtooth westerner after trying one on, to my surprise as I hadn’t planned on it. After seeing it in person, you wearing yours in the past, as well as how good Ronnie looked in his, under his grey checked tweed, I had to pounce. Look forward to wearing it with the new Donegal actually (which is even more amazing when seen in person).

Thanks for bringing us the pop up Simon, it gives us the chance to get an up close with beautiful products that are otherwise confined to images on the the internet/social media.