Finest menswear in the world book signing

simon crompton Finest menswear in the world

It was lovely to see so many people on Wednesday night at our launch party for The Finest Menswear in the World

Nearly everyone made it, despite the torrential rain, the taxi strikes and the underground closures. Cleverley and Anderson & Sheppard did a wonderful job of hosting us, with a window display of their products, alongside Drake’s ties and my two books – The Finest Menswear in the World and Permanent Style 2015

Finest menswear in the world party

Finest menswear in the world signature

balvenie whisky Finest menswear in the world

And then people began queuing for signatures. I’m sorry I didn’t have much time to speak to everyone. I think it was almost three hours in the end of solid signing and greeting, so apologies (particularly to all the readers) that we couldn’t chat for long. 

Thanks to to Cifonelli for coming over, Begg and all the others included in the book. Also to Balvenie for some wonderful whisky and Charbonnel & Walker for the chocolates. 

For those that couldn’t make it, don’t worry there will be more events before Christmas. 

Pat Murphy of Davies and Son
Pat Murphy of Davies & Son
audie charles and tom stubbs Finest menswear in the world
Audie Charles of Anderson & Sheppard, and Tom Stubbs
Finest Menswear Launch Sylvester London Undercover
With Tony Sylvester of London Undercover and Cyana Madsen of Nigel Cabourn
Lorenzo Cifonelli at Permanent Style launch
Lorenzo Cifonelli
Mats Klingberg of Trunk
Mats Klingberg of Trunk
simon crompton and michael hill Finest menswear in the world
With Michael Hill of Drake’s
sarah murray the rake Finest menswear in the world
Sarah Murray of The Rake

Thank you again, everyone. The Finest Menswear in the World is still available for dedicated versions by emailing me, and Permanent Style 2015 is also available

Photos: Jamie Ferguson – and @jkf_man

Finest menswear in the world royal arcade

George Glasgow Sr

Finest Menswear in the World launch

Finest Menswear

Finest menswear in the world

Finest Menswear2

Permanent Style 2015 book

Finest Menswear5

Balvenie whisky at launch

Finest Menswear4

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Hi Simon

I appreciate I asked before and you said it’d be a post in the future but I havent seen it yet so hopefully can get a short answer now.

I’ve a couple of bespoke suits now, mainly Graham Browne, but they all feel very business or summer garden party. I want to get something that could be worn at work without looking too odd but is also good for a non-black tie evening event – cocktail bar/ restaurant etc. What can span the gap both in cut and fabrics?


To be perfectly honest, I am not sure.

I only go occasionally to these sorts of evening events hence wanting something that isnt going to be totally unacceptable in daytime either but at the moment if I go in my normal “work” navy worsted pinhead or charcoal worsted herringbone then I feel too business even if I switch to a satin tie and silk square etc.

I dont know however if this is just my perception because I wear them to work 99% of the time or if its everyone elses’ too. Hence wondering if I went for a solid fabric with a small mohair mix or something else it’d make it a touch more evening wear but not too far as to limit its use to only these rare events. If I go to a black tie event once a year it’s unusual hence not going the whole hog to that extreme.

Matt S

The navy suit with peaked lapels in one of the photos (I don’t know who it is) is perfect for evening events. I can’t tell what it’s made of, but solid or semi-solid worsteds in that style are great for a dressy evening that isn’t black tie.


Matt, the young man in the navy suit is Oliver from Anderson & Sheppard.

David Craggs

Matt S is so right.
A&S are just the absolute best and as well as being a great trouser cutter Oliver is a perfect representative for their business.
The blue suit he is wearing is amazing – less is more!


Hi Simon
a little offtopic:
I have always been intrigued by Sarah Murray. What kind of person is she?




Looks good, if dull. Why didn’t you hire some glamour models?


Read Simon’s post – “I am not a gentleman” and you’ll see why glamour models were not part of the evening.


Hi Simon,
I greatly appreciate this post with lovely pics and most specifically the idea of such gathering as such when it’s around a book as the one at hand and and even more so with such nice people who all share a love for craftsmanship!
Now I just have a question related to the range of outfits suitable for a such a party, already mentionned by Matt S in his comment: starting with yours, how do you rationalize the spectrum of choices one could choose from for such an event, say, starting with shoes and up to tie?
I’m quite sure that what you would say would be of interest to many readers.


Wish I could have been there. Glad to hear it was a successful event.


Simon – Congratulation on the book, like many here I’m sure, I am very much looking forward to reading it.


Congratulations Simon, looks like it was a wonderful event!


Congrats Simon! I wish I could have made it. I think you shouldn’t have organized it during premiere vision, maybe more people would have come.
Anyways, Simon, I want to buy a nice white shirt, I find the majority of white shirts a bit transparent, I don’t really like oxford fabric. any suggestions of any nice brand?


Oliver’s suit is indeed elegant but compared to his grey double breasted suit (cut by John Hitchcock) it comes in second. I write this simply because it is the finest suit I have ever seen on anyone (seen at A&S at a Savile Row event). John Hitchcock’s cutting was sublime!

Dan K

Congratulations on what looks like a very successful launch event Simon! Also, thank you for the signed copy of the book, which arrived in perfect condition yesterday.


A quick thank you from me as well, Simon. Your book arrived this morning and it is absolutely superb!


Hi, Simon, what is the material of the A&S jacket? It looks a bit like flannel, but you have often said that you do not like flannel for jacketing.