Wearing a grey linen shirt – or the virtues of grey with green

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A style post today, after several product and profile pieces in recent weeks. 

To break it down into bullets:

  • I love grey shirts, primarily with navy suits or jackets as an alternative to white and blue. It feels urban and modern
  • The problem is, with a grey shirt you are robbed of the most reliable colour for a trouser: grey 
  • One nice option is cream, which goes well with the grey shirt and leaves the jacket open, for navy, green, brown, anything
  • In the image here, taken during a humid week in Tokyo, I've opted for my dark-green 9oz-wool jacket from Solito
  • In many ways it's a summer equivalent to this winter outfit using my Escorial jacket


And the details of the pieces:

  • The shirt is from D'Avino, with all its consequent beautiful hand-sewn and hand-rolled details. 
  • The cream linen trousers are an Irish-woven W Bill, from my old Terry Haste suit
  • The shoes are my Foster's bespoke, looking better after their repatination 
  • The linen hank is white, contrasting nicely with the grey shirt and cream trouser. It is from Simonnot-Godard
  • And the portfolio is my vintage piece from Bentley's. Very practical for a day around town


Photography: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man