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These things always seem to come in bunches. 

First Esquire named me in a top 10 and now Plaza Uomo have published their latest edition, with a profile of me as the cover story. 

Plaza is a Swedish fashion magazine, and Plaza Uomo has an English version too which is a very good read - a nice blend of classic style and practical pieces. 


For the cover story, editor-in-chief Konrad Olsson visited me at home, which allowed us to talk not just about my work but about my life and family as well. 

The photography - by Jamie Ferguson - was taken in and around my house, so there are shots at the local cafe, at the plant shop, browsing through my wardrobe etc. 

Readers will be familiar with all the piece on the cover itself: green-loden coat by Sartoria Vergallo, suede cap by Lock & Co, old goatskin gloves by Bill Amberg


And the sofa/shoe-polishing outfit will also be familiar - my reliable Sartoria Caliendo Harris-tweed jacket, grey flannel trousers from Anderson & Sheppard, and denim shirt from Paul Stuart.

The cream-cashmere pocket square is from Anderson & Sheppard too, while the V-neck jumper is from Luca Faloni. The shoes being polished are my wonderful Saint Crispin's calf/croc wing-tips


I'll do a separate post on the more casual outfits next week, as they are more unusual and deserve a separate focus. 

In the meantime, many thanks to Konrad, Jamie and everyone at Plaza Uomo.

lock-suede-cap-simon-crompton vergallot-loden-coat


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That final pic with your daughter (?) is just beautiful.


Great photos Simon. Where in London is this?


Reuven Lax

So the relasting was a success?

Adam Jones

Does your luca faloni sweater have a contrasting tip on the sleeves and collar? some of the ones I have looked at on like have this, and I know it seems petty but has really put me off.


Today according to your previous post I order some shirts from D’avino in Naples. Beautiful weather here in Naples. Thanks Simon


Simon,you are just so cool,comfortable and full of sprezzatura.Beautiful pix all the way through.


Simon, since you have two daughters this isn’t a question you would answer from experience, but kind of hypothetical thinking. If you had a son, would you be teaching him about menswear, or do you think you’d let him find out on his own, if at all?


Hi Simon

Lovely photos (of course).

The mention of shoe polishing reminds of something I was thinking about the other day – which brushes do you use to apply polish with? I can’t seem to find a brush with the right bristle consistency (too soft and one can’t apply enough pressure; too stiff and the polish goes on streakily; sometimes bristles start to fall out during application). What do you suggest?



Hi Simon,
Personally I think that Plaza Uomo is the best mens style magazine out there. However it is very difficult to get hold of in the UK. The October issue still hasn’t reached the few usual shops where you can buy it yet. The only other option is to read it on Readily but personally I prefer a hard copy.


Hi Paul,

Maybe you can try this Swedish website

Unfortunately I don’t know if the ship internationally.


Hi Simon,

Love the photo’s and your daughters orange hat!

Off topic – I need to hire a Morning Suit soon (yet to be able to justify buying one for the odd occasion) Is this something you’ve done before and any recommendations of where to go? If not any tips in choosing the right suit or hire shop?

Many thanks




Walking on a sidewalk with your daughter on the traffic side?

And here I thought you were such a traditionalist…..


Great pics and classic style. Love the colours especially the rich deep earthy brown jacket. I have been collecting the Plaza Uomo English editions from newsagents when I can find them here in Australia but for the life of me I cannot find how to subscribe to guarantee each edition. Their home site is just for their local language edition. If you have any pointers it would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the passion, love it.


Hi Simon

I realise that there may be copyright issues, but (given how difficult it is to buy the Plaza Uomo magazine in the UK) is there any chance that Konrad’s article could be repeated on your website in the future? I’m sure a lot of readers would be interested in learning a little more about your work and life.

Keep up the good work
Best regards

Hi Neil, we too struggle to get the English version in London but you can access it through a subscription to Readily where they have past Swedish and English versions. That having been said the English October version isn’t on their site although the Swedish version is. I am just wondering therefore whether they are continuing to print it in English.


The cap-loden coat-gloves combination is great! It’s good that you are featuring headgear in the present season; I increasingly feel that wearing a longer overcoat without a hat or cap looks incomplete (as well as not being as thermally efficient as it might).


Hi Simon,

Do you have contact details for Plaza Uomo to subscribe?

Their website is not in English and I don’t know how to contact them.



Any idea where to get the latest issue?


Hi Joel,
I subscribe through Newstand.


Hi Neil,

Has your copy come through yet?


Good ol’ Dulwich! Seen you around sometimes, always looking good.


Hi Simon,

I’m desperately trying to get hold of Plaza Uomo issue 12 but really struggling.

I’ve tried contacting the two big online retailers Newstand and Unique Magazines. Also Selfridges and the distributor(s) Seymour who aren’t replying and WHSmith News who only deal with retailers and Eric Mannby himself. (He told me he is actually only a freelance editor) and can’t help.

Have you got any contacts?

If you can help, I’ll even buy you a copy and bring it to the pop up.

Many many thanks